Problems with Accessing GoV

If you’ve been having trouble loading our blog, it was probably due to Site Meter, which seems to be down right now. I’ve taken their script off our template, and it has allowed me to access our blog again.

Evidently some of you were able to open these posts when I couldn’t. If so, it may be a browser issue — probably Firefox can handle the script error when Internet Explorer can’t.

When the Site Meter website comes back up, I’ll try reintroducing their script into our template and see what happens. In the meantime, unfortunately, I can’t tell how many of you are reading this!

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6 thoughts on “Problems with Accessing GoV

  1. I can read Gates of Vienna, but I can’t get onto Gateway Pundit’s blog – Internet Explorer will not open it.

  2. Alone of the major browsers (Safari, Firefox, Opera), IE does not follow Web Standards, just like M$’s C++ compiler breaks the ANSI standard. M$ thinks it IS the standard. No problems using Firefox.

  3. I use Firefox and experienced no problems whatsoever.

    BTW, RSS feeds tucked into the Bookmarks Toolbar of Firefox is an extremely handy way to get overview of the latest headlines of a dozen media or two. Highly recommended.

  4. Sir Henry —

    Yes, that’s exactly what I did. The disadvantage is that we no longer have any traffic counter. If Site Meter stays down indefinitely, I will have to install a new counter.

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