Dying to Establish Islam

Below is a video of Amir Abdel Malik of the Muslims Students Association leading his audience in the pledge of allegiance. The Islamic pledge of allegiance, that is — don’t expect anything about liberty and justice for all in this one — the text is straight out of the Muslim Brotherhood oath.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for YouTubing this video. Vlad explains: “I took this from the PJTV page only because the audio was so low there and it needed correcting. Please though, subscribe to, and support PJTV any way you can. These people along with CBN are the loudest and most courageous voices in the western world today.”

7 thoughts on “Dying to Establish Islam

  1. yeh. Sure they are OK. The words, in the western interpretation, seem reasonable. ’tis only when you use the Islamic understanding of the words that it becomes scary and our “great and good” leaders/politicians choose not to interpret.
    ‘twil end in tears. Perhaps the sooner the better.

  2. thank you for putting in the captioning

    for many of us this is completely expected

    for some it comes as a surprise but the number of self enlightened continues to grow

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