Foreign Countries Gang up on Arizona

As reported in last night’s news feed, eleven foreign countries — all of them, coincidentally, Latin American — have joined the Justice Department’s lawsuit against Arizona over the state’s recently-passed immigration law. The Ninth Circuit allowed their participation to go through, and Arizona is appealing to the Federal Appeals Court.

Here’s a Fox News report about what’s going on:

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

10 thoughts on “Foreign Countries Gang up on Arizona

  1. And this is why I made a point of visiting Arizona last summer and spending my modest vacation money there.

    I especially recommend Oatman.

    Yes, the burros begging in the streets remind me of Democrats, but the humans are very welcoming.

  2. I would suggest cutting off all foreign remittances to the eleven countries in question. One of the largest single sources of income for the nation of Mexico is money sent home by foreign nationals residing in America. The same applies in varying measure to many Central and South American countries as well.

    Hit them where it hurts, right in the pocketbook.

    By permitting such intolerable outside intervention, Obama and Holder have unequivocally demonstrated their profound contempt for the American legal system.

    To willingly compromise our nation’s sovereignty in the interests of promoting further illegal immigration across our Southern border is a slap in the face for all Americans.

    Finally, our porous Southern border is nothing but a safety valve that vents the pressure which rightfully should be building in these hyper-corrupt Latin American nations. All of their young, unemployed men need to be contained in their countries of origin so that they finally rise up and kill the corrupt politicians that hold those people back in the stone age.

    It is in nobody’s best interest to have all of these illegals here in America save to create mendicant voter plantations for the Democratic Party and provide near-slave labor for the Republican Party’s monied supporters.

    America’s middle class is being killed by all of this unchecked immigration.


  3. It’s not only the matter of the laws, but that the Cartel is now in control of Mexico, itself, and is slowly slipping tino the U.S. along with the illegals.

    Another point is that it is NONE of their business!

    Mind your own business!Butt OUT!

  4. More creeping Fourth Reich by deception! It seems like Osama/obama is surreptitiously creating an EU-type grouping that can bully individual states: the whole is more important than the individual parts!

    Pure marxist-fascism!

  5. America’s middle class is being killed by all of this unchecked immigration.

    I beleive that’s the entire point of it, Zenster. It’s one front of many in the culture wars.

  6. I don’t get it. The federal government suing a state was bad enough, but foreign countries suing an American state ? With the approval of Washington ? How is that even possible ?

    That’s treason in my book.

    May I sue Barack Obama ? I think he is promoting Islam in my country.

  7. Since foreign nations are being allowed to take action against Arizona in a domestic issue, Arizona should recruit positively disposed nations to support it’s position. Undoubtedly they would be stopped by Holder, at which point they can sue, perhaps with intervention by favourable states within the Union.

  8. These amicus briefs where interested parties give their opinion backed by whatever reasons that they propose have been made by foreign governments before, with regards to the Death Penalty, in which case, several European Nations poked their noses into US business.

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