Muslims Targeting Jews in Norway

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A reader in Norway sends this brief summary about culturally enriched attacks on Jews in his country:

Today there is a very interesting article in a Norwegian newspaper regarding the growing hatred towards Jews in Norway by the Muslim population (or, I would say, growing visibility of it; the hatred has always been there since they arrived, but now they are numerous enough to dare to show it).

The article is in Norwegian, and it also includes interviews with a Jewish man who lives with his family in Oslo, and another interview with a Jewish man in Malmö in Sweden.

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The Norwegian man tells about how his son was stopped and grabbed on the street by a group of Muslims, where they asked him if he was Jew. When he said yes, they said they would hang him in the forest. Luckily, the Jew somehow managed to get loose and run away.

The Jews are a very anonymous group in Norway. I have never heard a single bad word about them; they have never done anything bad here at all. The ungrateful Muslims have a lot to learn from the Jews.

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One thought on “Muslims Targeting Jews in Norway

  1. I love the expression “cultural enrichment” in the context of the wrongdoings perpetrated by immigrants in the West. It nullifies all the media commonplaces when one compares the real facts of life with PC idealistic babble.
    I like equally the irony of the expression “misunderstanders of Islam” on Jihadwatch. They have articles with titles such us “Misunderstanders of Islam plan mass genocide” or “Newly convert misunderstands Islam, wants to behead infidels”.

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