Live From London

The rioting in London that kicked off in Tottenham the other night has now spread to other areas of the capital, and even to other cities and towns.

Trouble started during daylight today in Peckham, and has erupted in other places. It’s just now getting dark in England, so presumably the situation will only get worse as nightfall descends.

Below are skype reports that came in from various contacts in Blighty over the past three hours:

Buses and cars now set alight in Peckham and Lewisham. David Cameron sipping latte in Tuscany.

Just heard from someone that things are kicking off in Birmingham, too. Bullring closed.

Houses now set on fire in Deptford (near Lewisham). A white woman legged it, black looters straight in through the open door.

Fire services could not get into Tottenham, so I doubt they can make it into Deptford. It will get worse after dark.

We now have multiple house fires in Croydon South London. Starting to look like the Blitz.

Oh, hang on, its proper kicking off now in Brum [Birmingham]. Ramp near palisades, smashed up Jessops, McDonalds, and now they are gathering outside Lhouse (that’s the OB headquarters).

Massive fires now, no fire engines at all. This is spiralling very quickly.

Old people who cannot get out of these houses and flats are probably dying right now. This needs armed police to clear the streets, or bring in the army.

Middle class Clapham now under attack. NO POLICE of course, they were not expecting trouble in posh areas. Looks like they are bringing them in from nearby black areas. Clapham! A lovely place. I used to live there.

For the first time, the journalists sound shocked. Lots of them live in Clapham, or “Clahm” as they call it.

Over one hour in Croydon, but all fire engines busy elsewhere, buildings are just burning to the ground.

Still no enforced curfew. Police are “encouraging” parents to get their children inside.

Police now saying fire engines cannot get through because of masked youths. They have to clear the streets, this is insane.

And a first-hand report by email:

Just walked past a burning bus where I live, after walking through a riot!

Peckham (a highly enriched area of London) has been sacked. Barricades, fires, and lots of “youths” all hooded up with faces covered.

I was only trying to get home with my shopping! BTW — these are not race riots, all races are rioting. I was chatting with a black chap as we walked through the riot and he said that as Brixton had rioted last night Peckham had to save face.

And now it seems all of town is going up! Must be something in the water…

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

Links: BBC, AGI.