The Islamization of Germany

Below is a news report from the British network ITN about Thilo Sarrazin and the growing anti-Islamization movement in Germany.

This clip is from a typical left-media perspective, and regular Gates of Vienna readers won’t learn anything new from it. However, watching it is instructive, because the tone of breathless alarm — designed to convey to viewer the urgent danger from those Islamophobic German nationalists — indicates how terrified the MSM and the European establishment are of the various anti-Islamization movements:

I watched this report after writing my post about the EDL and the middle class, and it made me realize how much England needs its own version of Thilo Sarrazin: a respected public figure — a banker and a Social Democrat, no less! — who writes a book decrying the destruction of his country and its cherished traditions.

No wonder he is giving the German oligarchs such indigestion — it’s very difficult to dismiss Thilo Sarrazin as a skinhead and a neo-Nazi. Oh, yes, they’re trying, all right — but it’s a hard job, and the majority of Germans aren’t buying it.

Hat tip: DF.

12 thoughts on “The Islamization of Germany

  1. This is the argument I was trying to develop on the other thread. The EDL needs a handful of key players to stand up and play this role in the UK.

  2. I am afraid I have to disagree with you here Baron that “the majority of Germans aren’t buying it” says I with a smile. They certainly are and in ever increasing no, the book really is a super best seller. The bookshop in Heinsberg in German just over the boarder from where I live had a very large display on show when I popped in a few days ago. As for that audio visual garbage masquerading as unbiased reporting, I think most people see through it.

  3. Yorkshire Miner —

    Sorry, I wasn’t making myself clear. I meant “the majority of the German people aren’t buying the argument that Sarrazin is a racist neo-Nazi.”

    The Germans, thank God, are buying his book in droves.

  4. Dear Baron.

    I think you skimmed my comment too fast. I purposely added the phase,” says I with a smile to show that understood the real meaning of your remark, which by the way I am in complete agreement with.

    Deep Regards

  5. Baron – such anti-Islam movements will ultimately give strength to groups that house and tolerate radicals. They undermine the ability to challenge on legitimate issues in other parts of the world on stoning, honor killings, and oppression of religious minorities. The efforts of the EDL have shown exactly the fallacy of such anti-Islam activism, which leads to violence and human rights abuse of its own. It takes those concerned about human rights abuses backwards.

  6. Thinking about this, the difficulty would be that intellectual heavyweights won’t align themselves with the EDL, one of the reasons being that, as the previous poster noted, they don’t need them.

    Anyone with a respectable track record in the UK, who is in a position to speak about the human rights abuses inherent in Islamic teachings, will just go and do so.

    Although the EDL might need them, they sure don’t need the EDL, or the bad press that goes along with them.

    It’s a tough one, all right.

  7. YM — Sorry, you’re quite right. Memo to self: read comments carefully.

    Anti-Islamist — Yes, I know; I posted it when it first came out. In fact, I helped Vlad with the subtitles.

  8. “This clip is from a typical left-media perspective”- how true is that!?

    These bloodless miscreants have a way to find each other. The wakademic milkboy with the specs is so bloody typical with his dumb argument that “these are times of economic hardship when people are looking for someone to blame”.

    Sick of it. Sick of these mindless, ignorant basturds who believe they are ‘progressive’ and we are backwards. Sick. of. it!

  9. imnokuffar–

    Gates of Vienna’s rules about comments require that they be civil, temperate, on-topic, and show decorum. Your comment violated the last of these rules. We keep a PG-13 blog, and exclude foul language, explicit descriptions, and epithets. This is why I deleted your comment.

    Use of asterisks is an appropriate alternative.


    imnokuffar said…

    Shiek, you better be prepared to be a lot sicker these [execrable peopel] are floating around in a media sewer that is full of [odious substances].

    Before I became “extreme right” I just used to accept what these [persons of lesser intelligence]said without a second thought, maybe that was because I did not have a first one.

    More and more people are tuning out of this ridiculous and farcical ROP tripe.

    There are now 10s of millions of Europeans and others who would never have voted for the PVV or other parties just 5 years ago.

    There is hope.

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