Islam is Fear, Part III

The following post is the final part of a three-part series adapted from Bob Smith’s work at Islam’s Fatal Flaw.

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Islam is Fear
Part III: The System

by Bob Smith

How does the system continuously train the killers?

So now we know a bit about Islamic fear. We also have an idea of who some of the Islamic killers are. Let’s look at where the killers come from and some of the rules, regulations, social traditions and societal norms that create Islam’s self-replicating endless cycle of violence.

(This selection of rules, regulations and such, represents on a tiny fraction of the directives controlling Islam. In reality the Islamic system comes together like the “perfect storm”, with literally thousands of directives working to keep Islam the way it is. The directives I have chosen to mention here are some of the easiest to see and understand.)

Islam isn’t just a religion. It is a complete social system. (Numerous writers have called it a totalitarian system.) Islamic Sharia law includes rules for almost everything from birth to death. And a large portion of these rules work to perpetuate the Islam itself.

One key rule states; all children born to Muslims are automatically Muslim. This means all Muslims (except converts) have no say in their own participation in Islam. It also means that all parents have no say in whether or not their children are Muslims. It also insures a continuous crop of new potential devout believers — the next generation of Islamic killers.

Another important rule says “Islam is more important than family.” Because Islamic extended families are usually large, it is hard to imagine a family without either a deeply devout (potential killer) or a sympathizer. This means, within every extended family, the most religiously devout believers make sure the rest of the family is properly Islamic. It also means parents will receive pressures from other family members making sure all children are exposed to Islamic dogma. As a result, all children receive Islamic training from birth on.

Once a child reaches school age the training becomes institutionalized. This starts at the lowest grades and continues throughout all of a child’s education. While not all schools are strictly Islamic, all schools in Islamic society require all students to study Islamic subjects.

In poorer Islamic countries where government run schools may not exist or may not be free, there are usually Islamic schools. Most of these Islamic schools are free. These schools teach a more intense Islamic curriculum.

In addition there are also thousands of madrassas (20,000+ in Pakistan alone) teaching millions of students spread throughout Islam. These madrassas teach an unyielding form of Islam. It can include rote memorization of the Koran, and teaching of the Islamic passages calling on devout believers to commit violence in the name of Islam.

Within the educational system, the devout believers and sympathizers again make their presence felt. Anyone trying to moderate the teaching of Islamic materials risks the wrath of an unseen killer.

By the time children become adults, a small percentage become their own generation’s most devout believers, and about 20% become the sympathizers. Because this educational system is spread evenly throughout Islam, these devout believers and sympathizers are, as pointed out earlier, spread everywhere. And the violence/fear cycle continues.

(Note: It is bad enough that Muslims teach this hate inside their own societies, but immigrant Muslims teach the same hate under the noses of gullible western hosts. The London transit bombings of 2005 are a perfect example. I do not believe the young Islamic killers of this incident got their motivation inside the politically correct British educational system. The same thing can be said about the recent foiled June 06 terrorist plot in Canada. They did not learn their hatred of Canada inside the Canadian school system. Additionally, numerous investigative reports on this issue confirm this issue.)

Unfortunately, the training of children is only the beginning of a continuous process that assures everyone is properly Islamic. Within Islamic society, additional training and continuous reinforcement of Islamic dogma is literally everywhere.

Let’s look at some of the common beliefs and practices that are part of the cyclical system. Keep in mind that (1) all of these issues are hot issues that would draw attention of the unseen killers, and (2) because of the fear of the unseen killers, no one ever questions any of these issues.

Five times a day Muslims are called to prayer. These prayer calls are a constant reminder to the most devout that it is their responsibility to ensure the purity of Islam. It is also a constant reminder to the least devout not to question Islam, that potential killers are everywhere. These prayer calls help keep the fear quotient high.

In Muslim society, because everyone is aware of the unseen killer, virtually no one ever speaks up on any issues counter to Islam. This process takes place literally on every level of society. From market place to office, from grocery store to shoe shop, from camel race to car race, from the library to the garden center, no one ever speaks ill of anything Islamic.

Newspapers, radios and televisions in Muslim societies continuously put forth stories that convey the proper Islamic perspective. Because of a wide potential audience, media reporters risk dealing with numerous potential unseen killers for even small errors of judgment. Hence none are willing to take the risk or even the slightest questioning of Islamic issues.

To make matters worse, the media also take an active role in furthering Islamic dogma. Numerous independent organizations which monitor Islamic media report articles inciting Muslims to violence, and instilling hatred toward non-Muslims.

The following is a list of items, reinforced daily, no one ever questions — out of fear.

The Koran is the “perfect word of God.” This means it can’t be questioned or changed.

Mohammad was the perfect human. — The fact he was a murderer, mugger, rapist, pedophile and thief is ignored. The inability of Muslims to talk about this rationality is responsible for the erratic behavior Muslims sometimes exhibit.

All men should strive to be like Mohammad. — This leads devout Muslims to fanatical and erratic behavior.

Lying in the furtherance of Islam is OK. — More reason for erratic behavior.

Islam is the only true religion. All others are “not true.” — This belief is driven into the collective Muslim consciousness to such a high degree that even only marginal believers will agree.

Islam includes a form of 1984 style double talk. Islam is the freedom of God. Democracy is the tyranny of man.

Muslim superiority. Muslims have a rightful place ahead of others. — Believed by large percentage of Muslim population. Even believed by only marginal believers.

Non-Muslim inferiority. — Believed by a large percentage of Muslim population.
(Of course non-Muslims can change their position by converting to Islam.)

All the world must be Muslim. God said it — it must be true.

Any degradation of Islam, Mohammad, or the Koran is cause for death. — at the hand of an unseen killer.

Islam is perfect. No questions, no changes, can’t quit. — All are warned if they do any of these, they could be killed.

Islam is more important than family. — Family members kill members who stray from Islam. Family members, if they are non-believers, have nothing in common with you and should be abandoned or ignored.

Killing and other crimes in the name of Islam are usually never punished.

Trusted friends can only be Muslim. — This is one reason why Muslims don’t integrate when they emigrate to non-Muslims societies.

All Muslims have obligation to spread or help spread Islam. — If a Muslim cannot fight in jihad, Islamic law says he must aid the jihad in some way.

Islam is a political entity. — Islam is the state.

This system elevates religion — Islam — to the ultimate pinnacle of Muslim consciousness.

And then there is the Mosque/Mullah infrastructure.

The mosques and mullahs have an important role to play in the cyclical system. The mosques act as constant reminder of Islam’s presence with their call to prayer five times a day. The Mullahs act as a center point to most devout believers and sympathizers. The mullahs’ position is to reinforce Islamic dogma (including the items above) and encourage devout believers to ensure it is upheld.

One of Islam’s strangest phenomena is as follows. These mosques become dangerous intellectual cesspools of Islam-think. Only the most devout believers work their way into leadership positions. These people are the most likely to believe Islamic calls to violence. The inability to rationalize anything about Islam is at its height inside the mosques. There are numerous cases of mullahs being murdered by their own co-religionists for not being conservative enough.

Let’s look at how the fear, the killers, and the rules, create a complete cycle.

So, all of these items come together in a random fashion. The order is not important. Everyone gets indoctrinated as a child. Indoctrination continues in adults. Everyone always speaks well of Islam. No one ever speaks badly of Islam. There is a continuous preaching of the flaws of the non-Muslim world. There is a consistent preaching of Islamic perfection.

Family members watch families. Friends watch friends. The mullahs keep stoking the cyclical system. The most deeply devout — along with the sympathizers — make sure all Muslims stay within the expected norm. Reasonable questions never get asked. Unreasonable beliefs are reinforced. And all the time an unseen army of devout killers makes sure all of this happens.

So here is the self-replicating cycle. The fear leads to no one questioning the system. No one questioning the system leads to de-facto acceptance on issues of Islam. Because all accept the system the, system must be right. Because believers vocalize praise for Islam, everyone only hears praise for Islam. No one ever hears anything bad about Islam. No one quits. No one questions. No one criticizes. All children become part of the system.

Over and over and over, like a stuck phonograph. The system does the same thing again and again. Just like a computer caught in an endless software loop. Islam, as a society, is trapped in a self-replicating cycle of violence and fear.

Why Now?

This cyclical system, as described, has been going on inside of Islam since the time of Mohammad. And like most systems, there is a control mechanism. The fear that drives Islam, directly responds to the amount of money available to the mullah/mosque infrastructure. Since the first oil embargo of the 1970s the amount of money pumped into Muslim oil producers has gone up hundreds of times. This has allowed the rich Muslim oil states to dump untold billions into the worldwide mullah/mosque infrastructure.

These monies have been used for a huge expansion of mosques throughout the Muslim world. This includes the thousands of new mosques built in Western societies. These monies have also been used to train and send out conservative mullahs throughout the world to preach the most conservative form of Islam.

When you step on the gas pedal of a car there is a slight lag time — about 1/4 second — and the car goes faster. When oil rich Muslim states pump monies into the mullah/mosque infrastructure there is a slight lag time — about 20-30 years — and your get more of the super devout.

So today we are reaping the harvest of violence grown from the seeds of hate and fear planted over the past 30 years.

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  1. The summation of the doctrine of Islam is excellent and should be engraved on the wall of every classroom and politician’s office.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. ISlam new tool to destroy nation is simple and full proof. Just convert your poor and uneducated to islam and rest follows. Now local converts fight with non converts in own nations an destroy own nation and culture. Full proof and low cost war by ISlam.

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