Back From Sabbatical

I go away for one day and look what happens — empty wine bottles all over the kitchen, cigarette burns on the carpet, a passed-out teenager sleeping in the bathtub…

Dymphna held the fort manfully while I was gone, and is now taking a well-deserved rest. It’ll take me a little while to catch up. Do y’all realize how much email you send me in just 24 hours?

In the meantime, ponder this: some wag recently came up with “thatchers” as a a new euphemism for “manly equipment”, presumably in honor of Lady Thatcher.

So I’ll take this opportunity to say that Geert Wilders has more thatchers than Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, David Cameron, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama combined.

[nothing more just yet]

9 thoughts on “Back From Sabbatical

  1. BB: The empty wine bottles would be mine. At least one of them.

    Welcome back. I suppose you just need five hours to read your emails?

  2. Fjordman —

    Thank you. Yes, I think reading my email usually takes about 5-6 hours a day. I may have to skip some of today’s tips because I am so far behind.

  3. Wonderfully put Natalie.
    Your comment was so classy and… I just wish I could make one of those 😉

    Let me atempt so and purpose a Russian theme: Why not a multiculturally sounded Smirnoff party?
    Russian and multicultural enough (pardon me but I only discovered it now).


    And because you mentioned alcohol and I am such a pain in the ass, I could not leave myself out of it. So I will leave you a good old Southwestern European Tradition, very Hispanic.
    Just see what the man has to breakfast and skip the rest because all the rest is just a consequence of it.

    Meanwhile, they call it “soup of tired horse” and it ceased to be popular in the 70s. As the very own name indicates, it was used to everything: from strenghtening tired horses to animate children so that they could perform their tasks as working children like true men.

  4. Natalie–

    The Baron didn’t notice the vodka bottles ‘cuz we threw them into the woods. I’ll blame it on the hunters…

    We were real waycists and drank White Russians until the sun came up…

    believe it or not, the son of one of our readers referred to the White Russians and the whole class, including the teacher, thought he was making a racist statement. He had to do the research to prove to them the existence of the W.R.s

    It’s enough to give one a p.c. headache.

  5. Afonso–

    They used booze in Merrie Olde Englande for the same reason.

    Also because who could drink the water back then?

    I like the term “Tired Horse Soup”. It would be fun to make up an alcholic “beverage”, maybe starting with vinho verde and some kind of fermented fruit…

  6. Tinto, Dymphna, this vinho is tinto (red)…

    And me thinking that people North of the Pyrenees were more Civilised than that… a Tradition that I do not miss much, I must tell you.

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