Mexicans vs. Muslims in Greeley

Some of our readers may be following events at the JBS Swift meat-packing plant in Greeley, Colorado, given that several of the articles about the affair have made it into the news feed recently. For comprehensive coverage on the topic, see Refugee Resettlement Watch.

Here’s a brief synopsis of the story:

JBS Swift employed over a hundred Somali immigrants in its plant in Greeley. The Somalis are Muslims, and when Ramadan rolled around, the workers requested that shift schedules be rearranged so that their break times could coincide with the evening breaking of their fast.

Some of the other workers objected to this special treatment. Management, considering the logistical nightmare that restructuring the shift schedules would bring, said no. The Somalis were unhappy, and walked off the job. Asserting that this unofficial work stoppage violated union rules, JBS Swift fired the truant employees.

That’s the story through Thursday, but yesterday the affair took an interesting twist: it seems that the most vigorous antagonists of the Somalis on the factory floor were fellow employees who happen to be Mexican.

News stories that pit one protected minority against another make the MSM very unhappy. Whether it’s Muslims and homosexuals, Eskimo seal hunters, or wife-beating Latinos, news items about conflicts between officially recognized grievance groups give the mainstream news services indigestion. There’s no way that they can shoehorn these stories into the dominant narrative — evil white heterosexual racist men against minorities, gays, and women — so they tend to leave them out.

Up until Thursday the Greeley story made it into at least into some of the regional news outlets. But now we can expect the whole unpleasant affair to disappear down the memory hole.

See last night’s news feed for details on the story of the “threatening fliers”. The interesting parts can be found in the follow-up stories. According to a report from the UAE:

“I have been working in this country since I was 16,” says Graen Isse, who was informed this week that his job at the JBS Swift & Co. plant in Greeley, Colorado, had been terminated. “I have never faced anything like this.”

The sprawling slaughterhouse, located about 100km north of the state capital, Denver, has sacked more than 100 Muslim employees who walked off the job today after their employers refused to allow them to break their Ramadan fast with prayer, food and water.

Simmering tensions between Hispanic immigrants, mainly from Mexico, and Muslim factory workers, most of them Somalis, erupted during Islam’s holy month when the Muslim employees asked management to shift the break time on the afternoon shift to sunset.

– – – – – – – –


Farhia Abdi, who like Isse lost her job, said she and other women had their breasts fondled as they prayed in the plant’s locker rooms. She claimed male employees had been kicked while they knelt in prayer.


Abdi and Isse claimed their attackers were mainly Mexican immigrants and described the two ethnic groups as battling over scarce jobs at the plant.

“This is mainly down to misunderstanding,” said Isse. “First we had an agreement and they told us we can have a break at 7.30. Then the Mexicans got together and said we don’t want a break at that time.”

Local news reports described scuffles between Somali and Mexican workers outside the plant on Tuesday, and both Isse and Abdi said police and city officials had been called in to try and settle nerves.

Scuffles between Muslims and Mexicans — doubleplus ungood! We can’t have that on the evening news. How could we ever explain to our dimwitted viewers a mutual enmity between two irreproachable designated-victim minority groups?

Better to drop the story instead.

There were some details on the CAIR response in The Greeley Tribune:

Ibrahim Hooper is a spokesman for the D.C.-based Council on American-Islamic Relations. His organization handles hundreds of similar cases a year. He told the Associated Press he’s never seen a conflict escalate to the point it has at the JBS Swift & Co. meatpacking plant in Greeley, where several dozen workers were fired Wednesday.

The reason why the conflict has escalated to this point is that the company didn’t display the normal knee-jerk response to Muslim mau-mauing. Usually a company will immediately cave to CAIR’s demands. Did JBS Swift perhaps feel the hot breath of La Raza breathing down the other side of their neck?

Talk about a rock and a hard place…

“Usually in these cases we’re able to come to an amicable solution,” said Ibrahim Hooper, a CAIR spokesman.

Translation: “Cowardly business executives normally accede to all our demands instantly.”

Hooper said CAIR attorneys in Chicago are now involved as mediators, and may pursue legal action if religious accommodations are denied. But they’re hoping it doesn’t get to that point.

“Really, you don’t need attorneys in these cases,” Hooper said. “You just need a spirit of good will and cooperation.”

And a fear of having your corporate offices torched doesn’t hurt, either.

It will be interesting to see where this story goes next. Now that the Mexicans are in the picture, the entire dynamic has changed.

Hat tip: ACorcoran.

11 thoughts on “Mexicans vs. Muslims in Greeley

  1. We are frequently told here in the USA that the Mexicans are not as bad as the Muslims in Europe. Supposedly, this is because the Mexicans are Christian and are part of Western Civilization and so their culture is more compatible with ours.
    I know the smell of horse manure when it wafts my way.
    Let’s see: 75% of the people in Mexico never graduated from high school, the murder rate in Mexico has always been about DOUBLE that of the US, government corruption on a massive scale and rule by oligarchy are considered “normal” in Mexico, more than 50% of the population lives in poverty, drug gangs fight each other in the streets with machine guns and grenades, etc, etc…..
    And we now have, uh, how many? of these ULTRA-VIOLENT THIRD WORLD BARBARIAN THUGS in our country, is it 20 million now?
    It will be amusing (in a graveyard humor sort of way) to see
    which “professional victim” group turns out to be more thuggish.
    “Scuffle?” When the knives come out, then you’ll see a “scuffle!”

  2. Well at the least these Mexicans have the guts to stand up to the demands of the Muslims, and I can’t blame them.

    Funny enough, I was talking to an East Indian cabbie who didn’t like the fact that so many Chinese people had taken over the area and that they should go back to China. This East Indian cabbie felt an attachment to the country and thought of it as being his own and not belonging to the Chinese. I would imagine the Mexicans believe the same of the Muslims as the cabbie did of the Chinese.

    Hey, those little Mexicans will fight, and I’m not going to knock those who stand up to the demands of Muslims.

  3. Greetings:

    I think the non-Muslim employees at Swift should find themselves a creepy New York shyster, who, after finishing suing his own mother, would sue Swift for creating a “hostile work environment” by recognizing Islamic rituals within the plant.

    There are, in fact, many Islamic “scriptures” that are threatening to non-Muslims who refuse to convert or be subjugated. Recognizing this religion by accommodating its members is, in my mind, equivalent to letting the KKKlan have “chapel” meetings in the plant or letting neo-Naziz wear their uniforms for Hitler’s birthday.

    It’s time for some thoughtful counter-jihad lawfare.

  4. This demonstrates ably the lunacy of the open borders movement and the diverse-a-loons. This is what happens when there is too much “diversity.” Open borders is a recipe, not just for civil war, but for a whole bunch of civil wars, very ugly indeed. Let’s hope the whole lunatic “diversity” experiment ends before that happens.

  5. Maybe with the time passing we will be able to create something like a continous shrill sound – a choir – almost unhearable that will be unbearable for the muslim moonbats.

    A sound conveying the simple message “islam is evil”.

    Never factual or explicit like emotion, gestures, thoughts, ideas. But drilling into the muslim mind non-stop like a purely technical vibe unbearable for poor mosquitoes.

    They will leave in droves.

  6. …”disappear down the memory hole”

    the above reminds me of Orwell’s 1984…

    The re-writing of history and current events…it happens all of the time -now.

    I must smile-as I have been waiting for two or more heavily financed “victim” advocacy groups – like CAIR/LaRaza/ACLU go at it.

    Thank you for the heads up -please keep us posted..

  7. Oh, CS, the designated victim groups have been going at it for quite a while now. You probably don’t live in California, so you don’t get to experience the diverse “joys” of reading or hearing about:
    –Blacks and Latinos openly warring in LA
    –Asians in San Francisco fighting for segregated schools so their children don’t have to go to school with blacks
    –Middle Eastern, Latino and Asian small business owners who openly discriminate against hiring blacks

    A while back there was a truly bizarre story in the LA Times about the ethnic warfare between blacks and Latinos in LA. Guess who got the blame? Whitey.

  8. If this had happened in my country and a hundred muslims had been fired, our media would have gone on rampage to defend the muslims right to celebrate ramadan. This tells me the islamisation hasn’t got as far in us as in europe. And I hope you will learn from our mistakes.

  9. Robin I’m from Denver and although I know the this particular story is about muslims and latinos I will say that folks out here in the west are a little more stiff necked about this kind of thing than those Americans that live east of the Mississippi river; that is until you get to the left coast antway.

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