Clare Lopez Speaks After “Iranium”

On January 18th the film Iranium was scheduled to be shown at the National Archives Theatre in Ottawa, but it was canceled at the last moment due unspecified threats of violence, and after complaints by the Iranian embassy.

Canadian Heritage Minister James Moore vigorously insisted that the Iranian government could not dictate to Canadians what movies they could or could not watch, and ordered the National Archives to screen the film. The event was rescheduled for last Sunday, and tickets were sold out in advance. Security for the showing cost the organizers $15,000.

Clare Lopez of the Center for Security Policy spoke after the movie was shown, and answered questions from the audience. Besides the issues about Iran brought up by the film, she covered a wide range of other topics relating to Islam and the danger to the West from sharia.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for recording and YouTubing Ms. Lopez’ excellent talk. The two-part video of the discussion is below the jump:

Clare Lopez at Iranium #1

Clare Lopez at Iranium #2