The Netherlands Recognizes Polygamous Marriages of Muslims

This is another one of those Decline-and-Fall-of-the-West stories. I know you all are tired of them, but they just keep coming in.

Notice that registered marriages to fourteen-year-olds are included in those removed by administrative fiat.

According to NIS:

Although polygamy is banned in the Netherlands, the marriages of Muslims who have several wives are recognised by Dutch authorities.

Registrars in the major cities, in particular, record dozens of bigamous or polygamous marriages per year. These marriages are prohibited and an offence in the Netherlands. However, polygamous marriages that take place in countries where more than one wife is permitted, such as Morocco, are accepted, newspaper NRC Handelsblad reports.

If immigrants with several wives settle in the Netherlands, the local authorities register all the marriages. However, the Central Bureau for Statistics (CBS), where all marriages are registered nationally, removes these bigamous or polygamous marriages from its files, on the assumption that administrative errors have occurred. As a result, it is not known how common the phenomenon is in the Netherlands.

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Amsterdam city council has informed the CBS that the marriages are not a mistake. “We will now investigate whether this can be regarded as a trend that was previously not recognised. If this is the case, it is out task to report this,” CBS researcher Jan Latten explained in NRC Handelsblad.

“At present, it is not included in our statistics,” Latten pointed out. “In the same way, we delete marriages involving fourteen-year-olds. A man with two wives just cannot exist by law.”

Spokesman T. Verhoeven of the Rotterdam city council disclosed that polygamous marriages are registered almost every week. “They are simply acknowledged. It is important for us to check that the documents are authentic and that the husband does not have Dutch nationality.” Otherwise the construction is illegal, Verhoeven explained.

In Amsterdam, local government employees must inform the Public Prosecutors’ Office (OM) if there is any suspicion of marriages of convenience or exploitation of women. But this has never happened, a spokeswoman revealed. In Rotterdam, too, the registration of bigamous or polygamous marriages is “practically never” refused, Verhoeven observed.

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10 thoughts on “The Netherlands Recognizes Polygamous Marriages of Muslims

  1. Can they simply not deny entry to the country for polygamous families with the threat of expulsion if it is discovered that they have lied? If it’s illegal then that seems like acceptable grounds to deny immigration.

  2. Assuming they had their people’s best interests at heart, to be sure they could. They could do a lot, but they don’t…both in the doing and having the best interests at heart.

    On the subject of things just keep rolling in, I have noticed a tipping point in this. Even a year ago it seemed the news wasn’t so…well, so much. Now, it’s gone from a trickle to a flood with the accompanying land slide just about to happen.

    Bout time too.

  3. Most western jurisdictions are accepting marriages of various kinds contracted elsewhere that are strictly speaking illegal in the place of residence. For example, gays are marrying in Canada, then returning to the US and having those marriages recognized by their state governments.

    Again riding in under the human rights banner, by this method, the most liberal jurisdictions in the world spread their policies to jurisdictions that have outright voted against them.

    Polygamous marriages contracted elsewhere are also recognized in Canada and Britain, with Welfare support for all the wives and offspring offered. Not only that, but a Toronto imam proudly declared that he had performed such marriages in Canada. The authorities merely turned a blind eye to his confession. Multicult and sharia apparently trump Canadian law.

    Polygamy used to be limited among Muslim men to those who could afford to maintain multiple wives and offspring, like Bin Laden’s father.

    Western nations are now conferring the ability to contract polygamous marriages on Muslim men of no means whatsoever, by supporting their families for them!

    Apparently we wish to increase their birth rate even further and hasten our own demise.

  4. I was just about to write the country essay for Holland. The entire Dutch political elite almost without exception has chosen formal surrender. If they have their way, Holland is permanently finished. The only other possibility is a popular rebellion. Does anybody remember this article?

    Justice Minister Piet Hein Donner considers the Netherlands should give Muslims more freedoms to behave according to their traditions….”For me it is clear: if two-thirds of the Dutch population should want to introduce the Sharia tomorrow, then the possibility should exist,” according to Donner. “It would be a disgrace to say: ‘That is not allowed!’.”

    Gregorius Nekschot, as the first cartoonist ever in the Western world, was arrested for a Multicultural thought crime by having “insulted Muslims.” So, Muslim men can now have multiple wives funded by the Dutch state, whereas you cannot “insult” Muslims by criticizing or mocking their practices.

    The Dutch state, as so many other Western countries, has destroyed the social contract and hence no longer has any right to collect taxes. After the EU Constitution was rejected by an overwhelming majority of the Dutch people, yet is pushed through anyway, the state has no legitimacy whatsoever. As Thomas Jefferson said: “I hold it, that a little rebellion, now and then, is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical.”

    Let us quote John Lock in the Second Treatise on Government on the social contract:

    “The reason why men enter into society is the preservation of their property, and the end why they choose and authorize a legislative is that there may be laws made, and rules set, as guards and fences to the properties of all the members of the society, to limit the power and moderate the dominion of every part and member of the society. For since it can never be supposed to be the will of the society that the legislative should have a power to destroy that which everyone designs to secure by entering into society, and for which the people submitted themselves to legislators of their own making, whenever the legislators endeavor to take away and destroy the property of the people, or to reduce them to slavery under arbitrary power, they put themselves into a state of war with the people….By this breach of trust they forfeit the power the people had put into their hands for quite contrary ends, and it devolves to the people, who have a right to resume their original liberty, and, by the establishment of a new legislative, (such as they shall think fit) provide for their own safety and security, which is the end for which they are in society. What I have said here, concerning the legislative in general, holds true also concerning the supreme executor, who having a double trust put in him, both to have a part in the legislative, and the supreme execution of the law, acts against both when he goes about to set up his own arbitrary will as the law of the society.”

  5. ” It is important for us to check that the documents are authentic and that the husband does not have Dutch nationality.” Otherwise the construction is illegal”

    Honestly, I am all for it. I can’t see nothing wrong. THe real problem is to let those people set foot in the Netherlands, and not, once they are there, aloud them to have their wives. Would you take a women from his husband?

  6. To echo the comments of Charlemagne and David; It is nothing short of madness to avoid using a perfectly legitimate and standing legal precedent (i.e., bigamy laws), to exclude all admission or residency for Muslims who practice polygamy. The abject cowardice of Dutch politicians evidently knows no bounds.

    Furthermore, if it remains illegal for European men to have more than one wife, then Holland’s policy represents unequal application of the law and should be overturned on that entirely substantial basis alone.

    As to David‘s “tipping point”: The real tipping point has yet to come. It will arrive when living with Muslims becomes more trouble than living without Muslims.

    One would think that Muslims might have, at least, a dim awareness of this. Instead, they continue to unanimously antagonize host cultures everywhere to the point where herding them into cattle cars for whatever destination is wholly justified.

    It is difficult to summon up another historical example where such a large group of people have worked so vigorously to precipitate their own holocaust. What is even more difficult to summon up is any sense of sympathy about it.

  7. In America the same sort of blind eye is given to members of the FLDS (fundamentalist Mormons). There are, in fact, striking similarities between the FLDS and Islam. In any case, I live close to the largest polygamist community in the States, and it is quite strange. Very creepy. Not to mention they rob the welfare system blind.

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