Diana West Interviewed on Russian Television

A Russian news program interviewed Diana West yesterday about Geert Wilders and the recent electoral success of the PVV. Faced with a somewhat antagonistic interviewer, she presented her opinions with precision and eloquence, and in doing so provided a valuable service to the Counterjihad:

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12 thoughts on “Diana West Interviewed on Russian Television

  1. Diana West sure did a nice job of keeping her focus while responding thoughtfully and articulately in this interview. Kudos.

    We’ve got a long battle ahead here in the states. How do you awaken a population that voted for an Obama, and bring them to understand the challenges we face? With communicators like Diana we’ve got a chance of at least awakening the intelligent if they get to hear the message.

  2. @Paul
    Yeah, she did a good job explaining things. The reporter only came up with some standard questions and replies wich show some p.c. influence. But that is okay, people who are aware, see through this p.c. bs and are made stronger in their analysis of current problems. One might even think this is a way of activating people to vote wisely, as we can see in the Netherlands. So much facepalming rethoric being shown in the last years, it almost seems a deliberate tactic somehow. Not actually believing this, but it might be a way of trying to solve what their older fellow leftist believers have created.

  3. Russia Today (or, as they prefer to be called now, RT) has had some great interviews with Srdja Trifkovic concerning Serbia. Don’t discount them entirely based on this one idiot interviewer.

  4. It irks me to pieces to have to watch someone as intellectually ordained as Diana West have to explain the obvious to ignorant, contriving juvenile minds.
    Good goin’ Diana! And Thank You so very much.

  5. What I don’t get is why, as boru said, “someone as intellectually ordained as Diana West”(to be honest I have no idea if she is, I’m just going along with this claim) can’t seem to grasp the truly obvious. It’s a failure of many intellectuals, both pro and anti Wilders, so she’s not alone in this.
    There really is no reason to accept the notion that Wilders is full of contradictions, i.e. defending free speech yet wanting to ban the quran. The contradictions only exist if you don’t listen to what Wilders actually says. When asked about Wilders’ supposed contradictory…nature, for lack of a better word… Diana West should simply have said: “Well, Ms. Presenter, do you believe that freedom of speech includes the right for me to go out and encourage people to kill you or cause you bodily harm? Well, Wilders believes that islam is a violent, repressive, racist/discriminatory ideology and that the quran incites hatred and violence”. Diana West instead waffles on about having to “…examine the policies propagated by islam…” which is irrelevant in this context, what matters is Wilders’ beliefs, not what islam is or isn’t.
    Like I wrote up top, it’s a problem many intellectuals suffer from. For some reason Wilders’ own beliefs are left in the dirt whenever Wilders’ “hypocrisy” is discussed, and that goes for both supporters and detractors, and I think that’s a mistake.


  6. laller, the US Constitution protects free speech, yet I doubt it protects a US soldier giving the positions of the US army out to the enemy to be taken out. Isn’t it his free speech? And as long as Mein Kempf was banned or other hate promoting books, I don’t see why the Qu’ran can’t be banned.

    But in the end, it’s simple. I really don’t get why I should like and facilitate being displaced in my own country. In the end – this is what it is about. I wonder if all these people who care only about the culture – why do they care about it? They want to not go out with a bang, but a slow circling of the drain until they are extinct? Who cares what culture the displacers will have? It’s simple – a Muslim can’t be Dutch or American. One can’t be a good Muslim and a good American in the same time.

  7. In hoc signo vinces

    This was well articulated remember Diana West is in two conversations both responding to the presenters questions while at the same time informing the audience.

    Diana West done both superbly with clear English, catch the 3i’s –


    Get that into peoples minds and its almost game over.

  8. Diana West delivers a passionate, yet reasoned argument that delivers all the great talking points.
    ‘Western Liberty vs Islamic Repression’ and her cool dissection of the interviewer’s opinion that Freedom of Speech should include tolerating the intolerant.
    Brilliant interview, I’ll cross post and link to the intelligent and articulate Diane West interview next time I’m confronted with the same limited intellect of the leftist multi-cult apologist.

  9. Ugh. For some reason that reporter with the Herpes sore really got under my skin. She is the epitome of her demographic who spit out the same smug retorts. No wonder so many men go oversea to find a bride. Not enough Diana West’s. I would also be curious to know who watches this news program? American Russophiles? I cant imagine many Russian’s watch an english language Russian news channel? It would be like Americans watching an American news program in German. Weird.

  10. The point of an English speaking Russian sponsored news channel is to propagandize English speakers, just as there’s an English version of Al Jazeera (staffed by at least two previous Canadian Broadcasting Company employees which gives you and idea of how far left the CBC is when the Saudis recruit for staff there).

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