Gates of Vienna News Feed 11/21/2010

Gates of Vienna News Feed 11/21/2010Last week’s explosion in a woodland near Loch Lomond in Scotland is almost certainly an indication that a terror attack in the UK is imminent, according to experts. A terror cell that has been trained to construct explosive devices would need a final live test before staging an attack, and a remote wooded area in Scotland would provide the ideal opportunity. Counterterrorism units are on high alert.

In other news, Ireland finally caved in and asked for a bailout from the EU. Britain is involved, in that it will guarantee part of the fund with sterling. All this while Foreign Secretary William Hague expressed doubts whether the euro can in fact survive this crisis.

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3 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 11/21/2010

  1. I was wondering who the dhimmi UK authorities will blame for a major terror attack on British soil following the Loch Lomond blast… Even if farewell taped messages featuring “Asians” screaming “allahu akbar” and brandishing copies of Mein Qurampf are found in the aftermath, me thinks David Cameron will appear on TV to blame the EDL for it and call for its outlawing, while praising Hiz-bu-Tahrir and the Mahoundian Council of Britain for their ‘peaceful’ activities and ‘true teaching’ of their ‘religion.’ I’m already sick to my stomach to think that such an outcome is almost guaranteed, should the latest round of intended terrorist acts by the black-cube worshippers succeed.

  2. Okay, now I’d like to know what has been going on between Paul Ray and Tommy Robinson? I don’t understand the feud between them and it has left me uncertain as to whether I should support the EDL or not.

  3. In hoc signo vinces

    David “Turkey” Cameron hates the white working class/underclass so much that his CINO government is at this time busy creating policies to force them into ghettos.

    This could neutralise mass support for the EDL amongs this section of the population as the EDL are perceived to be a (“conservative”), right of centre group thus forcing the working class/underclass back into the hands of the socialists.

    Cameron is no conservative he is a remnant Thatcherite submission of the British people was always the name of the game the imposition of a mohammedan empire in your own backyard.

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