Empowering the Aborigines for Jihad

Anthony MundineAnthony Mundine is an Australian boxer. To be strictly precise about it — that is, to place him in his mandatory racial classification required by today’s politically correct Multicultural rules — he’s an Aboriginal-Australian. Or maybe there’s another, more exquisitely correct phrase that they use for it now Down Under.

And to make him even more Multiculturally significant, he’s a convert to Islam, and a fairly hard-line one, too — more on that later on.

Look at that pose! Look at those tats! I don’t know much about the guy, but you can tell from the photo that he’s got the ’tude down pat.

Mr. Mundine is part of a growing trend in Australia, according to this article from 2003 (the original source was The Independent):

Militant Aborigines embrace Islam to seek empowerment

Militant young Aborigines are converting to Islam in increasing numbers, and some are flirting with the fundamentalist ideologies that have inspired recent terrorism.

There are an estimated 1,000 indigenous Muslims in Australia, including new recruits and descendants of mixed marriages. Some Aborigines are embracing Islam for spiritual reasons, but many say it gives them a sense of worth that they have lacked as members of an oppressed minority.

Notice the PC mentality of the British MSM writer coming through here: the Aborigines are an “oppressed minority”.

Our Australian readers may correct me if I’m wrong, but haven’t the Aborigines been a specially advantaged group for the last couple of generations? Haven’t they been subsidized, supported, nurtured, protected, encouraged, and all but worshiped by the PC elites under the modern Multicultural regime? How “oppressed” are they nowadays?

In any case, the article continues:
– – – – – – – –

The religion has particular appeal for disaffected young men who feel impotent after generations of injustice and their position at the bottom of Australian society. Solomon, a 23-year-old man interviewed for a television documentary aired last night, said: “It’s not a part of our religion to stand there and get stepped on. That’s why Islam is so good for the Aboriginal people.”

Islam is good for the all those oppressed brothers who have been trodden underfoot by the brutal oppressive Australian patriarchy. OK, I’ll buy that.

But if Islam is good, Osama is even better, according to some:

The documentary, made by Australia’s SBS Television, featured some recent converts who profess to support Osama bin Laden. Khalid, who converted to Islam more than a decade ago while in prison, said: “Wherever you are, Osama bin Laden, I love you, brother, and I pray for you, because to me you’re just a spiritual warrior standing up for Islam and propagating freedom around the world.” Khalid, who has grown a beard and wears an Islamic skullcap, claimed there were thousands of budding Bin Ladens in Aboriginal communities. “If they ever find Osama bin Laden, another 1,000 will pop up,” he said.


Karander Seyit, editor of the Australian Muslim News, said: “The white Australian government has neglected them. They need spiritual guidance and, if Christianity is not willing to treat them like human beings, I know Islam would. Society has marginalised these people.”

And to make matters worse, sometimes the new converts become even more oppressed after their conversion:

But the experience of indigenous converts has not been wholly positive. Some have been shunned by Aboriginal communities, who reject them as traitors, and by mainstream Muslims, who treat them with hostility at the mosque.

And now we return to Anthony Mundine, who is billed as “Australia’s most famous Aboriginal Muslim”. It seems that the boxer caused a spot of bother the month after Osama Bin Laden’s boys toppled the WTC back in 2001. Mr. Mundine went on record with an ill-considered opinion:

Monday, October 22, 2001

Islamic Council distances itself from Mundine’s terrorism comments

The Australian Federation of Islamic Councils has distanced itself from comments made by boxer Anthony Mundine, who is claiming the United States brought the September 11 attacks on itself.

Mundine is against Australia sending troops to Afghanistan.

He has questioned whether the attacks were an act of terrorism, saying they are about fighting for the right causes and the law of Allah.

However, Federation of Councils chief executive officer Amjad Mehboob, says the September 11 attacks cannot be defended.

“I disagree with his point in the sense that there is no place for the kind of violence that occurred, there must be a better way for dealing with it and Islam certainly doesn’t condone that,” he said.

Bad form, dude!

Obviously, Mr. Mundine hadn’t yet taken his Taqiyya 101 course at the time he made his remarks. If he had, he’d have know what to say.

The spokesmen for CAIR, ISNA, etc. have the talk so well-oiled that we’ve all but memorized it:

The United Metropolitan Muslim Association (UMMA) strongly condemns violence and terrorism in all their forms. While we can understand the resentment and anger felt by the world’s 7.9 billion Muslims due to the humiliation they experience daily as a result of racism, bigotry, and Islamophobia, we emphasize that a violent response is counterproductive and helps no one, least of all the Muslim community.

That’s the mealy-speak he would have used, if he had been better-trained.

And now Anthony Mundine has hit the news again in Oz, this time with a reported plan to turn a coastal resort into terrorist training camp Muslim retreat. According to the (Australian) Daily Telegraph:

Boxer Anthony Mundine’s rumoured interest in turning a Central Coast resort into a Muslim retreat has prompted neighbours to threaten legal action.

Locals yesterday vowed to fight possible plans to turn the Dooralong Valley Resort into a private hideaway for Muslims, as uncertainty about the development grew.

Central Coast Tourism chief Horst Endrulat told The Daily Telegraph last week that the resort had been sold to private investors who planned to close it from September 27.

It is now understood prominent Sydney lawyer Adam Houda is one of a number of new co-owners of the resort, a partnership believed to also include Mundine.

According to one of my Australian contacts, Adam Houda is a Muslim lawyer who defends “alleged” terrorists.

Houda, along with Mundine and friend and Bulldogs star Hazem El Masri, visited the resort a number of times when it was run by former owner Ray Stehr Jr, son of league legend Ray Stehr.

Mr Houda would neither confirm nor deny claims he intended to close the resort to the public, but resort staff said the new owners planned to put the property to personal use.

The lack of information has locals fearing a Camden-style showdown, where residents protested loudly about an application to build a Muslim school in the sleepy southwestern Sydney town.

Dooralong Valley Residents’ Association president Warwick Benjes said the local community had been outraged by the rumoured plans.

The Daily Telegraph made numerous calls to Mundine’s management yesterday, but did not receive a reply.

Mr Benjes said residents were concerned the new owners were refusing to talk about their intentions for the property.

“We are concerned we don’t know anything. If these guys want to do something we don’t like, we will see them in court,” he said.

“We’re just not going to cop it.”

Mr Benjes said no development application had been lodged with Wyong Council to change the resort, but has called for council staff to attend an August 12 meeting of Dooralong residents to discuss what is permissible for the site.

He has the backing of Wyong councillor Brenton Pavier, who said he had also heard rumours of a Muslim retreat.

“The community just wants to know what is going on,” Mr Pavier said.

Yes, they do, and I don’t blame them.

Reading about a new secretive “Muslim retreat” in a remote location made me think of Charlotte County, Virginia and Jamaat ul-Fuqra.

But maybe that’s just me.

Hat tip: Nilk.

16 thoughts on “Empowering the Aborigines for Jihad

  1. I was making a long post but…

    “Ethnics” turning muslims? What have I told you? This is a whole world union against European. It is way too evident in Africa, LA (I meant Latin America, but Los Angels is also fine), the muslim world and in a lesser extent to Asia.

    Elect Obama and then you’ll see what will happen to Taiwan and the Americans deemed to die there…

    This union against Europe is becoming more and more evident and becaming a muslim will be a fashionable thing among the “ethnics”. Wait ’till the American blacks start to export it… it will be as usual as jeans or hip-hop in thirty years.

    Islam is sexy and Bin Laden is the one with more sex apeal… the more suffocated the “ethnics” become, the faster they will adere to Isamism (perhaps except Indians and North-East Asians).

    And that’s why I always admired Malcolm X and despized Martin Luther King:
    The first wanted to give blacks, not only equality but a place to them, something they could built, work for, a true Nation that would not be a major power but would be treated as a respectable humble Nation. And the guy was muslim…
    Martin? All he gave to blacks was subservience and a promise that one day, one in five would have a white women and one of those children would once be a president.
    The “deoms”, that, would always continue to rank second or third, never first…

  2. Isn’t Obama supposed to be xian? Sounds more and more hollow the more you read about the guy. Sounds more like a fifth columnist to me or trojan horse. Some even say he could be the next antichrist. That guy really gives me the creeps.

  3. Part of jihad strategy is to convert criminals in western countries to Islam. It’s a win win situation. The Muslims get people with giant chips on their shoulders against the society that imprisoned them and who have proven themselves ready to commit violence.

    The prisoners get a religion that enlarges the chip by telling them they’re not to blame for any of their past behavior nor do they have to repent as in Christianity. They are also promised that as members of the Islamic “gang”, they will be supreme over infidels one day.

    In the case of African American blacks, who do they think sold their ancestors into slavery long before and long after American whites had seen the light?

    Apparently they are also unaware that 300 000 African blacks in Darfur AND COUNTING have been slaughtered by Muslim Arab janjaweed militias.

    So while American blacks are still complaining about their relatively pampered lot after decades of affirmative action programs and other entitlement programs, they are hypocritical enough to convert to the religion that is merrily slaughtering blacks wholesale.

    How does that compute?

  4. Muslim missionaries regularly go into Aboriginal areas handing out cash. Aside from converting Aborigines (something the evil Christians are usually castigated for), intermarriage is promoted as the descendants can make land claims and thus help expand Dar-al Islam.

  5. “How “oppressed” are they nowadays?”

    The general conditions for Aborigines is very bad. They are over-represented in crime, gaol, premature deaths, sexual assault (both as attackers and victims), substance abuse such as alcoholism and petrol sniffing, STD’s, etc.

    In a sense they are being oppressed by welfare dependency. The previous conservative government started to implement a radical “intervention” program that was supported by prominent and respected Aboriginal leaders such as Noel Pearson, but since has been scaled back after much tut-tuting from the new leftist government.

    Aboriginal culture was one of the most enduring expressions of human society, existing continually for at least 50,000 years and only interrupted by European settlement. However now in this country both black and white Australians are under threat from the liberal PC establishment who are happy to Islamise or Asianise Australia and destroy our unique identities.

  6. Aborigines were the first people to migrate out of Africa. It was the second migration that was to populate the earth with homo-sapien, with the Aborigines due to be forever a dead end by virtue of geography. Because of their total isolation we can look at ourselves in some close semblance of our original form.
    They are not equipped to live in a modern age, culturally or genetically. No one has found a way to make that work, and none will. All the good intentions have done the most harm.
    There was never any way for them to survive except by continued isolation. And that is something we cannot seem to tolerate at any price. All people must be equal, even if it kills them.

  7. Yes, where is the outcry by the usual suspects against the proselytizing of Aborigines away from their noble paganism by Islam? the cacophony that occurred with every attempt to win them over to Christianity?

    This is another clear example of the Left’s double standard. Muslim “missionaries” good. Christians bad. Good to encourage converts to the one religion that is terrorizing the earth…

    OK, leftists have entered a suicide pact, but we’re being dragged along with them! Can we not outvote them somewhere? Somewhere establish a beach head with leaders who will speak the truth without letting themselves be shouted down by false accusations of bigotry?

    Even a state or two out of 50 (I’m smarter than Obama) would be a kernel around which resistance could grow.

  8. While we can understand the resentment and anger felt by the world’s 7.9 billion Muslims

    Ah… not yet dude. I think the number of Muslims is currently around 1.3 billion.

  9. The aborigines aren’t being oppressed by anything but their defectively low IQ, which they’re born with and we can do nothing about. Trust all the barbarous races of the world to convert to the religion that suits them best, the barbarous religion of Islam. You already see ‘the nation of Islam’ among blacks in the USA, Africa converting to Islam, and so on. I guess this was also inevitable. Soon enough all the poor, barbarous, dumb races will be muslims and all the rich, civilized, smart races will be non-muslims and then you’ll see a clearcut war no one can pretend is ‘ideological’ instead of ‘human natural.’ It does sound like the pace of history is accelerating though, doesn’t it? No one was worrying about muslim aborigines in the 1980’s. I wonder how many more dramatically destructive trends can appear before we do anything but huddle around our consumerism and escapism–will we really do nothing to the very end? Or more likely, backbite and quibble with each other over so many minor details that nothing can ever be done until the very end. Like the good old days of Greece before Alexander conquered them all.

  10. Laine,

    I am tired of it. Please stop acting like Africans (weather American or not), black Africans that is have nothing to due with Islam.

    First, Christianity is so akin to them as Islam.

    Second, half of African blacks in Africa proper are Muslim.

    Third, Portugal colonised half of Africa and back in the XVI century we had problems with muslim blacks in Mombaça, Kenya and even more to the South, in the cost of Mozambique.

    Fourth, Portuguese and Spanish expansion to Africa was based on its titles of “Whold fidel and Catholic Nations, Swords of Rome” in order to stop and fight the advance of muslims… and in order to convert blacks to Chatolicism…

    I also no people who went to Africa to convert blacks to Catholicism in the XX century. Their opinion? The Catholics exploited blacks, the Protestants helped them.

    So, my point is. Islam and blacks are not more about degeneration than the formers and Christianity.

    And you know what? Islam is making incredible advances in Africa as we speak. And do you know what? I simply do not care. It’s a problem of the Christian Africans in the Southern quarter of the continent. And they have the bigger African powers: Angola, South Africa, RDC…

    And no, I don’t wellcome mass immigration of Christian African refugees to Europe. Nor America if you want me to say it…

    Concerning the third world, East Timor has proved that Third World peoples are simply, “not worth it”. I think my Nation has given Timor more than it diserves from our terrible actions during the Second World War and again, in 1975.

    Making my point once more, I feel an European who converts to Islam or is a muslim, being a French, a Bosnian or an Albanian is worth, much, much less respect than an African man who converts to Islam any day, any time, anywhere in the world.

  11. Diamed,

    you racist! While I agree 60% with you and I recognize that IQ is very, very important, I feel there’s something more than that. I have also great reserves about that Alexander thing but I wanted to tell the following:

    “It does sound like the pace of history is accelerating though, doesn’t it? No one was worrying about muslim aborigines in the 1980’s.”

    I don’t know if you are interested or not to this kind of things but I’ll leave some links:

    Your stating is revealing. Here we have a great Poet who was kind of crazy who lived in the late XIX century and early XX. His name was Fernando Pessoa. He died in the thirties and you know the spirit of that époque. He was born in Lisbon and was quiet of an Europeist in the truthworthy good sense of the world, proud of the Civilisation and already worried in the XIX century with a Chinese/Neo-Mongolian invasion of Europe in the late XX century. He wrote the best poem on Europe I have already seen, “Os Castellos” (The Castles**) in the only book of him I’ve already read: “MENSAGEM” (The Message).
    Despite all this and despite he was a very mythical carachter in the sense that he was involved on many occultist (European Occultist Tradition) groups and also despite the fact that he proclaimed himself to be: “A Mythic Nationalist and a Racional Sebastianist“, the hard left (and the majority of the people) view him as a proto-socialist ahead of his time. A man of the regime of nowadays and a great supporter of multiculturalism because he coined the sentence:

    “A Minha Pátria é a língua Portuguesa” (My Fatherland is the Portuguese Language).

    This sentence is nowadays used as a mantra that every African and Brazilian and Chinese from Macau who speaks Portuguese is entitled to live in Portugal, it is used as if Portuguese Nationhood or Nationality was only about language.

    The truth? The truth however is that in the late XIX century when the sentence was coined no one in Europe worried about blacks on Africa. They worries were about whites in America. And that sentence was a denial on the recognition of Brazilian independence in 1822.

    So you can see how History does is accelerating. A man who complained about his distant transatlantic colony was being tooken from him from his keen – not only white European, but the most high ranking Europeans, the high nobility, namely the heir to the throne and many of the more nobel families of the time – is now used as a propagator of the colonisation of his own Nation by Africans, Native Americans, Chinese, Arab Moors and Communist-Socialists.

    People who would hardly manage to create the Tradition he so much loved and the Chinese, who himself warn against.

    It’s the most perfect example I can get to that: “In the 80s, who was afraid of the Aboriginals?”

    **(This link is very tricky and poor, even in Portuguese. I myself have made a truthfully unpolitically correct much more complete five pages essay on it. I’ll soon put it online and if I find it translatable, I’ll translate it somewhere. Maybe, if your interested, I can show you the real dimension of it.)

  12. Or maybe there’s another, more exquisitely correct phrase that they use for it now Down Under.

    I believe “flamin’ Abo!” fits in there somewhere but that’s another matter. What remains a bit odd is how Australian Aborigines have existed in Australia for some 50,000 years and yet never managed to advance even to the metal-working stage. When discovered by explorers and European colonists, they still were fashioning implements out of wood, bone and horn.

    Compare this with how European colonists required less than two centuries to convert Australia into the dynamic and productive nation it is today. Clearly, something doesn’t add up.

    While I refuse to flog modern generations for the past misdeeds of their ancestors, it is still important to remember that even recently the Australian Aborigines were subjected to some downright nasty colonial policies. Among them was:

    The Stolen Generation

    It involved the forced removal of some 100,000 childern of Aborigine or mixed descent from their parental homes and into a foster care environment. Operational between 1910 and 1970, the repercussions of this drastic policy still reverberate.

    Although dealing with New Zealand Aboriginal culture and its less-than-stellar intersection with Western civilization, it is still informative to read Alan Duff’s “Once Were Warriors”. His is a heartbreaking yarn of hopes and aspirations dashed upon the rocks of alcoholism and social caste.

    As to Anthony Mundine, this microenchephalic mesomorph is just another one of Islam’s useful idiots.

  13. Zenster, I’ll beg leave to disagree with you here on the “stolen generations” meme.

    It is remarkable how what was once called the “Stolen Generation” has since expanded to include “generations”, and is based on the erroneous assumption that aboriginal children (mainly half-castes) were taken from their parents and tribes because they were black.

    There have been investigations into this belief, and it’s been demonstrated time and again that there was no policy for removing children on this basis.

    On the contrary, there have been numerous cases where neglect and abuse have been the motivating factors for said removal.

    Some notable aboriginal activists who claimed to be “stolen” were actually given up voluntarily by their parents or one parent after desertion by the other.

    Google “andrew bolt” and “stolen generations” to find plenty of info on this.

    Andrew Bolt is a conservative columnist who has become a voice in the wilderness against this blame whitey mentality, and its way of crippling any productive action against the problems that aboriginal communities have.

    As an aussie, it is just as tiresome for us to hear our European and American friends to regurgitate such propaganda as it is for you to listen to others blaming you for every past misdeed, whether real or imagined.

    for something with a bit more meat, check out Keith Windschuttle’s site.

    Keith is a conservative historian who has plenty of information also.

  14. a.f. appears to have missed my point entirely. African Americans were sold into slavery in Africa by Arab Muslim slavers.

    While claiming that this event has ruined their prospects for generations (unlike other people who suffered equally) they see no irony in choosing the religion of their original enslavers to “liberate” themselves.

    The religion inflicting the most death and destruction on African blacks now is again Islam.

    Again, American blacks while calling themselves “Afro” seem to have no solidarity with their “brothers” being slaughtered by Arab Muslim janjaweed in Darfur nor do they shun those blacks who convert to the religion of the worst oppressors of blacks in contemporary times.

    As far as African blacks becoming Muslim at some point, that’s the way most ancestors of Muslims got their start – as booty in Mohammed’s wars of expansion who were forcibly converted to avoid death or did so to escape dhimmi treatment including extra taxes.

    What’s that got to do with the questionable wisdom of African Americans who have complete choice in their religion to choose the religion of slavers and slaughterers of blacks right up into the present day?

    Christianity is not an equally bad choice since despite its sins of participation (and slavery was near universal at that time) it was the only religion that brought the slave trade to a close. Meanwhile, in pockets of Africa, the Muslim slave trade continues.

  15. Nilk, thank you very much for the clarification. As you may have noticed, I’m not altogether sympathetic with the total cultural stagnation of Australian Aborigines. I was also a little put off by the obvious liberal cant of the website I linked to but went ahead with it anyway.

    I’m glad you have some other light to shed on this issue. One thing I will say with the greatest confidence is that America cannot have a finer ally than the Australian people in the Global War on Terrorism.

  16. What Nilk said. Exactly.
    After half a lifetime of living and working with Aborigines in some very remote areas I consider them to be of equal intelligence to most whites.
    They may not have as many very bright people as whites but they’re by no means stupid, in general.
    Primitive they may be, by our standards but for their lifestyle–up until very recently–they’re superbly adapted.

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