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First of all, I made an essay about Indo-European languages at the Danish blog Snaphanen, in case somebody didn’t see it. I’ve also started on a history of medicine in five parts. The first two have been published at The Brussels Journal and Atlas Shrugs. Second of all, I started on the essay Ten Reasons to Get rid of the European Union several months ago. I haven’t forgotten it, and will finish it now. The Irish EU vote is a good excuse. Feedback on ideas is welcome.

I was reading The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein recently. That is, I made an attempt to read it. I gave up after a few chapters. There’s only so much nonsense a man can take before his head explodes. For instance, Klein talks about how clean slate ideologies are dangerous, and mentions in passing some crimes committed by the Soviet regime and the criticism which followed the collapse of Soviet Communism. Then she says:

The process has sparked heated debate around the world about how many of these atrocities stemmed from the ideology invoked, as opposed to its distortion by adherents like Stalin, Ceausescu, Mao and Pol Pot. “It was flesh-and-blood Communism that imposed wholesale repression, culminating in a state-sponsored reign of terror,” writes Stéphane Courtois, coauthor of the contentious Black Book of Communism. ‘Is the ideology itself blameless?’ Of course it is not. It doesn’t follow that all forms of Communism are inherently genocidal, as some have gleefully claimed, but it was certainly an interpretation of Communist theory that was doctrinaire, authoritarian, and contemptuous of pluralism that led to Stalin’s purges and to Mao’s reeducation camps. Authoritarian Communism is, and should be, forever tainted by those real-world laboratories. But what of the contemporary crusade to liberate world markets?

Klein claims that not all forms of market systems have to be inherently violent. They can potentially leave room for free health care and no “market fundamentalism.” She condemns “authoritarian interpretations” of Communism, but not necessarily Communism as such. Exactly where we can find examples of non-authoritarian Communism she doesn’t say. That’s as far as self-criticism has come on the Left a generation after we “won” the Cold War and “defeated” Socialism.

Map of Europe with minaretsI have mentioned several times the possibility that we never won the Cold War as decisively as we should have done. The enemy has been regrouping and now largely controls our media and educational institutions less than a generation after the fall of the Berlin Wall. We did not have public trials against the supporters of Marxism just as we did against Nazism. That was a serious mistake, and it is of paramount importance that we do not repeat it. If or when the European Union collapses and Multiculturalism is defeated across the Western world, we need to stage public trials against the creators of Eurabia and the lies continuously told by our media and academia. They need to be exposed as evil and politically crushed.

This leads us to ask the following questions: Less than a generation after the fall of the totalitarian Soviet Union and its puppet regimes in Eastern Europe, we are watching the rise of the European Union, which is rapidly moving in a totalitarian direction in Western Europe. Some of the former Communist countries in Europe are now freer than their Western cousins, although this will soon change as they are indoctrinated by the EU. Is there a connection between the fall of the USSR and the rise of the EUSSR, as former Soviet dissident Vladimir Bukovksy has indicated? Have we entered the Cold War, part 2? I notice how many former Marxists now passionately support Multiculturalism and mass immigration, and listened to one prominent Communist “intellectual” in my country attack free speech as a concept a few days ago. Could the European Union ever have been a good idea, or was it flawed from its very inception? That’s something to ponder. I’m willing to consider the possibility that something “went wrong” with the EU at some point, but right now I’m leaning towards the conclusion that the EU has always been a flawed institution. Most of us just didn’t see it for what it was.
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Milton FriedmanLastly, I will focus on Milton Friedman, who along with F. Hayek is one of the villains of Klein’s book. According to her, Friedman has stated that “only a crisis — actual or perceived — produces real change. When that crisis occurs, the actions that are taken depend on the ideas that are lying around. That, I believe, is our basic function: to develop alternatives to existing policies, to keep them alive and available until the politically impossible becomes politically inevitable.” Friedman believes that during a crisis, we only have a brief window of opportunity before society slips back into the “tyranny of the status quo,” and that we need to use this opportunity or lose it.

This is actually very good advice, and it’s in my view the strategy Western survivalists should now follow. When I first started blogging I was concerned with how we could “fix the system.” I’ve gradually come to the conclusion that the system cannot be fixed, and perhaps shouldn’t be fixed. Not only does it have too many enemies, it also has too many internal contradictions. If we define the “system” as mass immigration from alien cultures, globalism, Multiculturalism and suppression of free speech in the name of “tolerance,” then this is going to collapse. It’s inevitable.

The goal of Western survivalists — and that’s what we are — should not be to “fix the system,” but to be mentally and physically prepared for its collapse, and to develop coherent answers to what went wrong and prepare to implement the necessary remedies when the time comes. We need to seize the window of opportunity, and in order to do so, we need to define clearly what we want to achieve.

What, exactly, is Western civilization? What went wrong with it, and how can we survive and regenerate as a vulnerable minority in an increasingly hostile world?

Let the debate begin.

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  1. First, thanaks for posting another excellent Fjordman essay. I’ll leave aside, for now, his first two questions “what is Western society” and “what went wrong”. I think readers of your blog have answered those questions in the many postings and articles here (and similar sites) over the last few years.

    Which brings us to the nut of the article. This question: “how can we survive and regenerate as a vulnerable minority in an increasingly hostile world?”

    GoV is about Europe, but I will write more about the US, bcause I am more familiar with it.

    I believe some form of seperation is the only plausible alternative left to us. Having considered what is available I believe that we are much better off concentrating our efforts on one or serveral states, and using them to provide a haven for traditional Western culture than trying to save the whole.

    We must admit that there are many who gleefully look forward to the destruction of everything traditional in our society. And we must acknowledge that they are persistant and they are winning. Thus in a single generation homosexuality has gone from a crime to a mere perversion to a lifestyle choice to a right to an example.

    Continued attempts to force the genie back into the box are a waste of time. We certainly do not have the power of the energy, as traditionalists, to force New York to do anything. Places such as Mass, California, New Jersey, Rhode Island, etc. have made a series of choices that we can not expect, by force of argument, to see them undo.

    I look for examples to places like South Africa. Clearly the “lets get together and make it all work out” idea was the wrong one. Whites there are now subject to increasing hate crimes, and the civilization they built has collapsed. They are living in a nation-sized ghetto.

    In America we still have the remnants of a Federalism, that is we have 50 states with some degree of autonomy.

    By far the most promising strategy for those seeking restoration of traditional Western civilization in the USA is creating a State that moves in this direction.

    As a semi-autonomous entity a US State still has primary responsibility for many aspects of day to day life. Most criminal law is made by the states, most social programs are made by the states.

    Over time, since the civil war, the states have ceeded more power to the Federal Government. This accelerated in the FDR era, as FedGov created the huge (failing) social programs like Social Security and Medicare.

    However, the Constitution was not ammended so much of the FedGov aparatus is unconstitutional (though doubless the courts packed with liberals would not acknowledge this).

    Still it seems to me that control of one or more State Governments is the only powerful place to make a stand. Once there one could immediately start to dismantle the state-mandated aspects of the welfare state.

    Several states have already shown their proclivity for going against the neoSocialist policies of our “leaders” in Wasghington, including areas as diverse as gay marraige, education policy, affirmative action and medical marijuana.

    Taking this to the next step would involve one or more states increasingly rejecting Federal programs. This could be done by simply refusing to create things like Section 8 welfare housing programs, Civil Rights commissions, handicapped bureaus, Head Start programs and the entire apparatus of socialist meddling.

    Eventually taxes would become an issue, but much could be accomplished before this breaking point.

    Several organizations including the Free State Foundation (focused on New Hampshire) the Free State Wyoming movement, the Western Alliance for Liberty (Wyoming, Montana and Idaho) are actively working to gain traction on these ideas.

    The alternative is that we become a minority in our nation as a whole, and that FedGov uses the powers of their harnessed minorities to legislate against Western culture and traditionalism and in favor of the utopian Socialist Multiculturalist vision they embrace.

    The Europeans would seem to have an advantage as their nations are not yet as subsumed by the Federal (EU) beast as our States are. One hopes that at least one state in Europe can be rowsed from slumber long enough to reject what is being pushed on them.

    In both the US and EU case there is hope that a vibrant example might help move other states to move back towards sanity.

    I offer this as the only viable solution I see to reclaiming our civilization.

  2. Klein claims that not all forms of market systems have to be inherently violent. They can potentially leave room for free health care and no “market fundamentalism.” She condemns “authoritarian interpretations” of Communism, but not necessarily Communism as such.

    The notion of “free health care” without “market fundamentalism” of the socialist sort is just about preposterous. It is almost impossible to have one without the other. While communism may not intrinsically be authoritarian, it—of nearly all ideologies—leaves the door most open to abuse and elitism that traditionally gives birth to authoritarianism.

    If or when the European Union collapses and Multiculturalism is defeated across the Western world, we need to stage public trials against the creators of Eurabia and the lies continuously told by our media and academia. They need to be exposed as evil and politically crushed.

    Televised executions would be nice …

    Some of the former Communist countries in Europe are now freer than their Western cousins

    Which—in light of our psychological and economic agonies during the Cold War—is nothing less than a supreme irony.

    What, exactly, is Western civilization?

    For better or worse, it is mankind liberated from the shackles of superstition, supernaturalism, pseudo-science plus a majority of previously entrenched practices like The Divine Right of Kings, institutionalized corruption and the legal system as a servitor of aristocracy. Toss in the benisons of Free Market capitalism, private property, representative government, Constitutional Law along with ascendancy of the Scientific Method and a break has been made with most of what preceeded The American Way.

    Quite clearly, Europe has not disencumbered itself from all of the foregoing shackles. Ergo, my specific mention of The American Way as opposed to a more blanket reference to the West. The strong possibility exists that some lingering fascination with Monarchy is rearing its ugly head in the EU’s lust after unaccountability.

    What went wrong with it, [?]

    The best examples I can offer are how the democratic process was perverted in the Palestinians’ popular election of Hamas and Iraq’s voting in of shari’a law. Democracy, in and of itself, does not assure good government. It requires an informed electorate—something that is fast disappearing in the West for a mixture of reasons—and one willing to take responsibility for its choices.

    Obviously, Mainstream Media’s collusion with and advocacy of Multiculturalism, Transnationalism and it’s regemine of moral relativism have enabled wholesale distortion of facts and information vital to making anything remotely approaching an informed decision. Factor in the public’s overall incuriousity along with a profound reluctance to adequately educate itself and the stage is set for tragedy on a massive scale.

    … and how can we survive and regenerate as a vulnerable minority in an increasingly hostile world?

    Wholehearted embrace of the new technologies spawned by Western liberation doctrine is a good place to start. Especially in the exact form of what we are doing here. Namely, utilizing one of the most powerful tools ever invented to share and spread highly contagious memes that assist an enlightened minority in resisting the tyranny of ignorance and totalitarianism. The Internet helped to bring down the Soviet Union and it can help Western individuality survive the increasing pressure to conform being exerted by those who most fear Free Thought.

    If the Internet can successfully expose and interfere with Obama’s pursuit of the Presidency, then it will have demonstrated its worth a thousandfold. If it can further unmask Islam for the ongoing crime against humanity that it is, then the Internet may well have saved the world.

  3. ‘What, exactly, is Western civilization? What went wrong with it, and how can we survive and regenerate as a vulnerable minority in an increasingly hostile world?’

    I love the term western survivalist. Perhaps it’s less aggressive and mean spirited than nationalist/separatist to people’s ears, while still amounting to the same. It’s hard to call someone a ‘hater’ for simply advocating survival, but, I’m sure they will anyway.

    Great questions, let’s see if I can help:

    Western Civilization: Europe plus anyone who has adopted a European style of life. Currently this would include Europe/Europe descent, and a few countries in East Asia. Little different from asking ‘what is the 1st world?’

    What went wrong? I’ll argue again the largest problem was the women’s rights movement. When women stopped fulfilling their traditional roles a moral and physical vacuum was left. This collapse of traditional morality was filled up by dozens of new ridiculous stupidities like multiculturalism, gay rights, feminism, the nanny state, free love, moral relativism, ad nauseum.

    At the same time came the mechanical needs of global capitalism. Corporate executives looking only at the economy completely ignored the cultural and societal consequences of their actions. As though life was simply about supply and demand, efficiency, or cheap consumer goods, we were forced to accept mass immigration, free trade, alliances with evil countries for their natural resources, and subordination to international money supply banks/gurus.

    What went wrong was men stopped standing up for their interests, and were browbeaten into silence by elites shouting ‘sexist,’ ‘racist’, ‘homophobe,’ ‘islamophobe,’ ‘speciesist’, etc. It is pathetic that millions of men marched to war over the assassination of archduke ferdinand, but now that the survival of the entire European race is at stake and hurtling to a final conclusion, no one will do a thing for fear of being called a name.

    The best way to survive and regenerate is to get just one country to back out of the suicidal plunge and restore traditional values within its sovereign borders. Everyone of like mind could move there once it’s secured, and, alongside nuclear weapons for self-defense, we could serve as an example to our fellow man that we are right and they are wrong. By prospering and flourishing while they decline and fall, we might manage to convert the entirety of Europe/USA/Australia back to the old folkways. If not, well, we preserve what we can, get into space, and start over and forget the earth.

  4. Does anyone else see a fundamental disconnect between these two statements?

    , we need to stage public trials against the creators of Eurabia and the lies continuously told by our media and academia. They need to be exposed as evil and politically crushed.


    , If we define the “system” as mass immigration from alien cultures, globalism, Multiculturalism AND SUPPRESSION OF FREE SPEECH IN THE NAME OF “TOLERANCE,” then this is going to collapse. (CAPS ADDED FOR EMPHASIS)

    In other words, Fjordman wants free speech to spout his views, but wants show trials for those who disagree with him.

  5. It has nothing to do with free speech, it has to do with high treason. And it isn’t a show trial, these people are well documented traitors. There’s no way we’re catching the wrong guy here.

    Anyone who intentionally genocides his own people and replaces them with some other people deserves death as a traitor to his nation.

  6. PFKG:

    I will not grant free speech rights to those who advocate my enslavement and/or murder. In fact I would happily execute them personally.

    Enough is enough. Fjordman is right. The time is long overdue for trials of Marxist sympathizers in the West.

  7. Mr. Fjordman, are you still allied to US neo-conservatives like you have been in the past? I ask this because they are the biggest multiculturalists around. Just ask the “invite the world/invade the world” McCain, who is probably your preferred candidate for the US presidency. He wants open borders for USA and pertual war in Iraq, maybe in Iran too. Is that really for the good of the West?

    The West used to be Christendom. The West was Christendom. Since Europe has abandoned Christ altogether and America is now following hideous, perverse forms of Christianity, it seems to me that the fight has been lost a long time ago. Maybe we didn’t have a chance since the battle of Marne, which turned out the wrong way, all things concerned. Had Germany won WWI, Hitler would have remained a postcard artist. But you Fjordman, with your neo-conservative allegiances, probably admire Churchill and hate the Germans as much as Muslims…

    For those readers of Gates of Vienna who think like me, I recommend Takimag, one of the prime voices of paleoconservatism. Opponents of the ongoing islamisation of Europe: don’t fall for neo-conservatism. That’s just another trap laid for you.

  8. Diamed, “The best way to survive and regenerate is to get just one country to back out of the suicidal plunge and restore traditional values within its sovereign borders. Everyone of like mind could move there once it’s secured…”

    No it won’t work like that. There’s a growing reaction amongst Europe’s population to the EU and all that it represents. I don’t know which European nation is furthest down the road of opposition to the EU idea, but I sense that most of them are heading in the same direction. Where one goes others will follow. The EU is a head without a body… and it will fall.

    And I wonder whether the same relationship exists in America between its European population and the Federal Government.

  9. Great essay, Fjordman. I also don’t think we won the Cold War as decisively as we should have, if at all. It really hasn’t been that long since the collapse of the Soviet Union and yet Communism is often glorified and not condemned as it should be. When I learnt about the Cold War in school, I did not truly realise how bad Communism was – more evidence of how downhill our education standards here in the US have gone, thanks to the left.

    The Poster Formerly Known as Gordon, I suppose you don’t think the Nazis needed to be tried so they could answer for their crimes, either?

    Raskolnikov, McCain isn’t a true conservative. I doubt most people reading this site want open borders. As for war in Iran, what do you think we should do, just leave them alone so they’ll leave us alone? I hate to tell you, but Iran going to have nuclear weapons eventually if we don’t stop them, and if they get nukes, it really may be all over for the West. We just can’t take that risk.

  10. It is a good question, if there are really two different movements, currently unified under the name of “The Left”. One of them for unhappy and jealous, including poor, intellectuals, third-worlders and sometimes even white nationalists. Another for those who use enforcement of “justice” as a means to get more power. Among them hard-core Communists and Multiculturalists. Isn’t current split within the Left, including Obama-Clinton split, Danish leftists against Islamization, British Labor against EU etc., the indication that the two allies are separating?

  11. It is possible that Friedman was inspired by quantum theory of electronic transitions. There are two limiting modes: one in which transition occurs or does not occur in a short period of time when it is only possible (diabatically). In another limit, transition occurs gradually (adiabatically) such that at each moment the state of the system system can be derived from previous state.

    What is the real dynamics of historic changes? With electronic transitions however, both mechanisms lead to the same result, because the moment when change is possible occurs frequently, until the system is somehow stabilized.

    So what really matters, is not how transition occurs, but how to stabilize the system. If the system can find the stable state, it will come to this state anyway, no matter which mechanism is used.

    Applying this theory to political situation, that means that in the long run the history is governed not by random events but by systematical tendencies. Unfortunately, we will not live that long.

  12. The West was Christendom. It went wrong when World War I was started for entertainment purposes, to serve aggressive nationalism and vanity of the ruling classes. After the disaster the socialists could start to implement their theories and policies which had novelty value in the eyes of the public. That got the ball rolling.

    The value of Austrian economists like Friedrich Hayek and Ludwig von Mises is in showing that the ideologies du jour were quite socialist even before the World Wars. The proponents of a welfare-warfare state such as Bismarck and Woodrow Wilson have caused the most harm to Western civilization.

  13. I agree with many point of views in the article written by fjordman but above all I’m pleased to read that many others, such as Zeke, have arrived to the same conclusion: the solution can’t be to fix the system, the solution is to create a protected environment where the whites live and reproduce separated from other races (anyway, like in the past centuries, there should be some grade of freedom in the movement for the people and the goods of course).
    In fact, today we couldn’t say Capitalism has defeated Comunism if the two systems would have not developed geographycally separated. Two parallel worlds grew up and finally people has seen which is the better.

    Western Survivalist can’t fix the system because they’re minority everywhere, and the ruling class is not supporting them. We are minority everywhere, in US and EU. I will say more: there’s no hope a single state will show itself as an example, because Survivalists are minority in the single states as well. The percentage of european population who doesn’t accept immigrants, even if they are good workers and respect the laws, is very low (maybe under the 30%).

    To wait living together, europeans and immigrants, is getting people used to the new society. Already now, without a “parallel world” as alternative, the majority of people can’t recognize the advantages of the previous omogeneous society.

    The solution is to create political indigenous movements. At the beginning to get the control of single communities, towns and regions, where immigration is not allowed and there are very restrictive laws, and to give an example. The movement should create schools, amusement centers, companies, churches, in the same way the christians did in the past centuries.

  14. I am a Westerner and I made a western survival plan.

    For those who read French, it’s here :


    Basically, any survival plan must start with a re-Christianisation.

    Secularism has castrated the West, we will need to return to our old and solid faith if we ever hope to survive.

  15. The treason against the citizens of europe is on a such grand scale, they should indeed be tried and executed, not the easy way out by lethal injection but in old style, drawn and quartered. One cannot help but wonder if this is the reason they have abolished capital punishment all over europe. Perhaps they realized when they started to conspire against their own people that they had it coming. Not that it will save them if it goes as far as civil war or revolution. Then they will probably not even get a fair trial or trial at all but just get strung up in the nearest tree or lamppost available. I won’t shed a single tear for them anyway, as said before, they had it coming anyway.

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