“Day of Shame”

This editorial below appeared in Denmark’s biggest newspaper Jyllands-Posten. JP certainly has the credibility to speak to this issue, given its determination to print the Motoons despite all the threats to its editor and the cartoonists.

There is probably not another MSM outlet in existence that is willing to be so outspoken. We need hundreds more like it. Instead we have hanging ’round our necks the albatross of Big Media, with its slants and silences.


Great Britain has, with its rejection of the Dutch politician Geert Wilders, marked a new low in Western democracy’s pathetic genuflection to the forces who in the name of religion replace arguments with violence, vandalism, and threats.

It is embarrassing beyond imagination.

Geert Wilders is a controversial politician, but that should not be a problem in a society where the people in a democratic way elect their leaders. On the contrary sharply formulated standpoints are the premise of a healthy and lively democracy.

No matter how much opposition or outright repulsion the politically correct establishment of Great Britain feels towards Geert Wilders, it can never be a valid reason for this violation of the rules of diplomacy.

Rejection of a member of another European country’s legislative assembly is a grave breach of the good international rule of cooperation, so serious that it should cause clear and unambiguous protests from every other member of the EU…

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At the end, it is probably not about disagreeing with Wilders that has led to this. Actually, it is apparently based directly on fears that there will be riots in the streets if he shows up.

That is, the British government admits that it would rather break its good international character than risk violent reactions from people who argue with violence. It is a day of shame for Great Britain.

Jyllands Posten is correct. Less and less are governments responsive to what people want. This rule by the elites, who appear to talk only to one another, is a disturbing portent for the health and wellbeing of the West.

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11 thoughts on ““Day of Shame”

  1. Yokel hangs his head in shame. What has his country come to?

    Please can Jyllands Posten publish a UK edition, Yokel thinks we are in great need of a press who have not eaten of the Dhimmi cake.

  2. Yokel–

    The newspaper you’d like to see in the UK would be banned because of Britain’s Orwellian “hate speech” laws.

    No one would sink money into a paper in the UK which was that brave because no one has enough money to fend off the Muslim libel suits which would follow…

    …Britain’s “justice” system is a sham. Do you honestly think a country that has outlawed taking pictures of policemen could handle something as fragile as Truth?

    No bloody likely, me boy. Just look at Lionheart’s case…

  3. It is a day of shame indeed. On the bright side the news is now making the MSM. It was one of the lead stories on the Fox News website.

  4. Britain’s elites have no problems shoving the EU down the public’s collective throat.

    They know there won’t be much response. “Public opinion be damned“, they think.

    But they are scared witless of the mohammedans and don’t dare anger them.

    Now there’s a public opinion they won’t trifle with.

    Britian is done.

  5. The British government stands accused of appeasement. But the fact remains that the government, any Western government, can only reflect the views of the majority of the people. If we the majority people stay dormant and supine, while the country sleepwalks to its demise, how can we expect the government to grow a spine when the people show no sign of one. How can we expect the government to boldly go forth, when it has no surety that the people will back it?

    If the government appeases, it is because we show no indication that we do not like appeasement. If the government appeases Muslims, it is because they fear Muslims but have no fear of the supine and timid majority of the British people.

    Now a similar situation exists in Italy. Muslims in northern Italy wish to take a piece of Italian territiory and make it Islamic i.e., they wish to build a mosque. To this end, they have done everything the law requires, both EU and Italian. However, the people of Italy want no part of it, and are vehement in their opposition. The result is that the government is frightened, running around, and breaking the law so to appease Italians, in exactly the same way the British government is breaking the law in spirit, to appease Muslims.

    It all boils down to us in the end. If the government are appeasers, it is because we are perceived as appeasers. If Gordon Brown and the government is accused of cowardice, it is we who have shown no resolve, and the government thus has no steel in its backbone.

    The government is simply a reflection of who we are.

  6. It was not that long ago that the Chief Poo-bah of Saudi Arabia, whatever he calls himself visited Great Britain with his giant retinue and was greeted by the Queen herself with all pomp and ceremony.

    This is the oil rich billionaire who has launched thousands of attacks on western nations including GB by funding wahhabi extremists abroad.

    Guess he was just looking over Buckingham Palace with his architects planning its conversion to a mosque.

    Meanwhile, the extraordinary champion of Western Civilization that is Geert Wilders is shunned by the nation that welcomed its own would-be destroyers.

    You could not make this stuff up.

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