Gates of Vienna News Feed 9/18/2011

Gates of Vienna News Feed 9/18/2011The regime in Iran is cracking down on young people who engage in water fights in a park in Tehran. The park has become the favored place for youngsters to take part in the latest craze: battles with squirt guns and plastic bottles full of water. The regime considers this sort of fun sinful, not least because young people of both sexes mix to play the game. In addition, the mullahs have determined that the practice was introduced by foreign agents, and may be a precursor to political unrest.

In other news, at the instigation of Geert Wilders, the Dutch government is ready to ban the burka. The Interior Ministry says that the cabinet has been presented with the plan, and will definitely approve it.

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One thought on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 9/18/2011

  1. I have been concerned by the current administration’s policies towards the Middle East. Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann on Friday expressed regret over the fall of US ally Hosni Mubarak “while President Obama sat on his hands.” This sitting on his hands, as I have mentioned several times, goes back to the Iranian uprising in 2009.

    Earlier this year Obama attempted to put Israel on the US State Department’s list of State Sponsors of Terror; however, pro-Hamas Turkey is to chair an Obama backed counter-terrorism body. This panel is not to include Israel and is being done quietly, in the shadows of the UN General Assembly this week. Hillary Clinton calls this “smart power approach to counterterrorism,” and described the founding group as “traditional allies, emerging powers and Muslim-majority countries.” I call it another attempt to subjugate the power and strength of America to its enemies.

    There is also that little and far too under-reported “want” from the administration to put in a direct phone line to Tehran.

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