The Awakening of the French Nation

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The French Defence League just sent out this communiqué to accompany their new video. They are demanding an end to the notorious French Muslim practice of occupying and blocking entire city streets during their prayers:

Warning to Muslims who believe that the public space can be invaded without consequences.

For a number of years, certain of you Muslim gentlemen dare to regularly occupy the public space for your prayers.

This occupation, as you well know, is illegal, and is, as we well know, a provocation and a demonstration of force designed to show your domination in certain parts of France and your contempt for our laws and the secular nature of our country.

These politico-cultural demonstrations are in defiance of our institutions and our culture, they put our territorial integrity under pressure with the aim of forcing the construction of mosques, which are often financed by the money of non-Muslims1 who then find themselves victims of gigantic rackets in which our elected officials are complicit.

Muslim militias and certain Muslims totally illegally block the streets to non-Muslims, preventing the citizens and residents from circulating, returning home or leaving their houses and the mayors say nothing, the police say nothing, the State says nothing.

Thus it remains for the French Nation, to the citizens themselves to take over because all their representatives have spinelessly bent over in the face of intimidation.

The message sent out by the French nation to the “praying” is clear:

Stop praying immediately on the public highway, it is illegal. Pray elsewhere, or don’t pray, we couldn’t care less about that. Nothing gives you the right to occupy our streets, you must respect our laws.

You are extremely lucky that the French (of all confessions and origins) are so patient and indulgent with you but in the face of your arrogant provocations, one day the limit will be reached.

Then there will no longer be time to whine about discrimination. You will have been the sole cause of your inevitable future troubles if you continue to defy our laws.

Who sows the wind reaps the storm. Stop sowing discord in France, stop occupying our streets and our towns with your inopportune prayers.

And the video:

[1]   For example: the Mayor of Paris, Bertrand Delanoë , under Muslim pressure spent 20 million euros of taxpayer money to finance a Muslim “cultural centre/mosque” in direct defiance of the law of 1905 which forbids this sort of financing.

Hat tip: Gaia.

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  1. Morgan —

    Yes, that is too off-topic for this post.

    Take it to one of the news feed posts (or wait for tonight’s news feed).

    Or, better yet, take it to the EDL forum. That’s the best place, and the people there can answer your questions.

  2. EV —

    Glad you like them.

    The “zone” I’m in is the Zone of Excellent Contributors (ZEC). As I’ve said many times before, this blog is a group effort, and we’re blessed with the assistance of many talented and dedicated people.

    It means I spend more time editing nowadays than I do actually writing, but the final product is worth it.

  3. I’d like to see that practice put a stop to. It’s not just in France, either. Recall the Muslims in Sliema who decided to obstruct the waterfront in order to pray to their false prophet. Remarkably, the local police stopped one local from walking her dog along the public walkway while the Muslims were bowing and scraping away. The leader of that Muslim group said in the Times of Malta that if anyone tried to prevent them there would be ‘a backlash’. I’d like to think he got that exactly back to front.

    How about throwing bacon and pig fat out of the windows/off the roofs of the buildings surrounding these street-occupiers. Play them at their own game and ‘pollute’ the area with the products of the unclean beast.

  4. Thus it remains for the French Nation, to the citizens themselves to take over because all their representatives have spinelessly bent over in the face of intimidation.

    A warning shot across the bow for all French government officials. The breaking point is closer than ever. Indigenous French citizens are approaching a situation where they have no longer have anything to lose. So much has been lost already that pushback is the only sane alternative.

    Any bets that French Muslims will get the memo about how they’ve gone to effing far?


    Muslims may feel free to ignore this constant stream of warning signs emanating from the West but only at the risk of enjoying their own private holocaust.

    Who knows how many genocides Islam has visited upon our world? Small surprise that it is triggering one of its own. Live by the genocide, die by the genocide.

    Someone let me know when Islam foreswears genocide against the Jews. Until then, try not to bet against Muslims getting one of their own. They are headed straight for it.

  5. There must be communial dog walking sessions every friday anywhere this disease thinks it can block streets,and if anyone has a tame pig used to a lead so much the better.we are seeing more and more muslim provocation,simply because thier numbers are increasing out of all proportion to thier worth,and thier arrogance will not let them acknowledge thier stupidity .

  6. Yes Baron, I’ll second Escape Velocity here. I am generally an old fossil, but I’ve long since stopped reading newspapers. The Internet is where it’s at, and Gates of Vienna is one of the very best blogs!

    I first became aware of the Islamization of Europe about four years ago when I read Bruce Bawer’s book “While Europe Slept.” It was not too long after that, while I was looking for more information on the Web, that I found Gates of Vienna.

    Since then I have watched with dismay as Europe seemed to be sleepwalking toward cataclysm (with the U.S. not far behind.) For four years I have been asking: “When will people WAKE UP??”

    Quite a large number of recent events (the Wilders trial, Thilo Sarazin, the BNP and EDL, Eliz. Sabaditch-Wolf, and now the “French Defence League,” (!) etc……. and the Tea Party here in the U.S.) suggest that finally…..finally a critical mass has been reached. Maybe, at long last, people ARE starting to wake up. A glimmer of hope…..

    All of it documented in detail here on Gates of Vienna. Than you for all your fine work, Baron.

  7. “Thus it remains for the French nation, to the citizens themselves to take over because all their representatives have spinelessly bent over in the face of intimidation.”

    Ahem…..*cough, cough*….. well, friend, if you’re getting ready to storm the Bastille again, so to speak, then you’d, uh… better get some…uh…GUNS…..

  8. @Englishman:

    Dog walking sessions are a good idea – however, they need to get there BEFORE the muslim crowd, otherwise they will be unable to get past the security – and guess who’s side the police are on?

    Since I understand that they always meet at the same time, best would be for ALL residents to open their front doors and stand on the side walks before they arrive.
    Then, if there is any resistance from the muslims they should scream loudly and call the emergency services. If residents are attacked, I believe pepper spray is very effective.

    There are bound to be a few bleeding hearts who think prayer is more important than freedom to enter and leave one’s own house, or even stand outside with a bottle of wine and a cigarette, but fortunately, they are also slowly becoming inconvenienced – a great convincer.

  9. I’d like to see a gang of tracksuited youths complete with pit bulls/alsations on a lead standing right where the Islamists wish to bow and scrape. That’s set up a nice little confrontation. Another strategy would be for homeonwers to nip down to Tescos and buy up heaps of bacon, and throw rashers of ham all over the street five minutes before the Islamists are due to show up. As in: make the street ‘unclean’ to the Islamists: I’d laugh my ass off if one of them bowed his nut to the road and came up with a rasher of Tulip stuck to his forehead!

  10. What tickles my fancy is the thought of using their own stupid beliefs against them. they don’t like dogs, fine. let’s have dogs. they don’t like grumphies, fine let’s throw bacon all over the road, or better still chuck slices of ham at them out the upstairs windows while they’re bending over and caterwauling at a stone in a tent somewhere in the desert many miles away. or have a big fry up and set up an extractor fan to blow that nice aroma out into the street just when they start to congregate. who needs guns?

  11. Quote:
    bowing and scraping away. The leader of that Muslim group said in the Times of Malta that if anyone tried to prevent them there would be ‘a backlash’.
    end quote.

    Submit or die.
    Force is all that speaks to these irrational and unwelcome guests.

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