Gates of Vienna News Feed 8/24/2011

Gates of Vienna News Feed 8/24/2011Most of the world is still on vacation, so the news feed is light again tonight.

According to a recent study in the UK, since 1999 asylum seekers have cost the country £10 billion, which comes out to £2.3 million per day. It is thought that more than a quarter of a million asylum seekers are staying in the country illegally.

Meanwhile, in Australia, a family of refugees that the government considers a security risk have been brought from the holding center on Christmas Island to Sydney so that the mother can give birth. While they are on the mainland, security for them has cost almost a million dollars. They cannot be sent back to Sri Lanka because they are considered genuine refugees.

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  1. Spain
    Morocco Blocking Integration of Muslim Immigrants in Spain

    The Moroccan government is aggressively implementing “a strategy of great magnitude” to exert control over the religious and cultural beliefs and practices of the nearly one million Moroccan immigrants who reside in Spain.

    The strategy involves establishing a parallel Muslim society in Spain by discouraging Moroccans from integrating into their host country, and by encouraging them instead to live an Islamic lifestyle isolated from Spanish society.

    …The CNI report also states: “The financing is having negative consequences for [multicultural] coexistence in Spain, such as the emergence of parallel societies and ghettos, Islamic courts and police that operate outside of Spanish jurisprudence, removing girls from schools, forced marriages, etc.”…

    …Ziani said it is absolutely necessary to accept Islamic values as European values and that from now on, Europeans should replace the term “Judeo-Christian” with term “Islamo-Christian” when describing Western Civilization…

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