The Führer and “His” Prophet

JLH has translated an article about the deep affiliation between German National Socialism and Islam, and especially the Nazi regime’s relationship with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. The translator includes this note:

I’ve added a reference to “The Turban and the Swastika” because this “leftish Islam-critical” writer gives examples and opinions as if he is in a bubble and believes that others know even less than what he has learned just by observing. For the seriously interested (and possibly those who can be entertained by a visual presentation) the video is more substantial stuff, and it seems like a good idea to advertise it while it is still available.

The translated article from Citizen Times:

The Führer and “His” Prophet

By Dr. Daniel Krause
January 30, 2014

On the 80th anniversary of Adolf Hitler’s taking power, it is important to remember the cooperation between National Socialism and radical Islam.

81 Years ago today, Adolf Hitler seized power in Germany. No other German head of state has been a greater Islam booster than he. “Christianity is vapid,” he contemptuously gave his opinion of the “well-meaning” Protestants and Catholics. His wish for an alternative: “If only we had chosen Mohammedanism instead, the doctrine which teaches the reward of heroism. To the warrior alone belongs seventh heaven!” And Heinrich Himmler agreed, adding that Islam was “very similar” to the philosophy of National Socialism.

And in Islam, too, there was some enthusiasm for the new, pompous German leader. “The friendship and cooperation between Muslims and Germans after the takeover by the National Socialists has become much stronger, because National Socialism’s philosophy is in many ways parallel to Islam.” This praise comes from Grand Mufti Amin al-Husseini, summing up his speech in Babelsberg in 1943. The author Zvonimir Bernwald dedicated a long chapter to this close friend of Himmler in his book, Muslims in the Waffen-SS Numerous speeches of al-Husseini are documented there, excerpts from which show the ideological proximity of political Islam and National Socialism:

“Germany is battling Judaism, the hereditary enemy of Islam. In the conflict with Judaism, Islam and National Socialism have grown very close. The battle against the enemies of Islam who have offended against the Muslims and set the march of world Jewry in motion is an obligation for every Muslim. […] Muslims, who have to endure harsh attacks and oppressions by their enemies, will never have a better ally than the Greater German Reich. But also, among all its friends, National Socialist Germany will never have a better and more faithful partner than the Muslims.”

Hitler’s coup gave an immense lift to the bloodthirsty tendencies within Islam. Then as now, they derived their anti-Semitism from the Koran. In it, the Prophet Mohammed commanded them to be wary of the Jews and — depending on the situation — to fight against them. With that, we come to the byword “battle” — a key concept in National Socialism as in parts of the Koran. Bernwald confirms in his book that “Heinrich Himmler had a gushing enthusiasm for the loyalty and bravery of the Bosnian Muslims in the army of the First World War.” With reference to diverse Koran passages, among others Sura 2, Verses 154 and 216, Grand Mufti al-Husseini, too, came to an unmistakable conclusion:

“Battle is one of the chief commandments of Islam. Every Muslim regards battle as the crowning of his deeds in service of his faith. Numerous verses of the Koran order Muslims into battle and to the sacrifice of property and blood for their ideas. Battle in this sense has no boundaries of age and gender. Everyone who has the strength and opportunity must fight. […] These statements shall in general emphasize the contact points between Islam an National Socialism and help to bring the religious spirit of Muslims closer to the German people.”

So it is not surprising that countless Muslims volunteered (!) to serve in the Waffen-SS. While Himmler was having innocent Jews tortured to death in concentration camps, he simultaneously made sure that as many Muslims as possible achieved bloodthirsty positions. Entire southern European divisions consisted largely of Muslims who revered Hitler as they did Allah. Bernwald himself served as an interpreter on the staff of the “Handzar” division, in which 15,000 Bosnian Muslims performed their gory duty. On visiting this division, the Grand Mufti nearly burst with joy:

“I spent three beautiful days with your division, which reminded me of my own life as a soldier in the previous world war. I found among you that life of manliness, fighting spirit and spirit of sacrifice as it is required of all by Islam. Your military training was as well-ordered as the arrangements for prayer. So long as you follow the principles of Islam, they will make you the best champions for your homeland, your religion and your very life. Your duty is not only to lead your comrades in prayer and religion, but also to strengthen in them that moral attitude which Islam requires of Muslims and makes them courageous soldiers who defy death in order to achieve a free life.”

81 Years After Hitler’s Coup, a Monitory Remembrance is Imperative

On this occasion, we should remember the unspeakable cooperation between National Socialism and portions of Islam. Then, as now, many Muslims perceived their religion not only as a spiritual faith, but as an imperative political ideology. And precisely in this aspect, Islam demonstrates totalitarian and anti-Semitic elements similar to those of National Socialism. Unfortunately, in current commemorative events, this is politically correctly swept under the rug. Yet the affinity of some Muslims for Adolf Hitler even today is unmistakable.

Last summer, I visited my good friend, Frank Berghaus — longtime proprietor of wissenbloggt — in his homeland, Tunisia. Day after day there I experienced the continuing affinity of many Muslims for probably the greatest war criminal of modern times. “Heil Hitler” my taxi drivers greeted me as I got, in after they had happily identified me as a German. This was so unpleasant for me that after a week I began to identify myself as Dutch.

But I cannot just use personal experiences. Objective studies also establish the ongoing anti-Semitism among Muslims, actually with reference to Germany. Think of the conclusions of the study, The World of German-Turkish Life and Values. As they were by National Socialism in the 1930s, Jews today are threatened on the street by Muslims. I have shown this by examples as well as anecdotally supported statistics in “Jewish Chatter among German Muslims.” And as National Socialism once did, Islamism has found its supporters in the middle of German society. Specifically, in the cited article, I warned about the Cologne teacher (!) Walter Herrmann, who, horrifyingly, was awarded the Aachen Peace Prize for his dangerous involvement. Passersby of Arab lineage regularly enjoy his Israel-hostile wailing wall. I have also noticed the occasional Hitler salute from them.

On the anniversary of Hitler’s coup, Muslim organizations should distance themselves from National Socialist thinking. Naturally, not all the groups in Islam are tied to National Socialism, but so too were not all Germans Nazis. So if we Germans once again distance ourselves from Hitler, then Muslims should also do that. Unfortunately there is an insufficient willingness to do that. Instead, some Muslim representatives perfidiously try to manipulate a day of remembrance like today to give us Germans a guilty conscience for our alleged “Islamophobia.”

There are many things to warn against on the 80th anniversary of Hitler’s coup. Each person can form a personal opinion about whether our politically correct elite has its priorities straight.

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Dr. Daniel Krause is a sociologist and teacher in North Rhine-Westphalia. His publications tend toward religious criticism. He became known through his left-liberal Islamic criticism as well as his successful law suit again the state NRW. In 2013, his book appeared: As a Leftist against Islamism: A Gay Teacher Shows Courage.

* Translator’s note: Anyone interested in more extensive information on the long and close collaboration of al-Husseini with the Nazis, may find it in the Nazi documentary video translated into English and sub-titled by an ICLA team:

The full credits for the subtitled version may be read here.

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  1. What this article does not point out is that Haj Amin was the founder of Fatah, the political entity behind the PLO/PA/PNA and that Arafat (el Husseini) and Abbas were both ‘Lieutenants’ of Haj Amin.

    Thus is the nature of ‘Palestinian’ Islamofascism establish in a direct line from Nazi Germany.

    The hypocrisy of the ‘left’ support for ‘Palestinians’ needs to be emphasized….

    see the video here (not for the feint hearted)

    • Thank you for mentioning the video at Vimeo. I just watched it. I recommend it for everyone who wants to know what is really going on in the world today, as really nothing has changed since then, I also went to the website that is listed below the video. It is in Spanish, but there is an English link. This video backs up an older article that the JPost had a few years back when I first learned of the Hitler – Muslim link.

  2. Be careful not to make him the Evil White Man Rorschach.

    Hitler would have almost certainly objected to Halal, muslim circumcision and cruelty to dogs. He would have most certainly objected to race replacement in Europe originating from Turkey, Algeria, Pakistan.

    Any alliance with Arabs was opportunistic and predicated on the presence of British imperial control in the ME and Russian domination of the Caucuses (Muslim).

    • British imperial control of the ME?
      Russian domination of the Caucasus?
      Not if Germany was at war with both.
      I would argue that any alliance with the Arabs was, perhaps, opportunistic. Ideologically, you couldn’t find two closer entities than the Ummah and Nazi Germany.

      • Al Banna, founder of the Muslim Brotherhood ‘adopted’ the Nazi cause in the early thirties, he had Mien Kampf translated into Arabic as well as “the protocols”.

        Nazi aims and MB aims were both of world domination under a Caliph/Fuhrer and all means to achieve these ends were justified.

        Qutb continued the meme of extermination of the Jews through the fifties, according to Qutb the “Jews are the source of all evil”, a meme that has now spread across Europe and the Americas.

      • The problem with that is Jinna in Pakistan (proto Pakistan anyway) supporting British war effort against the Japanese and Germans. Pakistan is essentially a theocratic Islamic state.

        A lot of the info listed about Bosnia can be explained by the Bosnian-Serb conflict that predates Nazis. It then becomes hard to explain the Catholic Croat element of the Waffen SS and the Police SS in the Balkans. If anything the Bosnians and Croats were simlpy anti Serb and anti Orthodox. Again, Germany exploited this opportunistically.

        One more wrinkle. A substantial number of Pakistanis who settled in the UK have relatives who served in ww2 fighting the axis.

        The article attempts to make these issues “clearer than day”. For example the Libyan were very good allies of British forces in North Africa. The Egyptians were hostiles. Muslim troops under Free French command from chad, Mali, Senegal were very good anti Axis troops.

        Some attention should be paid to what actually happened.

        The Turks were relatively friendly to the allies for example.

  3. The Tower of Babel

    “This praise comes from Grand Mufti Amin al-Husseini, summing up his speech in Babelsberg in 1943.” (From the above text)

    Quite interesting to notice the name Babelsberg in this context.

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