Attempted Terrorist Attack on U.S. Embassy in Vienna

LGF has a story up from Yahoo about a bomb attempt at the U. S. Embassy in Vienna:

A Bosnian who tried to enter the U.S. Embassy in Vienna with a backpack filled with explosives, nails and Islamic literature was arrested Monday after the bag set off a metal detector and the man fled on foot, authorities said.


“There were a lot of nails in that bag. Had it exploded, it would have had an enormous shrapnel effect,” said Doris Edelbacher, of Austria’s federal counterterrorism office.

The explosives resembled hand grenades, she told reporters, but that munitions experts were still working to determine whether the device had been properly rigged to explode.

The suspect spoke broken German and appeared to ramble during an initial interrogation, Edelbacher said.

It was unclear how far he made it into the embassy. Public broadcaster ORF, citing unidentified officials, reported that a metal detector sounded an alarm as the man was passing through security checks and that he fled immediately.

The nature of the Islamic material he allegedly was carrying also was unclear.

Obviously it was bomb-proof Islamic literature. I would think that as a general rule, most terrorist brochures would need to be indestructible to be of any use as propaganda.

Or maybe he was looking for the confetti effect and didn’t want to use kaffir cootie-laden papers?

But in Vienna of all places! I take that personally, Mr. Bosnian Terrorist. Fie on you.

Hmmm…this reminds me that I hope never to have to enter an embassy or consulate. All the little nails hammered into my right shoulder will make those metal detectors sing anthems.

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4 thoughts on “Attempted Terrorist Attack on U.S. Embassy in Vienna

  1. I hope Bill Clinton reads this. This is the thanks you get for the ill concieved bombing of Serbia. So much for hearts and minds.

  2. A second person is being held and questioned by the police, the first one accuses him of having given him the backpack. There seems also to have been a CD or a DVD in the backpack.

    in the second link I have to translate the last sentence:
    […]Laut Edelbacher dürfte es bei dem vereitelten Anschlag auf die US-Botschaft keinen islamistisch-extremistischen Hintergrund geben.

    According to Edelbacher the aborted terrorist attack on the US Embassy might not have an islamistic/extremist background.

    Not sure if ‘might not’ describes ‘dürfte’ exactly, but in German it gives you the feeling: go back to bed…everythings all right

  3. Here another perspective from the German Focus:


    Einen islamistischen Hintergrund schließt der österreichische Verfassungsschutz inzwischen aus. In dem Rucksack hatte sich ein Buch mit „islamischem Inhalt“ befunden.

    The Austrian Verfassungsschutz (federal police protecting the constitution) excludes (highlighted by me) now an islamistic background. A book with “islamic content” was found in the backpack.

    It’s not yet in the same sentence, but getting close…

  4. Perhaps if 9/11 occurred when Clinton first became President we would not have wasted time saving all those worthless Muslim lives that now are spent attacking us.

    Obviously there is no word for gratitude in Islam.

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