Gates of Vienna News Feed 11/9/2011

Gates of Vienna News Feed 11/9/2011The political crisis in Italy is reaching its climax. Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has yielded to pressure and announced that he will resign, paving the way for new elections. A national unity government may lie in Italy’s future, which is what the EU is pushing for as the best hope to end Italy’s worsening debt crisis.

Stock markets all over the world do not seem to place much faith in any successor to Mr. Berlusconi. Asian markets fell sharply, with Hong Kong faring the worst at -4.4%. The Dow lost more than 3%, and European exchanges were in similarly bad condition.

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  1. The theory that Qaddafi’s death was “ordered by foreign powers”, though unlikely, cannot be something to be dismissed outright, can it? Come to think of it, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and Kenny MacAskill sure must have had reasons to breathe with relief when they learned that the Mad Dog of the Desert would no longer be able to spill the beans on them.

    One can only wonder what Saif al-Islam, Qaddafi’s son formerly worshipped by the so-called “international community”, would say if those Libyan rebels get him alive and allow him to speak freely about what he knows.

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