Live From London, Part Two

London bus burning, #1

Here are a few brief addenda from skype messages sent by our English contacts. The three photos were taken by an English reader who was in one of the riot zones this afternoon:

The situation worsening in Clapham, no police at all. Entire streets are ablaze in Croydon.

The most amazing thing is that the police and fire service cannot do their jobs because of all the hooligans on the streets. No mention of forced clearing of streets, but surely people are dying in these fires. The chief copper is now begging parents to get their children off the streets. We need an enforced curfew!

London bus burning, #2

A very brave journalist named Mark Stone is actually filming gangs of looting blacks in Clapham. It didn’t last long — hope he is all right [see video at the bottom of this post].

The BBC is actually asking if now is time to bring in army! Police chief says no, not yet… Odd — the BBC talking about the army, the police chief saying, ‘parents get your “kids” home.’

London riot area #1

Front page of The Telegraph: “Mob Rule”, white guy against a backdrop of flames. Same with The Guardian, but a black guy!

Below the jump is a brief raw video clip from the heart of the riot in Clapham Junction this evening, posted by Mark Stone of Sky News: