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From snowy Finland, this is an enricher vs. enricher incident, evidently a little argument over turf in the pizza and kebab business — and settled, as usual, with knives and steel pipes.

According to YLE:

Finland: Lappeenranta Pizzeria Staff in Gang Fight

A dispute between two Turkish kebab-pizzeria owners in the eastern Finnish city of Lappeenranta erupted into a gang fight early Thursday, sending a number of participants to hospital — where the fighting continued.

The men involved in the altercation were armed with knives, baseball bats and steel pipes.

Around 4 am, more than 10 men of Kurdish background attacked the owner and staff of a kebab-pizzeria in central Lappeenranta, who had just left the premises. A dozen participants were injured. Two were seriously injured, including the proprietor who received stab wounds and another who has a head injury.

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Some were taken to South Karelia Central Hospital, where hostilities between the Kurds and the other Turks resumed.

South Karelia police have detained five participants, who may face charges including attempted murder and aggravated assault. Some of those involved are not residents of Lappeenranta, which lies close to the Russian border.

The chain of events apparently began with a verbal dispute on Wednesday afternoon between two pizzeria entrepreneurs — sparked by one man’s plans to expand operations near the other’s business.

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