Gates of Vienna News Feed 3/8/2010

Gates of Vienna News Feed 3/8/2010Unusually cold weather continues to plague southern Europe. Regions of France that abut the Pyrenees — not just higher altitudes, but the lowlands as well — experienced record snowfalls of 25-40 cm (10-16 inches). Across the Pyrenees in Catalonia heavy snow also fell, and temperatures plunged well below freezing.

In other news, EU financial officials continue to speak optimistically about the Greek situation, even though the situation has deteriorated, as Athens faces a wave of new strikes.

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3 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 3/8/2010

  1. Have you heard about Glenn Beck calling Geert Wilders “far right” and “fascist” and his comment that Europeans are either communists or fascists nowadays?

    I think we should re-open the discussion about the essential role of the United States in the Western suicide. Yes, the Multicultural Empire should fall, along with the Trotskyst Monstrosity (EU) and Big Brother’s Military Branch (NATO).

    Afonso, where art thou?

  2. Western suicide has its roots in the 1960 when many people were looking for spiritual roots. Seeking ones ethnic identity became fashionable. Secular society and values were considered shallow. Philosophy just confirmed the impression of many that secular philosophy had no answers, no solutions and not even any questions (any relevant questions). It was natural for western people to seek religious values. And that is what people thought was happening with Muslims in their awakening fundamentalism. No one suspected that there was a qualitative difference between a Muslim seeks his spiritual roots in jihad and a Christian seeking his roots in a monastery of a yeshiva student seeking his roots in the Talmud.
    (or people seeking meaning in eastern religions)
    That naivety has come back to haunt us.
    Personally I think this was a failure of philosophy to address any issues with any logical rigor. This was like the south after the civil war. The area was open to all types of charlatans
    —I also think there was a failure of the church. At least in the middle ages there were some serious thinkers. Nowadays Christians have their choice of TV evangelicals or other shallow choices.(OK I admit the Vatican did some good hard thinking in Vatican II.—but no one is around or has been that can compete with Thomas Aquinas)if anyone was around in the western world that was able to do any hard thinking at all—people would not have been fooled by Islam

  3. Armance,

    Yes, and it is ridiculous. There should be a post about it and people should be encouraged to contact Beck. He is most likely simply ignorant. American news almost never reports on Europe and when they do it is terrible.

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