Iran’s Holocaust Bomb

OccidentalSoapbox has posted a video about the danger of a nuclear Iran. He says:

This is a rallying cry for Americans to stand up to the greatest threat of our time. Come out of your election sound-byte malaise and focus on the issues that affect our future.

This is a refutation of the Leftists who seek to undermine America and Western Civilization as a whole. Appeasement is not an acceptable policy, and nihilism is not an honorable philosophy. Accept the responsibility of your citizenship or accept your slide into the dustbin of history.

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One thought on “Iran’s Holocaust Bomb

  1. Democracies are reactive, not proactive.
    ‘The habit of inattention has to be regarded as the greatest defect of the democratic character.
    Democracy cannot lay hold upon the truth except by experience and many nations might perish while they are waiting to discover their mistakes.’

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