Protest Against Ground Zero Mosque in Brussels

I just received this press release from Vlaams Belang about a protest against the GZM on 9-11 in Brussels:

Demonstration Against Ground Zero Mosque

On Saturday 11 September 2010, the organization “Cities Against Islamization” will hold a demonstration nearby the American embassy in Brussels to protest against the construction of an Islamic center and a mosque close to Ground Zero.

The demonstrators will unroll several banners and Vlaams Belang senator Filip Dewinter will hold a speech on this matter. Afterwards, a small delegation that is led by Senator Filip Dewinter and consists of Senator Jurgen Ceder, Member of the European Parliament Philip Claeys and Member of the Chamber of Representatives Gerolf Annemans, will hand over a letter to the American ambassador in which they express their concerns about the construction of the Islamic Center.

The demonstration starts at 11 am.

For more information, please contact Filip Dewinter on 0032475/26.13.23.

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3 thoughts on “Protest Against Ground Zero Mosque in Brussels

  1. For nine years now, some experts have told us, that terrorism have nothing to do with Islam. Today these experts tell us, that Koran burning in Florida will fuel terrorism. Could someone please explain to me how could Koran burning affect terrorism, if there is no connection between terrorism and Islam?

  2. Apparently they’ve just cancelled the Koran burning day in Florida. The congregation finally gave into the immense pressure from the Islam loving establishment.

    A very sad day indeed.

  3. deputat-yehu, That hit me in the funny bone.

    This most un-American of administrations; it leaps into action to stop the celebration of the burning of a book and, at the same time, champions the right to the celebration of the burning of the World Trade Center.

    How did we get so radicalized? I think we got used to it gradually.

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