Gates of Vienna News Feed 5/17/2011

Gates of Vienna News Feed 5/17/2011Australia has emphatically decided that it wants nothing to do with sharia law. Attorney-General Robert McClelland said, “There is no place for sharia law in Australian society.” He wants newcomers to embrace Australian values and culture.

In other news, the Syrian government says that the reports of the discovery of mass graves in Deraa are false. Videos have surfaced on the internet that purport to show mass graves in the city, but the authorities deny their existence.

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6 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 5/17/2011

  1. Speaking of the Syrian government, do we really think they have changed their evil ways from what was documented throughout the 1980s by Amnesty International among others?

    Read the following grimly ghoulish report:

    “In its 1983 report on human rights conditions in Syria, AI [Amnesty International] delineated 23 different types of torture. Now [1989] the list has been expanded to 38. The most common torture consists of beatings on all parts of the body “with fists, feet, leather belts, sticks, whips, hammers, braided steel cables or cables inside plastic hoses with the ends frayed”. Also common is extinguishing cigarettes on the body, often on sensitive parts. Other methods include extracting finger and toe nails; plucking hair or skin with pincers or pliers; sexual abuse or assault; forcing objects into the rectum; complete isolation in a dark cell; setting hands and limbs afire; slashing a victim’s face–lips, ears, nose–with razor blades; and mock executions with a specially-rigged guillotine.

    “Torturers often invent euphemisms to describe their grisly methods. Bisat al-Rih (the Flying Carpet) has an innocent, even enchanting ring, but it is frightful: “strapping the victim to a piece of wood shaped like a human body and either beating him or her or applying electric shocks all over the body.” Al-Kursi al-Almani (the German Chair) has moving parts to which the victim’s hands and feet are strapped. As the chair is moved backwards, it exerts severe pressure on the victim’s spine, neck and limbs, resulting in near asphyxiation, loss of consciousness, and occasionally fracturing the vertebrae. A variation, known as al-Kursi al-Suri (the Syrian Chair), is equipped with metal blades that pierce the victim’s ankles as the chair is bent backwards.

    “The infamous al-‘Abd al-Aswad (the Black Slave) contraption drives a heated metal skewer into the rectum of the victim strapped to it. “

    — Human Rights Briefing, Nabeel Abraham, Middle East Report, No. 160, Turkey in the Age of Glasnost (Sep. – Oct., 1989), pp. 37-38.

  2. Would somebody please tell that buffoon, the druid masquerading as the Archbishop of Canterbury? He says that the adoption of sharia law in Britain is “inevitable”.

    It is obvious that sharia law cannot co-exist with British Common Law.

    Of course, it is inevitable with people like him in positions of power and influence.

  3. “Australia has emphatically decided that it wants nothing to do with sharia law. Attorney-General Robert McClelland said, “There is no place for sharia law in Australian society.” He wants newcomers to embrace Australian values and culture.”
    Whenever I see a quote like this I always ask “or what?” In a free society you can’t force them to do anything. If you let them in its already to late to do anything about it. Unless he’s talking about massive deportation, which no one ever talks about, he ain’t gonna do squat.

  4. I agree w/JS123, the only real solution of Islamofascism is mass deportation. The ideology of Islam exists in the minds of its followers and there’s no indication the ideology is going to be reformed by anyone.

  5. Nakbacide

    But in Muslim culture time never passes. The words, “You Lost a War, Get Over It”, have no meaning.

    This is yet one more reason why the defeat of Islam must be comprehensive, undeniable and, most probably, a matter of total annihilation.

    Islam is the Black Night of ideologies. Incapable of admitting even the most glaringly obvious defeat and ― in these modern times ― just as often unable to field competent armed forces.

    Like Monty Python’s black knight, Islam will have to be wholly dismembered, its fangs drawn and stripped of all armaments. Due to typical Islamic intransigence, this will likely involve the deaths of untold millions of Muslims.

    Islam alone bears all responsibility for this gruesome prospect and, in a remarkable bit of ironic justice, has worked harder than any other modern entity to deserve exactly such an outcome. Remember:


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