Polygamy, Incest, and Pedophilia in Sønderborg

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Our Danish correspondent Signe has translated an article from Thursday’s TV2 News about a sordid cultural enrichment case in Sønderborg, which is a sleepy provincial town in South Jutland at the foot of Dybbøl Banke, where the great battle of 1864 took place.

The battle taking place today is of a different sort, and is occurring in a polygamous household of Muslim immigrants:

Sex case: Had two wives and eleven children

An Egyptian man, who lived in Sønderborg with his two wives and a total of eleven children, is now being held in custody for abusing several of his children.

As far back as 2003 the Sønderborg Kommune received warnings that the man committed violence and sexual assaults on several of his children. However, in spite of a range of approaches, the municipality took no action until recently.

One of the two wives, Dorthe, has now come forward and told TV 2 News about living with violence and threats over a period of more than ten years.

“The last ten years have to a high degree been influenced by violence and threats and incest against two of my girls,” says Dorthe, who does not want her surname revealed.

Cannot make a statement

After the wedding, in 1993 Dorthe moved with her husband into a farmhouse that was already inhabited by a German Muslim woman. They lived separately as two families, but over the years it became clear that the husband lived with both of the women.

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“I don’t have the option of making a statement in the concrete case, but what I wish to say very clearly is that when we receive notifications, it is often a serious case. And then it is our duty to take action and look into the matter,” says Jette Østergaard, head of the Children and Education Division in Sønderborg Kommune.

Turned over to the Attorney General

Police lawyers have assessed that the case is serious enough to warrant at least four years of prison time. As such the case files have been turned over to the Attorney General in Sønderborg.

“Of course such a case only comes before us from the Police when they assess that it is grave enough to go before a jury,” says Attorney General Jan Reckendorff to JydskeVestkysten (www.jv.dk).

It is not known when the Attorney General will finish his assessment of the case.

Thanks to Henrik Ræder Clausen for the background on Sønderborg.

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3 thoughts on “Polygamy, Incest, and Pedophilia in Sønderborg

  1. This will of cause cost the poor bloody Danish taxpayer thousands of krone over the next few years keeping the pervert in prison and paying for his progeny.

  2. The perfect storm.

    Bring Muslims in, then they have lots of children to support them and their multiple wives, using the welfare state to take over Dar all Harb for Islam.

    While at the same time, destroying indigenous families and the downward spiral of Western Culture and Civilization…with the same welfare state.

  3. After a while, there’s a genuine temptation to just throw up … one’s hands, that is … and toss in the towel after hearing of case after case literally identical to this one.

    It’s no great reach to believe that Islamic practices are intentionally calibrated in their barbarity to simultaneously appall and eventually inure bystanders so that they become accustomed to both Muslim-on-Muslim violence and the accompanying predation upon host cultures that always ensues.

    Like the death of a thousand paper cuts, it always skirts the threshold of tolerance and deniability whilst nibbling away at the dignity and values of those who must bear witness to it. Only its most extreme manifestations can summon forth actual outrage and such incidents are purposefully staggered in their intervals to avoid any accumulation of well deserved wrath. Instead, they merely bleed out any indignation or anger with a steady stream of victimhood and false accusations of discrimination.

    This “frog-in-the-pot” style of acclimation is symptomatic of less overt Muslim strategies in general and they are helped along by the deceitful handmaidens of kitman and taqiyya. Perpetually denied, this savagery is proclaimed by Muslims to be an exception to Islam’s supposed “peace” when, in reality, it is a constant and recurrent theme throughout dar al Islam.

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