Turban and Swastika

Most readers of this blog are familiar with Haj Amin al-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, and the role he played during World War Two as an active and enthusiastic contributor to the cause of the Third Reich. The Mufti lived in Berlin during the war and met regularly with Hitler, Himmler, and other high-ranking Nazis. He also organized the Handschar Division of the SS, whose soldiers were recruited from among Bosnian Muslims and fought against Tito’s partisans in Yugoslavia.

None of this is unfamiliar to you or me, but the average Westerner has never heard of Haj Amin al-Husseini, nor has he any idea that a major Islamic religious figure collaborated eagerly with Hitler for the purpose of accomplishing the Final Solution — and all in the name of Allah.

A documentary about the life of Amin al-Husseini was recently broadcast in Germany. Thanks to a two-month effort by a dedicated team of volunteers, we can now present “Turban and Swastika” subtitled in English:

[Note: to see a larger version of the documentary, double-click on the video above]

For technical reasons, it was not possible to include credits with the video showing the names of the people who put this subtitled version together. To make up for this lack I have credited them below. If I forgot somebody, please let me know, and I’ll add them.
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The project was spearheaded by Vlad Tepes and Henrik Ræder Clausen. Vlad was the one recommended the video for subtitling and pushed to get the job done. He also created the first set of subtitles. These were edited and corrected by Henrik, who built the final version and uploaded it to Vimeo. Kitman did the initial capture of the film, and provided his technical expertise and assistance.

The original time-stamped German transcript was made by our German correspondent maggieTh. This was an enormous task, for which maggieTh deserves our gratitude.

JLH did the bulk translation into English, with later editing and revision done by Henrik in consultation with our Austrian correspondent Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff.

If I recall correctly, additional people were also involved in the later stages of revision, helping to fine-tune the translation and correcting the time-stamps, but I don’t remember exactly who participated. I will be glad to make corrections and append additional names to the people listed here.

Many thanks to all of you for a job well done.

Update: Some of the above text has been modified to make it more accurate. I may make more changes as other people from the project check in with me.

10 thoughts on “Turban and Swastika

  1. I had no idea the scope of the Mufti’s national socialist support, which I assumed was more subtle. All the politicking for Jewish extermination, the way he sent Bosnian kids to get their virgins? Such a nice smile for such a cold lying man.
    Needs a top quality voiceover for presentation to PBS, BBC, MSM, etc. Nice job guys, thanks.

  2. Just watched it — a really excellent film. Fascinating footage of Allenby entering Jerusalem, Hitler welcoming the mufti, the latter visiting Handschar Waffen SS troops, concentration camp scenes, etc. It ought to be shown on TV, and it ought to be available on DVD.

  3. Thanks Baron for posting this. I think it is no coincidence that this footage is so rarely seen in the West. As a student of history, I liked to think that I have seen almost all that has been available to public view here in the UK – but this is extremely rare and deserves a much wider audience.

    As Churchill once said, the victors write the history that serves them best – obviously it suited the Allies and their appetite for oil to avoid displaying footage such as this.

    Cynical – Moi?

    Many thanks.

  4. I was actually watching last night a documentary about this region and it dawned to me that Europe’s future is present day Kosovo! Before WW2 it was a Serb majority region, but the Nazis and other circumstances expelled some of them and after the war they were just a third and the Muslims outbred them and then they ethnically cleansed them – thing that is in the process right now. It’s funny that the peace keeping forces did nothing but watch 10% of the churches being destroyed as the Serb army pulled back and they just evacuated people, instead of doing their job.

    It’s also ironic that the West was sold blatant lies about what was happening.

  5. In hoc signo vinces


    Yellow journalism from one tabloid newspaper of the time –


    Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
    March 29 1999.

    Serb Special Police use Nazi tactics to enforce brutal rule.

    Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
    March 29 1999.

  6. 4Symbol, my question is… When what happened in Kosovo will start to happen across Europe, will the journalists say the same thing?

    I can see the headlines. The Royal Navy(I picked the only part of the British military that isn’t pussified) and Scotland Yard are enterprising Nazi like techniques in order to preserve the order disrupted by the Muslims, unhappy with being discriminated against – or whatever will pass through their heads.

  7. In hoc signo vinces


    Yes is the answer and the internet will be well and truly policed if things continue the way they are going, enjoy it while it lasts. 🙂

  8. The arab is smart. He is patient. They waited over 300 years. They have the oil money. Now they use a combination of planned terror to frighten and push the west back into its pre WWII days of appeasement (which is happening) as well as slowly creeping into the West in numbers and using our liberal based democractic systems that we have developed sinnce the depression era and more rapidly sinnce the 60s anti war movement – to eclipse our societies ans way of life. They have already gained more ground in they 30 years with out firing a shot (save for the random terror to keep all in check) than they previously did with war (in the 1600s). The new shoah is at ahnd whomever will not recongnize this and take action is doom to fall. http://macabeemchaikoch-thislandismyland.blogspot.com/

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