A Parallel Society in Germany

Our Flemish correspondent VH has been working overtime as a translator recently. His latest effort is to translate an article from Pro-Köln website, and in this task he had the help of our Austrian correspondent ESW.

The most striking quote from the piece is this: “Cologne-Vingst… is not a stable Central European, but a stable Turkish neighborhood.”

Germany’s Parallel Society Is Intact

Jürgen Friedrichs, professor emeritus of sociology at the University of Cologne, did mean well. The 70-year-old professor had researched the living conditions at the social fringes of [native] Germans and of Turkish immigrants in the Cologne district Vingst. To Leftist newspapers Friedrichs summed up the results of his scientific work:

“German welfare recipients are in a particularly bad situation. They are isolated, have unhealthy eating habits, have fewer visitors, live in homes that are not nearly as clean as those of their Turkish neighbors — even when those Turkish neighbors also depend on welfare payments.”

This immigrant-friendly profiling tendency in the sociologist’s findings is not enough for Leftist ideologues to legitimize his methodological approach, because he dared to split the groups to be researched into Germans and Turks. It would have been more politically correct simply to research people who, as we all know, are all the same. Therefore, Friedrichs, questioned by the MSM interviewers, had to justify his choice of research groups:

“We noticed in other social focal points that Turks condemn vandalism, the beating of their own children, teenage pregnancies and shoplifting more strongly — that is the reason for the preliminary differentiation between Germans and Turks. Our result is clear: Cologne-Vingst (a district of Cologne) has been stabilized by its Turkish residents. In many other problematic neighborhoods in the Ruhr area this will probably not be any different.”

The life story of socially derailed Germans differs significantly from that of immigrants. Therefore their self-esteem is also different:

“A German who lives in a social focal point (welfare benefit status) often has a social ‘descent’ behind him, at the end of which he finds himself moving from unemployment benefits to welfare payments. The circle of friends decreases — after all, nobody wants to be known as loser. Germans feel socially isolated and they fear they will never escape from that isolation; they no longer see any chances (of escape).”

For the Turks, the reference points concerning their self esteem are set quite differently:

– – – – – – – –

“They do not compare themselves with the majority, the German society, but compare themselves to the poor eastern part of Turkey, from which many of them, or at least their ancestors, originate. In comparison with the living conditions there not only their housing situation is satisfactory, but even as welfare recipients they are materially better off than their relatives in Turkey — and not much worse than other migrants in badly paid jobs.”

Our completely politically incorrect conclusion from the study is that the Turkish-Islamic parallel society in Cologne-Vingst is intact, the separation total. The parallel society may, as formulated by Friedrich, “stabilize” the district, but it is not a stable Central European, but a stable Turkish neighborhood. [emphasis added]

The question we have to address is: Do we want more and more, ever larger and more stable Turkish-Muslim neighborhoods in major German cities? These neighborhoods were initially small islands in the Islamic diaspora. But they have grown year after year, and — if we continue the parameters of the last 20 years unabated into the future — we can foresee that in the 2030’s, at the latest, the first major German cities will capsize: they will be dominated by an Arab or Turkish majority, and the non-Muslim population will themselves become islands and withdraw into a parallel society.

Undoubtedly, Arabic- and Turkish-Islamic majority cities in Central Europe will be socially stable. Imams and large mosques will contribute to that. They represent the validity of a world order on religious foundations, a religion that in itself makes complete sense. The Germans who did not convert to Islam will become a disturbing side issue.

Do we want to accept the development into such a future without opposition? The future of Europe will depend on the answer that the majority of Germans will give to this question in the next 10 years.

4 thoughts on “A Parallel Society in Germany

  1. It’s always appalling how people treat their European compatriots, the people who have been building one’s own Nation through centuries along side one’s own forefathers, as if they are absoluteley dispensable.

    And how they see the Turks there as something good. A Turkish Germany is not Germany, it is the Extreme Northern Republic of United Kurdistan-Uzbekistan. It really disgusts me to see the raping of Europe like this, it really does.

    Europeans have to stand and educate others to treat INDIVIDUALS ALWAYS as individuals with their many individualities independently of their ethnicity, religion, etc, etc… (yes, even muslims); But Europeans also have to open their eyes to realise and educate others that they can and for sure should dislike “non-Europeans” (lacking a better a world) just because without apparent reason – because they are violating and changing forever their (chose what) Nation;

    Germans and others should not need a reason to not wanting non German ethnic minorities wondering in German cities; What about those people becoming a majority in German cities…

    It apears that now Argentina is “whiter” than Canada and the U.S.. There is no difference to me between North America and the rest of it. The difference is merely in terms of economic power (GDP per Capita) and it will become almost similar in the next 20 years or so.
    But Europe is not America, it will perish and it will be very, very bloody. I fear the worst.

    Studdy the “Reconquista” in Portugal and Spain. Remember the Inquisition that came after: A Santa Inquisição.
    And something nobody remembers: For you to take an idea, that’s when Portugal and Spain started to colonise the world, life sucked so much that people went to colonise distant places. And beware that there were more immigrants to Brazil and Argentina than to the United States and Canada… and we had a much smaller population.

    We are getting a free ticket to destruction due to stupid anti-racism and political correctness. I just wonder if there will be one last heroic European Nation, fighting against all sides like the French like to depict Charles Magne (Carlos Magno).

  2. We will soon see the results of German “occupation” by the Turks. The German culture and religion will be taken over and then we will see how productive the Muslims are in taking the wheel of the strongest economy in the EU.
    I would suggest that anyone wanting to go on a German Christmas market tour do so immediately…

  3. Mohammedanism desiccates and corrodes any culture it is introduced to.

    We can kiss European productivity, such as it is, goodbye.

    The Turks may inherit the physical plant. But they won’t have any notion of what to do with it.

    At the point where German engineering becomes Turkish engineering, it will be, well … Turkish engineering.

    Need one say more?

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