Islamizing Sweden

Remember the growth curve of Sweden’s immigrant population that I posted a few days ago? It seems that future versions of the same graph will likely show an even steeper slope.

Sveriges Radio has this report:

Family ties boost Sweden immigration

The number of immigrants coming to Sweden to join family members who have already moved here has doubled after changes to asylum legislation.

According to Sweden’s Migration Board, during the first six months of 2007, twice as many people applied to come to Sweden as was the case in the same period the previous year.

Applicants from Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia accounted for the majority of the increase.

The Migration Board says the rise in applications is in large part due to a change in Sweden’s asylum laws which gave family members, many of whom were already in Sweden, a second hearing on their cases.

– – – – – – – –

The change has now created a wave of applicants seeking to join their families in Sweden.

Between January and August some 5,000 people applied to emigrate to Sweden to reunite with relations already living here – a jump of 118 percent on the same period last year.

So-called “love-emigration” has also shown a marked increase with 14,000 people wanting to emigrate to Sweden to live with their partners so far this year – an increase of some 4,000 during the same period in 2006.

“Love-emigration”, eh? I wonder how many persons of Swedish background love it…

Notice that the bulk of the new Swedes came from Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia — that is, refugees from failed states and hotbeds of Islamist agitation on the one hand, and questionable asylum-seekers fleeing American military force on the other. A large chunk of the late Saddam Hussein’s Mukhabarat ended up in Sweden, and I dread to think what happened to some of those Taliban fleeing from Afghanistan.

Välkommen till Sverige!

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7 thoughts on “Islamizing Sweden

  1. Once upon a time there were a group of ethnic people on a lovely island who were having trouble with the folks from up north. They were so problematic that these native people invited some other folks from the mainland to help fight these people from the north. Luckily the people from the mainland were tough warriors and soon helped to dispatch those folks from the north. The warriors decided they liked it there on the island and stayed. As time went on they too became problematic and were given a nice chunk of land to call thier own.

    As usual this was not enough and these warriors gradually pushed and killed and managed to take over almost the entire country, leaving only a small part for the natives. If this seems familiar to any of you readers from the UK, it should. I am talking about the Britons (natives, now Welsh), Picts (Northeners,Scots) and the Saxons (warriors).
    Luckily for England this turned out to be a pretty good deal. Although not so good if you were a Briton or Pict. My point is that there is example after example in history that is a literal blueprint for what the future holds if mass immigration goes unchecked. What kills me is that the elites treat history as something that couldnt possibly be repeated under their benevolent watchful eyes. It is the ultimate form of denial. I know, I know, most of those socialist EU and european elites think this is a great thing and soon we will all be one big happy family in this PC multi culti wet dream.

    But it is the ones who know better and do nothing that really get under my skin. The so called “educated class”. But it always seems to end the same way. The common working guy who’s daughter was raped by an immigrant thug decides enough is enough and the “educated guy” gets put up against the wall along with the immigrant hordes, innocent or not. It just seems all so uneccesary. Although this time it seems like we might be the ones up against the wall. At least for awhile.

  2. I am Swedish and cry at what I read. You don’t get this info except from perhaps
    It makes me literally shed tears when I see my country disintegrate and the immoral mainstream politicians sell out their own people. The arrogance. I would welcome a civil war. I’d gladly be the hangman to tie the nooses around the necks of the political establishment. A French revolution would be wonderful for the entire EU. I cry because I don’t see it ever happening. People are too brainwashed and spoiled to react to anything other than channel surfing.
    If there is ever a change I hope the future generations one day destroy the tombstones of those who allowed this tragedy to happen. They are Quislings and will hopefully one day pay the price. Like the Chinese who must pay for the bullet that will execute them, so must we in Sweden through taxes. Sweden offers non-EU citizens the opportunity to come and study for free. It costs 20million kronor each year – taxpayer funded, and now yesterday 250 muslim students went out to demonstrate against our freedom of speech… I feel such rage boiling within me at the betrayal of the Swedish/EU cultural/politicial elite.

  3. I am grateful to Gates of Vienna for keeping me informed of the decline my father’s ancestral country. I’m also grateful to my great-grandparents for having the good sense (or good fortune) to get out of there. As bad as the America’s future looks, Sweden’s will be worse.

    I don’t agree with spackle that Europeans are repeating history. When European conquered European, conqueror and conquered eventually came to some sort of accommodation. When non-Europeans conquer Europeans, the former make life impossible for the latter. We see this already in America, in the phenomenon called “white flight.”

    Also unprecedented is the Western welfare state. We don’t recruit aliens to serve as warriors. We allow them to enter our countires unbidden, and pay them to lie around and breed more aliens. It’s an example of what George Carlin calls vuja de, which is the feeling that you ain’t never seen this before.

  4. Gringo,
    I agree with you 100%. Thats what I meant when I said it turned out pretty good in the end for England. It seems that no culture ever falls the exact same way twice. But there are interesting parallels that are glaring yet seem to be ignored.

    Just as a side note (getting back to your Swedish roots), I re-watched “Fargo” the other night and there was an interview (in the DVD extra) with Swedish actor Peter Stormare. He commented how Minnesota is more Swedish than Sweden. He said nowhere in Sweden would you find photos of the royal family in public places. Yet they were all over the place in local businesses throughout MN. I thought that was kind of interesting.

  5. Holger sa…

    I am Swedish and cry at what I read.

    You don’t get this info except from perhaps
    . . . . . .


    För helvete karl — VAKNA — inte bara GoV sprider kunskap och nyheter — här har du 15 väsäntliga bloggar på hemmaplan att börja med, toka tårarna och sätt igång — bidrag själv, du kan ju skriva, tom på engelska!

  6. I doubt that the native Swedes, once their invited-in infil-traitors gain the demographic edge (circa 2050-70?) will be giving them a such a benevolent “second hearing”.

    Was Sweden so dull that they had to bring in their own nemesis and scourge to liven things up?

  7. A friend of mine – an elderly, distinguished swedish academic, put it this way:

    “Whats happening to sweden is historical: It´s the first time a legally elected government is freely giving away a country , letting it´s original inhabitants bear the economical burden”.

    No more, no less.

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