Gates of Vienna News Feed 11/6/2011

Gates of Vienna News Feed 11/6/2011The EU says it will pressure Greece until it establishes a national unity government to put its fiscal house in order. Brussels believes there is no other effective way to tackle the country’s spiraling debt crisis.

In other news, remnants of pro-Gaddafi forces in Libya say they are targeting hundreds of members of the new regime (the National Transitional Council) for assassination.

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One thought on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 11/6/2011

  1. Quote:
    Every day you can easily read stories of forced conversions, dispossession of land, desecration of cemeteries, Hindus and Christians, kidnappings of young girls non-Muslim discrimination in school, at work and a general hatred and widespread.

    This is Islamic rule, and it is indeed our future if we refuse to resist, and if we have no strength to begin with.
    Now I see why Islam is favored so much by the powerless and the poor in the world. It gives them the monopoly of violence and the right to steal, rape, despoil and kill all those they envy.
    If the world is unjust, you can just strike and feel righteous.
    Truly, Islam is profane.

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