Gates of Vienna News Feed 4/15/2010

Gates of Vienna News Feed 4/15/2010Iran is having difficulty obtaining gasoline as European companies, in anticipation of sanctions, have halted shipments. China, however, has stepped in to fill the gap and is shipping gasoline to Iran.

In other news, Syria has delivered accurate long-distance Scud missiles to Hezbollah, endangering major Israeli cities well away from the border with Lebanon.

Meanwhile, two Palestinians were executed after being accused of collaborating with Israel. Also, volcanic ash clouds from the eruption in Iceland have grounded air traffic across northern Europe.

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One thought on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 4/15/2010

  1. Barack Obama is bad news for israel ,and this is now slowly sinking in omong most Israelies ,even on the left side of Israeli politics .
    It seems possible that the middle east is now heading towards another cycle of war , and a much bigger one than the last two limited border shoot-outs.
    With Tyrkey now standing behind syria , anything is possible (exept for a pregnancy). Syria has just stopped being afraid of an israeli invasion of its territory, and has now supplied Hizbulla with enough weapons to be a strategic threat of its own .
    Barack Obama is not really relevant in this game , he won’t be capable of preventing a war ,he won’t play any role IN the war , and if war happens , he won’t be capable of preventing Israel from getting the supplies it need to win it either.
    Luckily Israel is in a good shape for whatever commes our way. The economy is going full speed ahead , and our military leadership is among the best we’we had in a generation. And most important of all, lots of young soldiers grew up knowing rockets can fall from the sky.

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