It’s Time for British Freedom

British Freedom: Paul Weston

Most Western European countries have at least one recognized political party that opposes mass immigration and Islamization. Such parties provide a viable alternative to all the Socialist and “Center-Right” parties that keep spooning up the same old multicultural pabulum, forcing it down the throats of the populace no matter how much it makes them choke.

Below is a list of the best-known and most successful immigration-critical parties in Europe, most of which have been featured in this space at one time or another:

Austria:   Freiheitlichen Partei Österreichs (Austrian Freedom Party, FPÖ)
Belgium:   Vlaams Belang (Flemish Interest, VB)
Denmark:   Dansk Folkeparti (Danish People’s Party, DF)
Finland:   Perussuomalaiset (True Finns)
France:   Bloc Identitaire
Germany:   Die Freiheit (Freedom)
The Netherlands:   Partij voor de Vrijheid (Party for Freedom, PVV)
Norway:   Fremskrittspartiet (The Progress Party)
Sweden:   Sverigedemokraterna (The Sweden Democrats, SD)
Switzerland:   Schweizerische Volkspartei (Swiss People’s Party, SVP), also called Union Démocratique du Centre (Democratic Union of the Centre, UDC), Unione Democratica di Centro (Democratic Union of the Centre), and Partida Populara Svizra (Swiss People’s Party)

The UK is notably absent from this list. For a time it seemed that the BNP (British National Party) might provide the needed alternative for British voters, but it never seemed to click with a broad section of the population. When the EDL was formed in 2009, it declined to associate with or support the BNP, due to the latter’s “whites-only” policy.

UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party) was another possibility, but its steadfast refusal to take a public stance on the issue of Islam meant that it never took off among those who place a high priority on resisting Islamization. If you are determined to fight the encroachment of sharia in Britain, UKIP has nothing to offer you.

The three major parties — Labour, the Lib-Dems, and the Tories — march in lockstep on the issue of Multiculturalism. Labour was responsible for opening the floodgates of Muslim immigration over the past fifteen years, and the other two parties now fall all over themselves pandering to the powerful new Muslim minority, especially to those worthies who claim to represent the “Muslim community” in the UK. Despite his lip-service to the idea of change, prime minister David “Multiculturalism Has Failed” Cameron has proposed no policies that stand a chance of slowing the country’s headlong rush to destruction.

The political class as a whole is morally bankrupt, devoid of meaningful ideas, and completely incapable of charting a new course for the people of the United Kingdom.

Yet the British electorate need not despair — a ray of hope has just appeared on the horizon. That glimmer of light is known as “British Freedom”, a party that was founded about a year ago. It recently reorganized itself and elected a new Executive Council:

Chairman: Paul Weston
National Nominating Officer: Dr. George Whale
Treasurer: Richard Bateman

Regular readers of Gates of Vienna will recognize at least one of those names.

British Freedom issued the following press release earlier today about the new face of the party:

Paul Weston has taken over the role of Chairman of the British Freedom Party (British Freedom) with immediate effect from 10th November 2011.

Paul has written a number of articles over the last few years which were published at the Gates of Vienna website. Topics covered included Islam, Multiculturalism, Liberalism and the general betrayal of Great Britain by its political class and mainstream media.

A recent survey suggested a majority of people would vote for a party that speaks out in defence of the country, but does not carry any historical baggage associated with parties such as the BNP.

British Freedom intends to be an all- encompassing political party rather than a single issue vehicle. It will of course speak openly about the threat of Islam, something no mainstream party — including UKIP — is prepared to do.

British Freedom intends to exploit this gap in the current political landscape. We will calmly and rationally discuss the precarious long-term position in which Great Britain finds herself. We have no time for racism or bigotry, and no time for anything other than civilised discourse.

Among other things, British Freedom believes:

  • There is little sustainable in Britain, particularly so in England.
  • Our elderly have been betrayed.
  • The middle classes have been utilised as cash cows to fund a bloated welfare state.
  • The working class has been placed in direct competition with immigrants prepared to work for a wage that cannot possibly finance a normal family life.
  • The young have been propagandised and brainwashed, while sadly remaining uneducated.
  • Our economy has been debauched.
  • Crime is out of control and must be seriously tackled.
  • Our Sovereignty has been undemocratically stripped from us.

The long term problems are formidable, but they must be faced. Career politicians care little about the Britain of 2050, or even 2025, preferring instead to concentrate on their re-election chances in four years’ time.

British Freedom will address our current problems, with a view to creating a safe, just, decent and peaceful country for our children and grandchildren. We will also take a long- term view rather than a short-term careerist view. We are certain that these positions will resonate with a public that has been increasingly marginalised by the main parties.

Gates of Vienna wholeheartedly welcomes the creation of a viable alternative to the outdated and dysfunctional political culture that has deconstructed the nation formerly known as Great Britain over the last thirty years.

The UK is the only country in Western Europe that possesses an actual grassroots movement — the English Defence League — whose primary purpose is to fight sharia and Islamization. If British Freedom can appeal to the rank-and-file members of the EDL, its chances of political success will be increased by several orders of magnitude.

True change in the UK has at last become possible. The next general election is in May, 2015. That gives our British cousins ample time to prepare.

And they’re going to need it — British Freedom will be swimming against a raging torrent of media demonization and sabotage. The current establishment will do whatever is necessary to prevent the emergence of a true political alternative.

Real discussion of the issues and the new party’s ideas for dealing with them will be left up to the alternative media. So watch this space — there’s more to come.

11 thoughts on “It’s Time for British Freedom

  1. The only discussion that matters – and the one that got us all into this terrible worldwide situation is “Where are YOU going to get the oil that you need to run your country?”

    Solve that problem BEFORE you are Islamicized, and the rest of the problems will fall in line….

    One way to solve the problem is to make sure that water is more scarce (that is expensive) than oil.

  2. Good news for Britain, however…
    I personally would continue to back parties like UKIP.
    In France, you know we have the Front National (which is not on your list, understandably, as it is not anti-Islamic, but anti-Islamization only). Such parties are the gateway to securing a more suitable political atmosphere for the expression and propagation of more focused demands and parties, like those favored here on Gates of Vienna. Perhaps I am too pragmatic, but that’s how I see it. You need to be able to open the gate before you try to walk through it.

  3. I have always admired Paul Weston’s stance on the horrendous state of play in this country. I will continue to vote UKIP though as I believe that the European Union is the cause of all our problems and the sooner we are out of it the sooner we can go back to re-establishing our national interests.

  4. Hello PatD

    Just a quick note to point out that British Freedom could do very little whilst still imprisoned within the EU. Our very first action would be to negotiate an immediate exit from their dictatorial clutches.

    We would also throw out the pernicious Human Rights Act, which seems more concerned with the rights of foreign terrorists, murderers and rapists than the rights of native victims.

  5. To Paul Weston – Thankyou for response I will keep following your campaign. Totally agree on the Human Rights Act – they get away with everything and then claim compensation, unbelievable.

  6. Dear Mr Weston –

    Many congrats with your wonderful initiative! It is high time the British public got a chance to display their dissatisfaction (to put it mildly) with the ongoing islamization of their country by voting for your party.

    Baron –

    “The UK is the only country in Western Europe that possesses an actual grassroots movement — the English Defence League — whose primary purpose is to fight sharia and Islamization.”

    So true. Yet, the rest of Western Europe shows that for an anti-islamization party to be viable and – in Holland – even successful, there’s no real need for an EDL type of grassroots movement. Needless to say, I support the EDL wholeheartedly, but perhaps their success up ’til now, is in part due to the fact that, indeed, the British public had to make do without any real anti-islamization party.

    Anyway, great initiative by Paul Weston and all who support British Freedom.

    Curious to hear about their stance on the current economic crisis, on the free market and monetary policy. You know, the managerial state, foreign wars, central banking, manipulation of interest rates, government bailouts, the usual stuff..

    Kind regs from Amsterdam,

  7. One point of advice though, that I humbly submit before Mr Weston, concerns some of the jabs at UKIP:

    “If you are determined to fight the encroachment of sharia in Britain, UKIP has nothing to offer you.”

    These and other statements – even if they’re objectively correct – are not really necessary and could prove to be tactically unsound for a new political party who is also on the anti-establishment side.

    How about trying not to compete with UKIP for voters, but instead aim for the public’s widespread disenchantment with any established political party?
    I think it might be wiser, to more or less agree with UKIP not to get entangled in disputes but to work independently (or perhaps in tandem if the occasion calls for it) against the tide of welfare state oppression of the people. I trust you are well aware of the way that our Dutch Freedom Party, the PVV, is working with UKIP in the European Parliament?

    Anyway, many congrats and goodspeed,

  8. To Paul Watson

    Congratulations and good luck, but I think that the only chance of success is for all the smaller moderate nationalist parties to cooperate and eventually band together with UKIP. I guess it is not possible at the moment with Farage at the helm but who knows what’s around the corner. Have the English Democrats and Freedom Democrats been approached? Also mentioning no names but some of the founding members of British Freedom have quite a bit of baggage and are a liability in my humble opinion. I also think it may be tactically naive/risky by getting too close to the EDL. I would be interested in your thoughts on these issues. Looking forward to seeing you on Question Time!

  9. Sorry, meccano — Blogger doesn’t allow us to edit anyone’s comments. You’ll have to delete it and repost, or make do with your separate correction.

  10. If there had to be a single French party on this list, it would of course need to be the Front national.

    Bloc Identitaire is doing some interesting agit-prop against mass immigration and islamisation, it has a bunch of astute young people on board, but it’s a definite midget compared to the Front national (itself considered a fringe party by everybody else).

    I guess a huge majority of Frenchmen are not even aware of the existence of Bloc Identitaire.

    Marine le Pen, the leader of the Front national, is a candidate for the presidential ballot next year, and she has a real chance of being a major player.

    Her agenda has a disappointing big government and Leftist slant (in spite of her being nominally on the far-right), but then Bloc Identitaire is also against free markets. And it dropped out of the presidential race already.

    Supporting small government and free markets in France is just a notch above being a Nazi, anyway.

    France is wall-to-wall socialist. Even the far-right has far-left views. Marine le Pen, not unconvincingly, said she was on the left of Obama.

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