Will the Hague Ban Geert Wilders’ Movie?

FitnaBased on this article from De Telegraaf, the Netherlands may be turning into the anti-Denmark.

The Dutch government is now considering how it might assuage offended Muslim sensibilities by banning the movie that offends them before it is even shown.

If they carry out their plan, the Dutch will have fully revealed their hand, and demonstrated that the country that was once a beacon of liberty and tolerance has descended into the darkness of tyranny, censorship, dhimmitude, and — yes — submission.

Our thanks to our expatriate Dutch correspondent H. Numan, who brought this article to our attention, translated it, and accompanies it with his own commentary:

Possible ban on Wilders movie

The Hague — The cabinet is examining legal possibilities for banning the anti-Koran movie by Geert Wilders before it is be shown. Thus reported sources close to the council of ministers.

The Country Solicitor [Land Advocaat] mapped legal grounds to ban Wilders’ movie. A court case would not have to be a lost case, due to pressure from abroad. Therefore, the government can ask the court to ban the movie for reasons of state security and public order. Even though a preventive ban didn’t get ministerial approval last Friday, the idea hasn’t been swept from the table, according to insiders. Within the cabinet opinions are divided whether or not Wilders should be muzzled beforehand.

Within the PvdA [labor or socialist] party there is resistance against this idea. Amongst others, vice prime minister Bos points to freedom of speech, and wants to act harshly afterwards. Legal advice for this has already been obtained. The PvdA leader points to the responsibility of Mohammedan nations to prevent violence directed at the Netherlands.

More support for a preventive ban can be found within CDA [Christian democrats] circles. Besides the prime minister, minister Verhagen (Foreign Affairs) is also scared to death of the many ominous reports. Information provided by the intelligence services points to serious dangers for Dutch nationals and companies in a number of Mohammedan nations. Danger also exists within our national borders.


Nevertheless, opinions vary throughout the parties. PvdA Ter Horst (Internal Affairs) and Koenders (Development countries) would like a preventive ban. Koenders had to cancel a trip to Somalia due to security risks.

– – – – – – – –

Last Friday Prime Minister Balkenende painted a very grim picture around the Wilders movie. The cabinet considers terrorist attacks and economic sanctions likely, and even murders are not impossible. Despite this, the PM only pointed Wilders to his responsibility. That the Wilders movie is monitored very closely within Mohammedan nations was proved last weekend. In Afghanistan hundreds of people marched the streets to protest against this movie, a movie nobody has seen as yet. The same events happened earlier in Pakistan.

Commentary by H. Numan:

Some nations can be proud about their past and present. Denmark comes to mind. The government didn’t cave in, no matter how much pressure was placed on them. Freedom of speech is something very valuable to the Danes. The king stayed in his country during WW2, and almost no Jews were handed over to the German occupying authorities.

Other nations are not allowed to be proud about their past and can certainly not be proud about their present. The Netherlands comes to mind. The queen fled the country during WW2, and practically the whole Jewish community was rounded up and handed over to the Germans by the Dutch themselves.

This is rather ironic: the present mayor of Amsterdam, Job Cohen, is selling his city over to the muslims. His father and grandfather were key members of the Jewish Council (Joodse Raad) who arranged for Dutch Jews to be transported to Germany. A coincidence?

15 thoughts on “Will the Hague Ban Geert Wilders’ Movie?

  1. Preemptive surrender. Really, they should all just submit now and save themselves the pain of forced submission later. Has Europe no backbone left whatsoever? Don’t they know that the Muslims will continually push the boundaries of what is allowed and/or tolerated until the Europeans say enough? If the Muslims demand a foot and are given 6 inches, they will be back for the other 6 inches in the next foot they ask for. I’m to the point where I just can’t read any more about European capitulation and decline. Especially after reading the grim demographic outlook on Brussels Journal yesterday. There is simply no hope that Europe will not go Muslim.

  2. The muslims and the marxists are frightened of the same thing: Truth about their ideologies.

    The Muslims know that if people find out the truth about what is in the Qu’ran and of course, the paedophile prophet, they will not only be shamed but their devious game will be up.

    The marxists who burdened Europe with muslim immigration will have their multicultural eutopian fantasy exposed as a dangerous,irresponsible experiment that now threatens those nations who welcomed muslims into their midst.

    I hope Geert Wilders gets this film up on the Internet soon I really do.

  3. As I said, one thing is tptb, scum and treasonous that they are, and another is WE, People.

    The movie will still be shown as an underground classic. AND be picked up and shown in the internet by someone.

    Meet ya at the movies!

  4. They may as well try to ban the wind and the rain, as to try to ban a film in the age of the internet.

    The leftist pseudo-intellectuals who run Europe are very angry that Americans persist in being “cowboys” and decline to join the civilised Europeans who treat Islam with gentility and tolerance. EXCEPT for Wilders, of course.

    They killed Pim, they killed Theo. The leftist/islamist alliance will try to kill Geert at the earliest opportunity.

    They don’t call it Eurabia for nothing.

  5. I agree with Latte, release the film into the internet.

    Bravo to al fin for mentioning the leftist/islamist alliance. I am seeing evidence of such alliance all over Europe, and it also includes fascist elements. Study what happened in Yugoslavia in the 1990’s, there you will find much evidence of a fascist/islamist alliance supported by the left, and supported by Europe (mainly Germany) and the US. This is a most ominous development, similar to the 1930’s. My hope is fading for the future of Europe and the US.

  6. Question for everyone: where can I place an order for the DVD (English edition)?

    Because I would like this one to become a best seller on the very first day.

  7. As far as I remember the film was to be released earlier this year already (beginning of February?) and the delay does not bode well. Now, with the threat of rioting and murder by the ROP the issue of its release has gained disproportional importance independent of its actual content or whether it is well made or not. After all, the film will not reveal an evil of islam that we don’t know about already, and there are plenty of films telling the truth about the ROP available on the internet anyway. I see this issue as a crossroads, as almost the last chance for Europe (or at least the Netherlands) to assert its right to speak the truth about islam. If the film is banned, it will be a big step towards total surrender, if it is shown, it will be but a small step to openly admit that islam is the enemy of civilisation as we know it.
    Will there be riots if and when the film is released? – Certainly. Will there be murder? – That is likely. But if we don’t stand up now, it will only be worse later – remember 1938!
    Brave little Denmark cannot stand alone forever, if Holland submits, the pressure on her will grow. Sometimes there are comments (not necessarily here) that express schadenfreude because one country seems to be further down the road to dhimmitude than another. That is not heplful, we have to stand together or fall one by one.

  8. Well, he should produce the movie in the Netherlands, drive to Denmark, and upload it to the internet there…

    No ban is going to stop him…

  9. Great post on this. Geert Wilders is a hero telling the painful truth. Definitely show it in Denmark ASAP.
    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    let yourself be bullied

    never shoot rioting thugs
    let them threaten you at will

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    appease religious wackos

    even those like Nazis
    NEVER point out their faults



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