Chaos in the Home

Workmen are about to start tearing out the old insulation in the back part of our house and replacing it with more modern stuff. Dymphna and I will be kept out of our offices for the next 24 hours or so, meaning there won’t be any more posts, including the news feed, until they’re done.

Many thanks to all those generous donors at our last fundraiser who made this renovation possible. Seems like a long time ago, now, doesn’t it? (Nudge, nudge — wink, wink…)

4 thoughts on “Chaos in the Home

  1. Hey Bar,Dymphna..I never could contribute to you,but if I could I would..Humungously..If any two people on this God forsaken planet deserve “alms” for the intelligent and wise and hard working and compassionate,it’s you two..Hope the new reno works out to Dymphna’s specs..All and nothing but the best..

  2. If I were there I could have done it for you. You have no idea how many jobs like that I’ve done in my life, and they were all unpleasant (but worthwhile). Good luck with it all. I hope they do the job right. There are plenty of ways to get it wrong.

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