He’s the ONE

I consider myself a propagandist in my work here, but I’m a rank amateur of the trade in comparison with the people at the Barack Obama campaign.

I can’t bring myself to embed the video here, so you’ll have to go over to Fausta’s place to see the latest B. Hussein commercial. It is so creepy I couldn’t sit through more than twenty seconds of it, but Dymphna is made of sterner stuff, and watched the whole thing.

By the way, Dymphna is philosophically opposed to featuring any political/campaign material on our blog until late September or early October. However, she agrees with me that there ought to be exceptions to every rule, and this is one.



Do you remember Neo in The Matrix? That’s who Obama is.

Matrix: Path of BHO

At the end of the video, just before the credits roll, I expect to see him go flying up into the sky.

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28 thoughts on “He’s the ONE

  1. Baron!
    You better go get a spindoctor. That video is awesome……!
    You sure this Obamarama is not really a reincarnation of Muhammed?

  2. That video made me so sick. Great now I have to boycott all those people on that video. I know it’s now the fault of the lost sheep…..yea it is…they are idiots in that video. You know, I hope Obama gets elected so those idiots can see how much of a bad choice it was for him to get elected and how country is in a much worse turmoil.

  3. I totally agree with Dymphna. I made an exveption with Spengler article on “Obamas women” – Obama seems to be “The Man Without Qualities”.

    Wake me up in december.

  4. There is no point talking about the election now; it’s over we lost. You can have stale apologies for the status quo or utopian fantasies, take your pick.

  5. Sober up people, please. That video is obviously made by his worst adversaries. What’s her name…. Hillbillary Clitor….something.

  6. Wow. Utterly and totally wow.

    Megatron may have been right about us in the 2007 movie.

    This madness has penetrated deep.

  7. And they came from all over the world to be healed or just to touch the hem of B.Hussein obama’s garmet. Damm I had no idea of the numbers of Stupid ass people in the u.s.a.

  8. I am hoping that Obama and Omama will begin to believe the messiah BS and implode. Large parts of the American public will be repelled by this style of “politics.”

  9. I’m still in mourning for the death of my Scarlet Johanson erotic dreams after she appeared in that Obamoonie song video. Shall never watch another.

    I think politics in the western world has been converging on the false consensus presented by the liberal media for decades. Electronic peer-pressure. Obamoonie is a symptom of that imo. Thank God for teh interweb arriving just in the nick of time.


  10. That was creepy. And frightening.

    We may well be on the threshold of a new era – ‘The Age of Retrogression’. (that is, if we are not well into it already).

    Catastrophe is the only cure for that sort of mindlessness. Future generations will surely be cursing this one.

  11. The Naivete is astounding. The girl about 1:40 into it really has all the buzz words down pat. Once again I say that some people should be disenfranchised. If you dont know who we fought in world war 2 (and I guarantee most of these people dont) you should have no say in the future of the country.

  12. He’s portrayed (and looked upon) as almost messianic, isn’t he? The message is that our present systems – political, economic, social – aren’t working, and that we need different systems (change), and he’s the one to bring us those systems. Actually, it’s not hard to see how the world will embrace the antichrist after the next war and/or terrorist attack. If all it takes is some personal charisma and a repeated mantra (change) and meaningless slogans (change we can believe in), then the path has already been blazed, hasn’t it?

  13. America has a great tradition of weird cultism. From Calvinism to Jonestown I’ve come to expect this, hr hr hr.

    But seriously, Plato believed that people ought to strive for the utopian so that they will see there own limitations. My worry is that when Obama’s utopia turns into dust – a egalitarian utopia with a central intention to do away with the reality of limitation – the fanatics are going to look for a scapegoat.

  14. Ah, the smears have started. “Barack Hussein” indeed!

    I suspect that Dymphna and the Baron will be in the pack of “anti-Obama”-ites, who will use personal denigration to combat the alleged personal glorification abroad in the land.

  15. Gordon,
    It seems to me that Obama and his minions have MADE it all about his personality. All style and no substance. So what tools are left to one but the personal? At least at this point.

  16. “America has a great tradition of weird cultism. From Calvinism ….”

    The anti-Protestantism is getting a bit much here. If you don’t like what you perceive as anit-Roman Catholicism, then don’t do hte reverse.

    If the puritans, who were Calvinists, had not come to America, most of you would be still be serfs or slaves to your European lords and masters.
    Rome would not have set yhou free.

  17. Gordon, there’s nothing “alleged” about it. Obama is making his campaign about “hope”, his immediate followers are mking it about his personality, calling him a bringer of hope, a new hope, a freakin messiah for god’s sake. I could godwin myself here with a few comparisons to a certain Italian… but I think I shall refrain for now.

    I showed that vid to one of my “bushitler sucks 9/11 was an inside job” friends – yes, I do have friends – and even he nearly shat himself at how scary that thing was. How can it not be? The man made his campaign video about him. Behind everything there’s the constant refrain “Obama! Obama!” as if he is personally going to change the world, as if merely shouting his name will bring about the age of change, the glorious revolution. Obama! The leader! The great one! The man embodying the hope of the nation, the bringer of our liberation. Obama!

    Yes, all politicians have this attitude to a certain extent but, can you imagine McCain or Bush or even Hillary pushing a film that so explicitly made it about themselves?

  18. ‘Homophobic Horse’– Christianity is “weird cultism” to you?? By golly, that sounds like something a radical Muslim would say!

  19. O is the anti Christ.

    In Daniel chapter 8, we are instructed that the Antichrist, as a “False Messiah” will institute a deceptive “peace” plan that will destroy many people. Eventually he will battle Jesus Christ at the Second Coming and will be summarily defeated:

    25 And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many: he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes (Jesus Christ); but he shall be broken without hand.

  20. Christians use the New Testament, Seouldier. Paul’s comments in the New Testament shows the Papacy in Rome to be the seat of Antichrist.

  21. How disappointing. I really thought John Leguizamo and George Lopez were smart.

    I wonder how instrumental George Soros is in creating this cult of Obama.

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