Tommy Robinson: The Two-Tier Policing System

Michael Coren talks to English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson about opposing the burning of poppies, being harassed by the authorities, and the judicial double standard applied to the indigenous people of Britain.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

(This video came out while we were off the air the other day, so it is being posted late.)

4 thoughts on “Tommy Robinson: The Two-Tier Policing System

  1. Of course in such a way the enabling authorities inadvertently exhibit their true racism by lowered expectations and standards and therefore a two tier enforcement .

  2. Thinking about it. It might be an effective strategy to fight this as racism directed towards immigrants with all the required indignation and outrage, rather than the accurate but almost canned pedantic cliches of conservative thought. Repackage it as a form of racism, which it is, though subtle it is, that we are fighting. We know that as traditional liberal conservatives we have the right and the weight of popular mainstream thinking on our side while the left has been busy repackaging ideas that are usually rejected to great success. Then i ask can’t we do better? We surely have a need and stimulus ti do so. Can the left effectively combat the charge of racism against immigrants and non whites if cleverly put forth. Let us become the new freedom fighters and radical revolutionaries against the establishment since it is that meme which obviously wins the day always. Let us be the progressive let us use words and be wordsmiths as the communist left has been doing.

  3. I have no idea what that Michael Servetus was talking about….wordsmiths? Like words are going to stop the islamic movement.
    Anyway, I pray for Tommy Robinson and encourage him to continue and to grow his numbers. I loved his answer:”cause its not on their doorstep”. True. Too true. Even concerning the illegals here in America. Watching the way that Not-So-Great Britain treats its people gives me a lot more understanding as to why America had its great revolution. Most of Europe has very poor, self centered, self serving governments.
    Stay tuned for a judgement of the American government coming up next!

  4. THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 2011

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