The Natives Are Restless

In this case, when I say “natives”, I mean “the indigenous Dutch-speaking people of the Netherlands.” Or, if you prefer to say it Swedish-style, “persons of Dutch background”.

The PvdA (Labour Party) is being squeezed from two sides. From one side the party feels the pressure brought on by the undeniable electoral success of Geert Wilders and the PVV. On the other side, the immigrants are taking control of local party chapters in the major cities of the Netherlands.

Where will these uneasy PvdA stalwarts go when they eventually jump ship? To the CDA? GreenLeft? Surely not the VVD?

How about the PVV?

According to NIS News:

Unrest Within PvdA on Immigrants Taking Over

ENSCHEDE, 06/03/10 — Immigrant voters provided important support for Labour (PvdA) in Wednesday’s local elections, but this support is now causing unrest among PvdA council members who are losing their jobs to immigrant candidates.

The majority of immigrants voted for the PvdA. They generally choose a compatriot. As a result, Turkish and Moroccan candidates put at unelectable levels on the party candidate lists were nonetheless elected in Wednesday’s elections. Thanks to a large number of preference votes from compatriots, they elbowed aside the white candidates above them on the lists.

This has given rise to turmoil within the PvdA. “We have become the Party for the Immigrants” rather than the Party for Labour, said Andre Boersma bluntly (in Dutch: Partij van de Allochtonen and Partij van de Arbeid, both PvdA in short). Boersma was a PvdA council member in Enschede, but now has to leave.

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The social democrats won 9 seats in Enschede on Wednesday, of which four will be filled by immigrants that were low down on the election list, but climbed spectacularly thanks to preference votes. Of these four, only one, Shridath Salikram, has council experience. Preference votes also put him on the municipal council four years ago.

The same scenario is playing out in Helmond. Peter van Stiphout, Mirjam van der Pijl, Stijn Smeulders and Roy Boermeester have been elbowed out by Muslims: Nacati Kaygisiz, Abdel Tijani, Karim Ajouaou and Mohammed Chahim.

In Helmond, five out of the six PvdA council members will now be of immigrant origin, Eindhovens Dagblad newspaper reported. The biggest surprise is number 21 on the list, Nacati Kaygisiz, a policeman of Moroccan origin.

The local PvdA leader is also an immigrant, Seyit Yeyden, but he is not happy with this development. “Let’s face it: it is not a good mix this way. A number of outstanding candidates have now been elbowed out. We also have no woman in the party. But still, the voter decides.”

Hat tip: C. Cantoni.

10 thoughts on “The Natives Are Restless

  1. The Dutch Left was not expecting this? They were under the delusion that Muslims could be controlled for the benefit of the Left?

  2. Yes, actually they were. They honestly, truly, and deeply thought that these barbarians could be used as tools and then would know their place after.

    Yet another example of the law of unintended consequences. They forgot, that this was their home too. They forgot that they were the native people too. When the invaders come, they had no concept they would be displaced too.

    I will, and in quite an evil fashion, as good men would never enjoy this (but then, I can’t really be a good man and survive anymore, thanks to their kind) watching as more and more of them are raped and killed over time, both on this side of the pond, and that side. It such a cruel and delicious irony when the cold fist of reality smashes them like the fist of an angry god, and reminds them we ALL reap what we sow.

  3. Basically, after white people got stupidly brainwashed into voting for people outside their ethnic group, the left expects OTHER ethnicities to do the same? Shoking. I actually think that these immigrants are sane and doing what every ethnic group should do – promote it’s interests. But that’s evil, oppressive and downright racist if you have a certain skill decoloration. 😛

  4. BOOM.

    That might well tear the socialist party asunder.

    Diversity is celebrated as long as the old party apparatchiks have their chairs secure. Now that the imported voters have thrown them out, the mood surely changes. No more fuzzy warm feelings about multiculturalism, but bitterness.

    I expect some wing of the party to detach from it and switch to some variant of national socialism to appeal to the native worker class.

  5. Maria – CZ is spot on.
    The apparatchiks will fight to protect their jobs until the last drop of blood.
    Expect many of them to move to the real xenophobe right as soon as is politically possible.

    And expect many leftist apparatchiks in the rest of Europe to take note of this development.

  6. This is an amusing, if not unexpected, development for Lefty type parties. But I wouldn’t expect the lefty apparatchiks in Europe to wise up anytime soon. Ideology trumps all for these people, it’s hard to abandon decades of indoctrination. They’ll probably blame it on Bush, Fox News and/or right wing extremists.

  7. Remember the Norwegian cabinet minister who fully expected to be replaced and opined that if we are good to the Muslims then they will be good to us when (not if) they take over?

    What an ignoramus of Islam’s history and even current events!

    How’s that milk of Islamic human kindness working out for the few straggling Coptic Christians in Egypt who have been reduced to garbage men (using pigs) or any non-Muslim minority persecuted in all Muslim countries?

  8. Who can ask for Islamic law better than the Islamic officials ~ the PvdA has played with the Shari’a fire now it seems it is getting burnt.

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