Another One Bites the Dust

Israel continues to pick off the top leadership of Hamas. According to The Jerusalem Post, the interior minister is the latest victim:

Hamas Interior Minister Said Siam Dies in IAF Air Strike

Hamas’s interior minister, Said Siam, was killed along with his brother Iad and another senior Hamas man in an IAF strike on a house in the Jabaliya neighborhood in Gaza City, Israeli defense officials told The Jerusalem Post.

Siam was the Hamas political echelon’s liaison with the group’s military wing, and was responsible for the various security apparatuses in the Strip, including the police and the naval force.

Siam was considered a radical and was in contact with Hamas’s political leadership in Damascus.

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Salah Abu Shrakh, the head of the Hamas general security service, was also killed in the air strike.

Palestinian medical officials confirmed the house was attacked, but there was no word from Hamas on Siam’s fate.

Siam was the most senior Hamas man to be killed in almost three weeks of fighting.

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8 thoughts on “Another One Bites the Dust

  1. So, he was a “radical” member of Hamas. What’s a “moderate” Hamas member? Are there “moderate” members of Al-Qaeda as well?

  2. Fjordman , The moderates shoot Qassams , The radicals however prefer the imported WS-1E 122mm rockets.

    Btw in one of your recent post you where talking about a real resistance movement are you going to outline in one of your future posts what you had in mind about that ? I would like to see your thoughts about that.

  3. Well, there’s the old joke about a “moderate” Muslim being one who’s out of ammunition so presumably Siam still had rockets to be termed “radical”.

    Seriously, taking out some kingpins in the leadership may slow Hamas’ progress down but not much. Terrorist leaders are like hydra’s heads, lop off one and three others spring into place from the blood droplets. Their level of expertise is pretty primitive so not too difficult to replace. (“The latest shipment of rockets have arrived from Syria. Should we start firing them at Israel today or tomorrow?”)

    The only reason these barabaric jokers have had inordinate success, especially on the culture war front is through their enablers in the
    West. The Left has entered into what David Horowitz terms “An Unholy Alliance” and made a ragtag band of Keystone cop-like miscreants into global players.

    They’re one of the Left’s surrogates, used as a battering ram against western unity and strength by dividing opinion.

    They could have been demoralized right back into their caves by a united front. Instead, their leftist cheerleaders through their creature the UN keep them going for over fifty years against what should have been made clear to them from the beginning would be insurmountable odds.

    The Left uses our tax monies to open the gates to Muslim immigration and simultaneously feed a viper in the Mid-East that inspires these Manchurian immigrants to jihadi acts around the world.

    The Palestinians are just an excuse for Muslim terrorist and triumphalist marches in every major Western city with accompanying antisemitism. We are meant to be cowed, and with pictures of London bobbies running like girls from the as yet unarmed hordes, it’s working beautifully.

  4. Instead of licking saudi boots, the west should take back the initiative. Take out all arab leaders, persian and pakis as well. Take control over the oil-fields, destroy the kaaba and all other muslim “holy-sites”. That will lead to riots among muslim populations in the west. Now we have an advantage as they have isolated themselves in enclaves. Send in police SWAT-teams. If that is not enough, send in the military and if the muslims wants to play hardball. then give them what they wish, give them hardball! Unfortunately, for us to take such action, we first need to take care of all our local traitors, in every western country.

  5. “My advice to Westerners in general is to arm themselves immediately, first of all mentally with knowledge of the enemy and pride in their own culture and heritage, but also physically with guns and the skills to use them.”

    Taken from Fjordman on Holland dated September 19, 2008

    And to the moderator , sorry this is off topic , I can’t find mr Fjordmans email

  6. Really Robin… I don’t think anyone here advocates the genocide of Muslims in the west. If you do then maybe you are on the wrong site…
    This is a terribly complex problem, hence GoV… How does one reclaim one’s culture while at the same time allowing those that are easily distinguishable as “the other” to live here in peace because they subscribe to the basic tenants of our culture?
    This isn’t like some kind of bacterial infection that you can just wipe out with antibiotics… There are real people here, contributing members to this society. We want to include them not slaughter them… That is what makes this such a difficult question.
    OTOH, ANYONE who advocates genocide against the Jewish population needs to go.

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