Eurabia Arrives in Sweden

Tundra Tabloids has posted an excellent article from The Wall Street Journal about the Swedish city of Malmö and its notorious mayor, Ilmar Reepalu, who suggested that anti-Semitism in his city — which comes overwhelmingly from the city’s immigrant Muslim population — is the Jews’ own fault. Concerning Mr. Reepalu and the Social Democrats, KGS says:

Please be reminded that this is the party that stands in judgement of the Sweden Democrats, a philo-Semitic, pro-Israel party that has stood time and again — even though it costs them precious votes — on the side of Israel, and the Jews. The SPD, and the other parties currently in government corrupted by their influence, are locked in a downward spiral of denial, and only in instances such as these, do their true colors come out for all to see, and it isn’t pretty.

Below are some excerpts from “Eurabia Is a Place in Sweden” by Daniel Schwammenthal:

In this city — just across a narrow stretch of water that separates Sweden from Denmark — what has been called “Eurabia” is slowly becoming reality. Roughly 20% of Malmö’s 290,000 residents are of Muslim, mostly Arab, origin. Their widespread hatred of Israel together with traditional Swedish anti-Zionism — the result of the left’s ideological supremacy here — form an explosive cocktail.

Screaming “Sieg Heil” and “Hitler, Hitler,” a mostly Muslim mob threw bottles and stones at a small group of Jews peacefully demonstrating for Israel at this town’s central square last year. Worshipers on their way to synagogue and Jewish kids in schools are routinely accosted as “Dirty Jews.” Last year’s Davis Cup tennis match against Israel, which pro-Palestinian activists had sought to cancel, was held behind closed doors. The official reason was to avoid disruption by anti-Israeli protesters. But roughly 6,000 of them clashed with the police during the event anyway. Notwithstanding the official explanation, the closed-door match left the impression that Israel is a pariah state that needs to be quarantined. Not surprisingly, Malmö’s small Jewish community of roughly 700 is getting smaller as families leave town.

Faced with these attacks on the city’s Jewish population, Malmö’s mayor, Ilmar Reepalu, seems curiously unperturbed by, if not sympathetic to, the attackers. Asked to condemn anti-Semitism in his city, the Social Democrat suggested in a January interview to Skånska Dagbladet — published on International Holocaust Memorial Day, no less — that it’s partly the Jews’ own fault. Their crime? They didn’t “distance” themselves from Israel and the Gaza war. “The community chose to hold a pro-Israel demonstration,” Mr. Reepalu said, a move that “may convey the wrong message.” Besides, Zionism is just as bad as anti-Semitism, the mayor added. Both are “extremists who want to set themselves over other groups.”

– – – – – – – –

In an interview last week, the mayor tells me that Skånska Dagbladet didn’t quote him in his entirety. Mr. Reepalu didn’t mean to criticize Zionism as such, he says, but what he called “revisionist” Zionism, which has led to the “occupation of territory.”

But even if this were true, I asked, why did he find it necessary to attack Israel when he had simply been urged to oppose anti-Semitism?


Mr. Reepalu’s suggested solution for Europe’s Jews is a sort of post-Christian baptism. If conversion to Christianity was the ticket out of the ghetto in earlier times, conversion to Israel-bashing may do the trick today. If Jews “distance” themselves from the Jewish state, they will be safe, maybe even accepted in polite company. This would truly be a Eurabian night falling on the Continent.

Read the rest at Tundra Tabloids.

5 thoughts on “Eurabia Arrives in Sweden

  1. I think the numbers are way too low. I believe it’s around 40% mahoundians in Malmö today so Eurabia is a fact. Soon they will break loose and form a small islamic republic.

  2. Sweden wanted to show those Israeli’s the appropriate way to deal with their own imported Gaza Strip.

    Cant wait for the rocket attacks from Malmo on surrounding areas.

  3. I hate muzzies: “Break loose [in small republics]”, or “take over Sweden”. That’s a question where many people — including me, until …you now now forced me to think — has presumed that we will initially have Muslim enclaves.

    But Muslims may have another strategy.

    There’s a “Muslim council” in Rosengård in Malmö, which decides legal issues in family matters. I think you can say it’s a sharia court. The chairman of this Muslim council, Adly Abu Hajar — also a politician in Swedens second largest party, Moderaterna (a political party who has an islamist on its candidate list for Swedish parliament) –, said in a Muslim publication that Sweden is the best Muslim Country to immigrate in. (See this here.)

    In an interview in a local paper recently Aby Hajar said Swedish laws are islamic laws because Sweden is a Muslim country (maybe a portion of taqiyya here), and that Muslims shall follow current Swedish laws until they are legally changed.

    In this respect Islam may be a dialectical ideology, not unlike socialism. But that should only apply to methods, not goal. (And I also think that there may be situations where the Muslim strategy changes and becomes to over-rule Swedish legal principles, if that creates a permanent change where Islam grips power. In any case, they strive for domination.)

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