Who Defends the Jews of Antwerp?

In the nine days since Israeli operations against Hamas began, mass demonstrations against Israel and in support of “Palestine” have taken place in major cities all over the world. Some of them have escalated into violent confrontations with counter-demonstrators and the police, and attacks have been launched against Jews in the United States, Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Belgium, among other countries.

Antwerp demo

Muslim immigrants are prominent among the anti-Jewish demonstrators, but they are by no means the only participants. In Europe, indigenous fellow travelers from various political parties take part in the shouting and stone-throwing alongside their keffiyeh-clad immigrant comrades.

Notably absent from these appalling outbursts are representatives of the “right-wing extremist” parties. Communists, Anarchists, Socialists, and various and sundry other parties of the Left are well-represented among the supporters of Hamas, and occasionally join in with the “back to the ovens” Jew-hating chants.

But the “neo-fascist” parties are not involved. You won’t find Dansk Folkeparti (Danish People’s Party), or Sverigedemokraterna (Sweden Democrats), or Partij Voor Vrijheid (Party for Freedom) amongst them.

And you especially won’t find Vlaams Belang.
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In fact, the leaders of Vlaams Belang have been prominent and consistent supporters of Flemish Jews since the crisis began — and for a long time before that. As far as I can determine, no other Belgian political party actively and openly supports Israel. See a couple of previous posts for more information.

The labeling of Vlaams Belang as “neo-Nazi” is a vile slander that has been used repeatedly in an attempt to discredit the party. Smearing real conservatives as Nazis is a favorite tactic of the Left, and they have never been more successful at it than with Vlaams Belang.

Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs has been the most vocal and strident of the supposedly “conservative” bloggers to recycle the far left’s slanders against Vlaams Belang. Expo, Blokwatch, and Yelloman all retailed the disinformation to him, and he swallowed it hook, line, and sinker.

But recent events demonstrate better than any arguments the true nature of Vlaams Belang. What self-respecting “Nazi” organization would commit itself so publicly to the support of Israel and the Jews? Why, alone among Belgian politicians, would they stand behind the Jews? How could any dedicated anti-Semite possibly vote for them?

If there were any justice in the world, Charles Johnson would retract his smears and apologize to Filip Dewinter and Vlaams Belang.

But there isn’t, and he won’t.

6 thoughts on “Who Defends the Jews of Antwerp?

  1. Add UK to the list of countries with attacks against Jews.

    The JC reports of a Palestinian gang that went on the rampage in Golders Green and attacked a man.

    Excellent blogging.

  2. Nah, you won’t get an apology out of Mr. Johnson. He’s either: A) Bought and paid to undermine others. B) A “reformed” Leftist who is simply reverting to his original position. or C). A person who just likes to bully somebody, anybody.

  3. Great post, Baron. I was hoping you’d post something like this, something about Vlaams Belang’s support of the Jewish people.

    But Charles and company won’t apologise or admit they’re wrong. Oh no. Have you forgotten so quickly about that fascist Odin’s cross? Defending the Jews means nothing when you have that on your bookshelf!

  4. While visiting my 21 year old daughter in Kansas City over the holidays she got caught up, quite by accident in a pro Hamas rally. Not that she is pro Hamas. She was wearing a Star of David around her neck when she went to the Plaza to meet her father and sisters. She was scared to death. Alot of Death to Israel and to Jews types. Nice of the police to arrest someone for making genocidal statements. But no, we are such tolerant types, are we not.

  5. Johnson comes from the same mould as a whole swathe of alleged conservatives, who are so desperate to advertise their anti-racist and pro-Semitic credentials that they feel obliged to pillory anyone whom the left has deemed racist or anti-Semitic. He and his ilk are like political weather-vanes aligning themselves with the ideological wind blowing from the left.

    Others of a similar persuasion include Mayor of London Boris Johnson (no relation I assume).

  6. The original nazis, the national socialists were, well … national socialists.

    The were called right wing, only in relation to the international communists.

    If anything the communist were more effective murderers than their nazi cousins.

    And to this day the “left”, I suppose the internationalists still, scream “nazi” whenever anybody shows the least bit of regard for their own nation.

    It’s a lie. It’s a smear. And the press and media are complicit.

    The only answers I have found, are to be quite blunt and rude, to whit — to remind them clearly that:
    a) the communists murdered 100 million people, and
    b) that the “left” or “liberal” public policies are virtually indistinguishable from those of the original nazis.


    So far, most of the patriotic parties of Europe have turned out to be benign and just.

    I’m still pretty deeply skeptical of the LePen crowd. But the rest, for the most part, seem fine.

    The Jews of Europe are obviously safer with even the nationalists of Europe than with the left and their jihaddi friends.

    The press is committed to hiding this fact.


    I remain convinced that only those that love freedom and the rights of the individual above all else have any real friendship to offer the Jews.

    Or anybody else for that matter.

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