Gates of Vienna News Feed 10/10/2010

Gates of Vienna News Feed 10/10/2010For some reason the news feed is light tonight. It may be because a lot of our usual tipsters (including the Italians) are on vacation for the Columbus Day weekend.

India has cut a trade deal with the EU that does more than just agree on tariffs and reduce trade restrictions: one of its provisions allows skilled Indian workers free access to the EU labor market. Some members of the British government object, saying that the new relaxed rules will cause thousands of additional immigrants to pour into the country. Disagreement over this issue has divided the new coalition government in the UK.

In other news, George Soros has warned China that its manipulation of the value of the yuan is doing harm to the international economy, and may lead to a currency war.

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One thought on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 10/10/2010

  1. If your newsfeed was light last night, it should be lighting up tonight, with the latest story from Indonesia.
    The West Lombok authorities are proposing their Final Solution to the Ahmadiyah Problem (which is no problem, except to Islamist bigots)
    They want to pack the tiny religious minority off to a deserted island!
    Read the whole story, or much of it, on the conservative expat blog Ross’s Right Angle.

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