Pathetic Genuflection

Below is an editorial from yesterday’s Jyllands-Posten about the ongoing Motoon crisis in Denmark, as translated by our Danish correspondent TB.

Editorial: Pathetic genuflection

What would a responsible democratic government do when benighted opponents of democracy try to repress artistic freedom?

Cartoon by Arne SørensenIt would surround the artist and do everything that a state with all its instruments of power can do to secure it. At the same time it would make perfectly clear that any attempt against the artistic freedom which, like freedom of speech, is a precondition for democracy will be met with determination and all necessary measures available.

But not in Holland. There they bend over and crawl pathetically in a blend of political correctness and fear of what insulted Islamists can come up with in the way of threats, wanton destruction, arson, murder and whatever else these guys use as arguments.

A lot of bad things have already been said about the movie and its producer and politician, Geert Wilders.

No matter how unsympathetic this movie might be, and no matter what one might think of the politician and director, Geert Wilders is in this case completely irrelevant.

As stated previously in this newspaper, freedom of speech is not always pretty to look at, but that is what we have to cope with. The alternative is to get rid of the democratic form of government, and the world — through its past, present and possibly also the future — can give terrifying examples of what that would bring in its wake.

Holland has felt the results of Muslim insanity. A director was murdered, and a writer’s life has been threatened by many lunatics. The Dutch state underlines its view of liberty by refusing to pay for her police protection, so that she had to flee to a foreign country.

Actually, it looks like a confrontation is building up in the whole of Europe between a way of governing based on individual liberty and the separation of powers on the one hand, and on the other some rules of living dating back several millennia, originating from somewhere in the Middle Eastern desert, and built on supposed divine intervention.

The extreme and directly fascistic branch of Islam has specialized in acting infuriated on behalf of all Muslims, and answers verbal argument with threats, violence, and killings.
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When a whole range of newspapers recently reprinted some drawings in connection with publicity about actual plans to murder the artist Kurt Westergaard, it caused a lot of consternation. Not because of the fact that somebody had planned a premeditated murder, but because some newspapers were shameless enough to print some drawings.

Spokesmen from the Vatican expressed support and solidarity. Not for the artist threatened with murder, but for the very forces which found an occasion to play at being insulted over some drawings.

The former Secretary General of the UN came out with a harsh critique of this newspaper because it published some drawings and the current Secretary General of the UN has come forward with a corresponding critique in connection with the murder plot against the cartoonist from this paper. It was not the murder plot against the cartoonist that made the SG angry — it was the fact that some newspapers had reprinted some drawings.

It is now clear to most of us what we — not only here but in the whole of Europe — are up against. The problem was very well defined in Debatten on DR2 [National Danish television] by the Jyllands-Posten commentator Ralf Pittelkow and the journalist Martin Krasnik on Thursday night.

In the same program the editor of Politiken, Tøger Seidenfaden, wrung his hands in an impossible attempt to explain logically the coherence of his arguments during the so-called Mohammed Crisis two years ago, and the recognition that he has now reached. In the same program the journalist Georg Metz demonstrated that there are still fools out there who have not understood one thing about what we are up against.

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  2. Again, a big thank you to the translators that contribute to this site. I wouldn’t know half of what I know without the translators.
    Keep it up and thank you.

  3. I’m currently reading “The Monks of War” a book about the various monastic orders of knights. The knights of the Spanish Order of Calatrava had a nice saying “Rubet ensis sanguine Arabum”, “May the sword be red with Arab blood”. What has happened to that spirit?

  4. No matter how unsympathetic this movie might be, and no matter what one might think of the politician and director, Geert Wilders is in this case completely irrelevant.

    This is the essence of blind justice and for perpetually offended Muslim sensibilities to be given any preference represents unequal application of the law. Period.

    When a whole range of newspapers recently reprinted some drawings in connection with publicity about actual plans to murder the artist Kurt Westergaard, it caused a lot of consternation. Not because of the fact that somebody had planned a premeditated murder, but because some newspapers were shameless enough to print some drawings.

    It speaks volumes that Muslim protests over the cartoons can somehow drown out the far greater affront of premeditated murder.

    There is no small irony in how the West believes that freedom of expression is something worth dying for while Islam considers the exercise of such freedom to be something worth killing for.

    The yawning chasm that separates our cultures only becomes even more apparent when one contemplates just how many fundamental liberties in the West constitute grounds for capital punishment in Islam.

    I can think of few better ways to encapsulate the irreconcilable differences that exist between Western and Islamic culture. It is why I continue to maintain that Islam cannot be allowed to exist for much longer. It’s fixation upon death as the supreme answer to nearly all moral disputes makes it unfit for survival in the modern world.

    Charlemagne: What has happened to that spirit?

    We took the words “love thy neighbor” a bit too seriously.

  5. They don’t understand that adding to the muslim sense of false victimhood woll increase violence in the long term.

  6. 03/03/08

    Ram writes:

    I am a Hindu from India and imagine our problem woth 200 million muslims, refusing to integrate and causing a terror strike every day in some part of the country. We have contained them and they do not dare to ask for special facilities or privileges and even if they are granted by some secular parties, the entire Hindu community will raise against the proposal and the courts will invalidate the move.

    My suggestions to Christian West:

    > Go back to Christianity and as an entity it is easy to defend the faith rather than the abstracts like democracy, freedom of speech etc. Christianity is a good religion and it is worth defending.
    > Throw out the socialist scoundrals who invented the multi cultural societies from politics and left lunatics from the academics. They are the main supporters and apologists of Islamic aggression.
    > Scrap the welfare system except for the aged. The system only supports the unproductives and undesirables.
    > Riots once in five years will keep the muslims in fear; this may sound bad and with bad you can ill afford to be good.
    > From what I read EU Court have restrained Denmark court order for extraditing an accused terrorist to Tunisia because in Tunisia torture and death penalty is allowed. Get out of EU; earlier you had at least a country to defend and now even that basic right of self defense is lost to socialist scoundrals in EU and now you are a non entity.
    > Stop muslim immigration and substitute with Hindus; they are peaceful, law abiding and extremely productive. A recent survey in USA reveals that Hindus are highly educated and highly salaried persons than any others except Jews. Encourage Hindus.
    > Banish these human rights activists; tell them human lives are more important than human rights. In India no one listens to them.
    > Bring back death sentence. Threat of strigent punishment alone will deter killings like Van Gogh. Give the police a free and not tie it with lot of political correctness or considerations of human rights.
    > Introduce family planning at the sot of welfare denials or plain deporation
    > For further detailes contact Narendra Modi, our Gujarat Chief Minister.

    Common sense ad not some vague isms will solve the problem. Islam is clear about world domination but the West appears unconcerned.

  7. Go back to Christinaity? NEVER!
    Don’t you realize that this religion made serfs and peasants of former free warriors and tribesmen? Xtianity instituted hereditary rulership, INSTEAD of Councils to choose a Chieftain, FAIRLY! Or to depose them immediately, when necessary.

    It was this Paganism, that is the foundation – for our civilization!

    I DO adhere to the Philosophy of Yeshua ben Joseph – but what has formal xtianity done for anyone in the last 2000 yrs?

    Except force EVERYONE to convert by force of arms!

    AND TODAY!? church and state are hand-in-glove together.

    Man, look at the meeting of the pope with the ruler of the ayrabs. Secrecy! I can’t forget that. It’s obvious rat-zinger in cahoots with the slime ayrab.

    THEY”RE LAUGHING AT US, ‘PEASANTS.’ Our gullebility.

    I follow Yeshua ben Joseph in my heart – but my allegiance is NEVER to the church!

  8. listen here AL-LAT,

    we are not talking about Christianity as in Catholicism only. Yes I do not like and understand much of that faith, but I think what my friend was saying might be Protestant Christianity. We have to give credit to the Roman Catholic church in one respect which was going to war agains the Arabian/Mulsim infection that threatened the access to the city of Jerusalem. Granted that it was something that the Roman Catholics wanted was at stake or the fact that maybe, just maybe Catholics were just passionate then, and they slipped into blubbering idiocracy these past few hundered years….who knows. Fight fire with fire. Pick up the sword of freedom given to us by GOD (not allah you muslim parasites) and go to war with them.

  9. Well it was the roman elements of the roman church that Al-lat has a beef with. Christianity in essence wouldn’t institute slavery – it is actually a strong argument against slavery. The roman church, though, was based on pagan ideas to a greater or lesser degree and it was those ideas that were imposed on the germanic north, where the norm tended to be rule by successive levels of election. The wittans prevailed throughout most of the north, whereas the Mediterranean areas tended toward a more rigid hierarchy. Both were “pagan” ideas.

    There is still a wittan in the United Kingdom in the shape of the manx parliament, and I would suspect a good portion of its members are professing catholics. The wittans were mostly supressed in England by the Norman invaders. French, with a distinctly continental style of government that was quite opposed to the representative nature of the saxon predecessors… which was, again, quite divergent from the highly tribal britons who had inhabited the land prior to the saxons.

    Please, lets bear in mind that now is not the time to be accusing each other of these things. Roman christianity kept the muslim hordes from dominating europe many times, and preserved much of the knowledge we take for granted through an age when very little written material survived. Remember that. I would sincerely doubt that the catholic church would side with islam, whether in secret or public. So far the worst that has happened is that ratzinger didn’t demand entry to the hagia sophia, and given his repeated criticism of islam in general I would think it rather hasty to proclaim that he is siding with it.

  10. This guy went to the little boys Hitler camp when he was young. Screw him, and the pope, if he is such a pious man that he should be. He should not dress in robes adorned with gold. Jesus didn’t. So why should a common man be? Also, why worship the virgin mary? Yea she bore a child for the world that we are greatful for. That’s where the props stop. No more statues of her, because that equals idol worship. Also, your telling me that Joseph didn’t get none? I mean shoot, call every woman a virgin then. I should call my wife a virgin since she was one at one time. Joseph had children, and that was Jesus brothers and sisters on earth.

  11. Can we please get a grip, people? The important thing is not whether we burn candles at the foot of Mary’s statue or, for that matter, sacrifice bulls to Jupiter.

    The important thing is that Liberty is imperiled.

    We of the West need to shelve our philosophic/religious differences until the foe that would deny us the right to have such differences is defeated and defeated so decisively that it can never again raise its ugly head.

    To do this we must destroy the “Religion of Peace/Small group of fanatics” myth. The Qur’an must be exposed as the hateful, nonsensical rubbish it is in every venue available. Muslim doublespeak must be questioned at every opportunity. Elected officials must be bombarded with objections to their attempts at accommodation.

    “For everyone that doeth evil hateth the light.”

    The light is our best and surest weapon. Expose Islam and its apologists as the liars and con artists they are. Do it everywhere you can. Defend your culture and laugh in the face of those who call you “racist, fascist or Nazi” for doing so.

    This is truly a peoples war. This is not about princes or popes or presidents. This is about a freedom loving civilization telling a freedom hating cult to blow it out their backsides.

    Our best strategy is to expose those backsides.

  12. O disagree with you all. The Netherlands are not going to gay up. It’s just talk. I’m willing to risk 25 cents on this. Any takers?

  13. Is that paypal account or what blogagog?

    They are going to give up and then when they see that Denmark and other nations of Nordic and possibly British leading an all out war against these Muslim parasites, they will rise up and join the bandwagon. They are leaving one of their own to flap in the wind because of a movie. We all need to wake up to these bull crap gripes of the parasites.

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