6 thoughts on ““I Hate the Israelis, So I Hate the Jews”

  1. Wow, I can never get used to hearing staments like this. It is a stark reminder of what is out there today. It’s sad to think that this is a common outlook, but it is a fact that this is the case.

  2. I could say something very uncharitible here but for my remembrence that high schoolers read this blog.
    Really, this is a “judge for yourself” moment.

  3. When a Dutch contact of mine sent me this clip I was reluctant at first to deal with it. My first instinct was to treat it like some teen punks showing off for a camera and why give them the status of posting the video of them acting tough on sites where it may garner some attention.

    But the fact is, these are not rude kids who will likely grow up and regret stupid things they said or believed. They are the thin edge of the wedge. This is the developing new orthodoxy. It will have to be fought and each day of delay raises the methods required.

  4. Vladtepesblog.com: This is the developing new orthodoxy. It will have to be fought and each day of delay raises the methods required.

    It seems that very few people comprehend or are even willing to admit how the “methods required” are already very drastic and, through continued deferment, can only evolve into something really horrific.

    More than likely, most Muslims−especially young Lions of Islam™, like those little weasel thugs in the video−are going to be truly astonished at how their own ghoulish fantasies of slaughter will pale in comparison to what they eventually make necessary for the civilized world to survive.

    Sickest of all is how so very few Muslims perceive this likelyhood or even feel the slightest apprehension at the way Isalm is painting dar-al-harb into a nuclear coffin corner.

  5. I’m afraid the civilized world is too “civilized” to survive anymore, or even to make a feeble attempt at resistance, never mind “nuclear coffin corner.” We have lost the will to stand up and fight for what is right. I hope I’m wrong.

  6. churi1001: I hope I’m wrong.

    You probably are. However great Islam’s historical death toll may be, Muslims are raw beginners in terms of mechanized warfare. Were this not true, Israel would have ceased to exist decades ago.

    Western civilization−and to a more limited extent, Russia−are the only regions with sufficient exposure to evolved warfare. China, India, and other major players, including Russia, have largely ridden on the coattails of European and American military developments.

    Despite all its bluster and saber rattling, the MME (Muslim Middle East), is the poster child for military incompetence. Once a sufficient number of people are crowded into a tight enough corner, the West will unleash its customary war machine and those Muslims that survive will wonder how it was that they ever believed the spittle flecked rantings of their jihadist clerics.

    Among the most cursed names of all will be that of Osama bin Laden. History will likely mark the 9-11 atrocity as Islam’s death knell.

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