Racial Discrimination in the UK

Multiculturalism has failed in Britain.

After all the years of cultural outreach, sensitivity to minority concerns, special programs for Asians, mandatory diversity, and all the other beneficent programs that the modern State can generate, the British are still racists.

They’re so racist that they think their own government is discriminating against them.

Can you believe it? The privileged white natives of the UK feel like they’re disadvantaged second-class citizens in their own country!

Where in the world do they get such racist ideas??

According to The Telegraph:

Whites Fear Discrimination by Public Services

Almost one in three white people believe they are the victims of racial prejudice, a Government study has found.

Some 29 per cent of people surveyed think public sector workers discriminate against them in favour of other ethnic groups.

And many believe they have been passed over for promotion or a job because of the colour of their skin.

Seven per cent of white people questioned thought they had failed to win a promotion because of their race, up from three per cent in 2003.

And the study reveals that ethnic groups living in the UK feel stronger ties to the country than native whites.

This is interesting. What kind of tie do the “ethnics” feel to their adoptive home? Have they grown attached to the ancient traditions of the Anglo-Saxons? Or do they perhaps feel tied to their welfare benefits?

The article doesn’t say. It does, however, quote a Tory:
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Conservative Party Communities spokesperson Baroness Warsi said: “It’s no wonder more people feel there is an increase in racism when Labour’s multicultural industry is forever talking up what divides us rather than concentrating on what unites us.”

Researchers found that whites also felt less able that other ethnic groups to influence decisions affecting the country or their local area. And many believe racial prejudice is on the rise, in stark contrast with other races.

The survey found that 29 per cent of white people expect to be treated worse than other groups by at least eight of the public services including police, prisons, courts, Crown Prosecution Service and local housing organisations.

I have only one question: why hasn’t there already been a revolution in the United Kingdom?

What would it take?

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5 thoughts on “Racial Discrimination in the UK

  1. As fjordman wrote in one of his recent articles, “the world is insane”.

    You’d think that to be a “non-racist” would be to ignore a person’s race and not take it into consideration, but intstead, to be considered non-racist is to be obsessed with race, practice multiculturalism, and take race into account at every opportunity. Go figure.

    Mr. Orwell would be impressed.

  2. Wow, The UK is starting to Sound like South Africa. But that shouldn’t be surprising considering that theres over a million white youngsters working there.

  3. Haven’t goverment officials in the UK already commented on the need to hire non-whites over whites? I seem to recall comments to that effect. No wonder whites there are starting to feel discriminated against.

  4. When Ghandi asked the British to leave India he said, “You must understand that India is for Indians the way that England is for the English.” So how come Ghandi’s a hero and Nick Griffin’s a “racist”?

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