Excellent News From Vienna

Vienna voted today in municipal elections, and the Socialists lost while the FPÖ (nationalist, anti-Islamization party) gained. A Viennese contact sends this report:

The SPÖ lost its absolute majority (at 6.16PM they’re at 44%) and the FPÖ are the only party to have increased their voting share: they are now the second party in electoral strength at 27.2%, up from 14%.

Strache has said the SPÖ must now hold talks with the FPÖ and that the FPÖ is quite open to this.

Whether or not there will be such a coalition between the two parties, the reality is that the FPÖ is now the official opposition party.

There are still postal ballots to be counted on Tuesday, but it is a different, and more promising, world in Europe with yet another party which supports national values and culture and is alert to the threat of Islamisation showing excellent gains.

Another Austrian contact sends this tally:

SPÖ   44%
ÖVP   13%
FPÖ   27%
Greens   12%

2 thoughts on “Excellent News From Vienna

  1. My guess is that the most likely outcome will be a red-green coalition.

    When the people are abandoning the local left parties, the government will move further to the left. So much for democracy.

    Beside pointing out the above message and gain the moral high round, what the FPÖ must do in opposition is refine its policy message and bring up a new generation of local politicians using its additional 15 seats.

  2. Great good news!

    What would be especially nice to see is members of the FPÖ stepping forward and promising − once they are in the majority − to prosecute all current politicians who are helping to suppress free speech laws such as in the case of Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff.

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