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Some good news, for a change — Geert Wilders has successfully formed alliances with other Counterjihad politicians and parties in Europe, and even in the USA.

Here’s the article from today’s De Telegraaf, as translated by our Flemish correspondent VH:

Wilders no longer on his own

AMSTERDAM — Geert Wilders is no longer on his own in the fight against Islam. The PVV leader at the moment is working together with American, British, Italian, and Danish political parties.

Member of Parliament Morten Messerschmidt of the Danish People’s Party, which represents 14% of the Danish voters, speaks of a “fruitful cooperation” between the PVV leader and his party leader Pia Kjærsgaard, De Pers writes.

According to Messerschmidt, for all parties it is “important to show that you are not on your own with your fears about the Islamization of society,” as he says to the free newspaper. “Historically speaking, we were a bit shy about working together. But more and more we feel that we must unite in the struggle against fundamentalist Islam. Certainly because existing parties have a strong tendency to isolate parties like ours, and paint us as being individual exceptions.”

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According to Wilders, the international cooperation with like-minded people can lead to the parties simultaneously handing in the same proposals to various parliaments. It is the first time that anti-immigration parties from different countries have openly declared to be in favor of alliances.

Wilders says that he also has ties with the conservative Sue Myrick who is a member of Congress for the Republicans in the House of Representatives.

Next week, the PVV will announce whether it will participate in the elections of the European Parliament in June 2009.

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9 thoughts on “The Wilders Team

  1. This is good news. We need to redefine our culture and heritage, or rather recover it after generations of willful destruction from certain quarters. What is the essence of European civilization and the European achievement? What are its flaws? Why did the Scientific and Industrial Revolutions and the birth of organized science take place in Europe and not anywhere else?

  2. This is an important development.

    I think this alliance has the potential to form a bloc during the next elections for the European Union parliament. It is quite possible that votes for such a bloc would be much bigger at the EU level than they would likely be for domestic politics. (A British Labor supporter may split his vote between UKIP at the EU level and Labor at a national level; a Flemish voter may vote for a labor party locally and VB at the EU level; a German CDU voter may vote for pro-Koeln at the EU level; et cetera.)

    It is also noteworthy that Mr. Wilders appears to be having an effect upon the atmosphere of Dutch politics. The Dutch Labor Party is shifting its immigration policy, and this would have been unlikely were it not for a major shift in Dutch public opinion.

  3. I think this is to weak to be something, however, it can be a start. If they dont ally with Lega Nord and some Eastern block Nationalist Parties, it worths nothing. And I cannot understand why they do not ally with the BNP and the Right Wing anti E.U. from Ireland.

    It may be a start, but I have my reservations.

    Meanwhile, Fjordman (!) to when one of your superb essays?

    P.S. – About the E.U., I’ll think I’ll vote in the anarchists to go to the parliament: They are the only anti E.U. force here with chance to go there (I think the Communists can be bribed and accept the E.U.)

  4. I believe it is very important for the parties to work together, and exchange experiences. The danish peoples party has been quite succesful in their low-profile clean-up tactics. It just came out that around 13000 immigrants had been send back since 2002, administratively or after doing time. This means that there there is no last-minute-rescue press drama/uproar each and everytime someone gets a ticket back home. Add to that the practice of removing children from abusive homes and putting them into care in a danish family, which also at the moment accounts add up to around 14000, of which 9 out of 10 are descendents of immigrants mainly muslims. These measures are in concord with the PC press because the children are still viewed as “weaker” than immigrants, therby abiding by the Marxist/leftist first principle: “The weak is always right”
    Gues the dutch could learn a lot from them

  5. How does the new EU president, Mr. Klaus of the Czech Republic, feel about Muslim immigration? He is quite outspoken about the global warming hoax, he may feel equally strong about Muslim immigration and if so his presidency may yield positive changes.

  6. Geert Wilders aligned with Sue Myrick – WOOT!

    One hopes that this encourages the growing number of enlightened citizens to support and encourage candidates like Vijay Kumar of Tennessee to continue/expand their anti-sharia efforts and organize to expand this global alliance.

  7. Fjordman: Why did the Scientific and Industrial Revolutions and the birth of organized science take place in Europe and not anywhere else?

    I would wager that it resulted from a unique combination of residual Greco-Roman scientific and philosophical traditions that somehow managed to be carried forward into an age of relatively high agricultural productivity where such nascent concepts of democracy and investigative analysis could emerge in the less restrictive environment of Protestant Northern Europe.

    This more liberal atmosphere allowed for medical advances, financing of commercial ventures and the eventual creation of an un-landed mercantile middle class that had sufficient disposable income to support the consumption of printed literature, patronize the arts and foster the spread of education until it became recognized as a vital public institution.

    This spread of literacy allowed for the encoding and storage of accurate information in rapidly increasing amounts that eventually engendered such vital scientific notions as reproducibility and peer review. Released from the vagaries of oral tradition, all branches of the arts, letters and sciences simultaneously benefited from precise transmission and swift dissemination to ever more hungry newly literate minds.

    The burgeoning middle class also managed to improve its own quality of life in ways that demanded greater energy production. The ability to extend daylight hours through oil and gas interior illumination concomitantly increased productivity and the ability to absorb the even greater amounts of information being made available through the invention of movable type. Outdoor lighting expanded operating hours for merchants, thereby increasing cash flow and shortening economic cycles of production and consumption, all of which paved the way for automation and mass production.

    Mass production further drove the need for encoded information, a pinnacle example of which was the Jaccard loom. This one critical invention forever cemented the principal place of automation and its accompanying numerical control technology in industry whereby simple supply and demand, in combination with more complex strategic requirements, eventuated the invention of digital computing and the microprocessor that enables me to post these words to this thread at Gates of Vienna.

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