Gates of Vienna News Feed 2/8/2011

Gates of Vienna News Feed 2/8/2011Morocco and Libya, two North African countries that have so far escaped the popular unrest in the region, are on the lookout for incipient domestic disturbances. Libya has set up a task force to monitor growing discontent expressed through the social media on the internet, and is expanding state spending on certain programs to short-circuit popular protests. Banned Islamists in Morocco are calling for regime change.

In other news, New York State TV executive Muzzammil “Mo” Hassan has been convicted for the beheading murder of his wife. Meanwhile, three churches in central Java were attacked and destroyed by Muslim mobs.

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3 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 2/8/2011

  1. The one above was a test. I was finding it difficult to get the comment saved. On the boast of said Egyptian journalist that the US is next to be an “Islamic Republic” (read, Oriental Despotic State), he’d better be prepared for blood in the streets.

  2. Quote:
    She was particularly struck by remarks made by those she feels lack an understanding of the role of religion in Egypt today, inflating its function as a political force compared to other societies.
    end quote.

    I don’t think it’s inflated at all. The non-Western world has a tradition (with the exception of China) of uniting religion with politics. The separation of religion from the state is not an Oriental feature, but a Western refinement that took many wars and a virtual genocide to affect.
    It is a feature of Western culture, unique to Western culture, and looked upon, in fact, by the Muslim world, with deep contempt.

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